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Shigure gets everyone into trouble!

"Today's the day rat boy!"

"Don't u EVER get tired of saying that?"

It was a normal day at the Soma's house
Everyone doing what they always do, when we got a little visit from someone.


"I'll get it." Tohru said.

The door opened.

"Shigure! U were suppose to finish the book yesterday! That was the dead line! If u don't finish, then (sniff) u lose the whole thing!"

"Eh? O Mii." Shigure said drinking his tea.

"Shigure please tell me u finished the book!"

"Of course I did."

"O I knew u would work so hard for me. Can I see it?" She asked.

He got up and walked out of the room and came back with his hands behnid his back. He handed her an origami.

"Shig-ur-e!" Mii cried.

The origami said... "Ill write it soon "

"Shigure u said it was done! WAHH!"

"But it is done Mii. I now have all the animal origami!"

"O Shigure. Why don't u just write it instead of putting us threw this torture?" Yuki asked.

"Yea just finish the damn thing." Kyo added.

"Wahh!" Mii was still crying.


"O I'll get it." Tohru said.

She went to the door.

"O hey guys. I didn't know u were coming today." Everyone heard Tohru say from the door.

"Yea well..." They heard a voice.

"Hmm I wonder who it is." Shigure thought.

"U don't have time to worry about that! U have a book to write!" Mii cried.

"O it's the Yankee and the psychic freak!" Kyo said.

"U wanna try me at rich man poor man? (card game)" Uo asked Kyo.

"Fine! Bring it on Yankee!" He yelled.

"Uhh why don't we clean around this room?" Tohru asked.

"Yes good idea Tohru. Come on Uo. My waves are telling me..." Hanna said.

"Yea yea I'm coming." Uo interrupted.

"That's right run Yankee!"

"Ill get u!" Uo yelled at Kyo as she stuck her tongue him.

"Why can't u behave stupid cat?" Yuki said looking down.

"Don't call me stupid! Ya damn rat!"

"Shigure I haven't left!" Mii cried.

"O that's right." He said.

Some how Mii got Shigure to his room.

"Now u will not move from this spot! Until it done." Mii said.

"O Mii." Shigure said in disappoint.

She walked away.

"Hmm. She can't do this! There's nothing to write any ways...Uhh huh!" Shigure thought.

He got to work.

A couple hours later.

Mii was looking into the room by a hole.

"Yes I finally got him working hard... Hey!"

"Eh? Mii what's wrong?"

"You're not working on the book! You're...your working on painting! Painting rocks!"

"O the book. That's been done for a couple of hours."

"Then why didn't u tell me? Wahh Shigure you're so mean!"

A few days later Shigure got his book published.

It was a hit! (meaning a good book)

Some where else

"Akito. Shigure released a new book."

"New? If I didn't care about his other ones what makes u think I'd care about this one?"

"Have a look." Someone from the Soma family said. (I'm thinking of someone to put)

Akito read it.

"Eh? Shigure!" Akito exploded.

Back at Shigure's house.

"Hey Shigure! U have mail. O and Kyo and Yuki." Tohru called.

Everyone came and took thier mail.

They all sat down and read thier mail.

"O no!" All three boys said.

"Wha...what's wrong?" Tohru asked.

"O it's nothing Miss Honda." Yuki said.

Yuki, Kyo and Shigure looked at each other.