This is my seventh book. It starts off only a few weeks after the end of year 6. I hope you like it. If anything's wrong, misspelled, or untrue please let me know so that I can change it and keep the story as true as possible. The first few chapters will be shorter. Please Read and Review.

Chapter 1

The wedding news

A lot had happened in the first few weeks of summer. Most of the order had been killed; Mad-Eye Moody was now the resident dark arts professor until Hogwarts closing at Christmas or his death--which ever should come first. Ron and Hermione swore up and down that they wouldn't leave Harry, but he knew Mrs. Weasly would never let Ron put his head out there like that.

Harry got off his Firebolt and walked to the front door and walked to the front door of the Burrow. He was about to knock when the door opened. A shocked Ginny appeared in front of him. Harry opened his mouth to ask how she was, but before he'd even had time to get the words out of his mouth she'd already slammed the door in his face.

"Good to see you too, Ginny." Harry whispered embarrassed.

The door opened a second time, this time revealing Mrs. Weasly and her twins next to her.

"Oh it's you. Boys call when they get her. I need to apologize to Ginny." Mrs. Weasly said, anger rising in her voice. The door slammed in his face again.

He only stood at the porch for a few seconds before the door opened a third time. This time it was Fred and George.

"Hey Harry." The twins said in unison. They opened the door to let him in.

"Ron's in his room." Fred smiled. Harry walked in.

"I'd knock if I were you." George laughed. They laughed as the twins went to the kitchen.

Harry shook his head, smiling. He opened the near by closet and set his broom inside. Harry went up the stairs toward Ron's room. He passed Ginny's room and heard Mrs. Weasly talking to Ginny.

"Ginny…" Mrs. Weasly said in a voice that Harry thought only a mother would have.

'Man. No Harry. Don't worry about it. A little rejection will keep her alive.' Harry thought as he headed for Ron's room again.

He met up with the room and knocked on the closed door. No answer. Harry knew Ron wouldn't mind if he went in, so he did.

(The fandom dies)

"Harry!" Hermione cheered. She ran to him and hugged him tightly; it was like if she didn't then he'd disappeared.

"Hey Mate." Ron smiled. His ears turned a vivid purple.

"Am I interrupting something?" Harry laughed, pushing Hermione off of him.

"No." Ron answered quickly. It almost seemed too quick.

Harry crossed to a chair and sat down. "Who's your mum waiting on Ron?" Harry asked as the two of them sat across from him on Ron's bed.

"Oh, we're waiting for Tonks and Lupin to get here." Ron told him. He looked at Hermione through the corner of his eye. Harry laughed to himself. He'd laughed more in that one day then he had in the few weeks before.

"Your leaving right after the wedding aren't you, Harry?" Hermione asked, worried.

"I'm thinking about that. 'Sides something tells me Mrs. Weasly isn't too fond of me right now." Harry smiled.

"Ginny will get over it." Ron told him blatantly.

Hermione scoffed and gave Ron a look.

"What?" He asked her as the door bell rang.

"Mum, they're here!" Fred and George yelled in unison.

"Come on."

The trio ran down the stairs, following Ginny.

"Harry?" Lupin asked spotting Harry's dark contrasting hair in the mass of red immediately.

"Hey Lupin."

"It's good to see you and Ginny are back together." Tonks smiled, linking arms with Lupin.

"We're not "Together". Harry's still trying to be Heroic." Ginny said using air quotes.

"Ginny!" Her brothers snapped at her.

"Be a dear and take their things to the guest room." Mrs. Weasly ordered her daughter.

Ginny grumbled but did as she was told, pushing Harry to the side on her way up the stairs, dragging their trunks behind her.

"Since when have you two hand a guest room?" Harry asked Ron as they headed back up the stairs.

"Since Fred and George moved out." Ron explained.

"Man, it's so weird not worrying about school." Hermione changed the subject. She could tell Ron didn't like talking about his brothers.

"You aren't going back?" Harry asked shocked.

"Nope, they're closing it down at Christmas when the transfers go through." Hermione explained as they reached Ron's room.

"We were going to drop out any way. Mum says we have to get jobs before she'll admit we're engaged." Ron said taking Hermione's hand.

"Wait, your engaged? When were you dating?" Harry asked shocked.

"Remember when you and Ginny started dating?" Hermione asked. Harry nodded. She went on, "Well since then."