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The Family Hears the News

"Come on Hatori!" A cheerful voice called.

"What's the rush Momiji? Hmm?" Hatori saw a letter slipped under his door.

He was wondered what it said

Hatori read the letter.


"Huh? What's wrong Hatori?" Momiji asked.

Hatori dropped the letter and Momiji read it.

"Tohru…" Momiji started to cry.

"We'll go see her tonight." Hatori said "For it may be the last"

Somewhere else…

"Huh? What is this?" A girly voice asked. (Can you guess who it is? Hint: It's not a girl) "O my…"

Later that night…


"O I'll get it" Tohru said.

Kyo, Shigure, and Yuki could only hear voices, by the front door.

"Wonder who's here" Kyo thought out loud.

"You better run." Yuki said sipping his tea.

"Rrrrrgggggg! Stupid rat!" Kyo said crunching his hands into fists.

"O Kyo…" Shigure also sipped his tea, then stood up and left.


The door to the room Kyo and Yuki were in, opened.

"Sit down you two and behave." Hatori walked in and shut the door.

"What the…?Where'd you… why are you here?" Kyo questioned.

"Hatori?" Yuki asked.

"O no!" Kyo yelled. "Why'd you bring Momiji!"

"Whaaaaaaa Kyo's hitting me!" Momiji cried.

"Momiji! Want some candy?" Tohru called from another room.

"Coming Tohru!" Momiji laughed.

"Use your in door voice Kyo." Hatori stared at Kyo and it scared him.

"Umm Hatori?" Yuki asked.


"Why are you here?" Yuki was curious.

"Tohru's leaving of course. I heard stupid did something." (Hatori was referring to Shigure) Hatori said as he sipped Shigure's tea.

The door whacked open.

Shigure cried, "Hatori you're so mean!"

"Wha…? Knock!" Kyo yelled from being scared.

Shigure joined them at the table. "I don't know what got Akito is so mad…"

They all looked at Shigure.

"Wel…" Yuki was about to be mean to Shigure when…

"Hello everyone, hello Yuki." Hatsuharu appeared sitting at the table beside Yuki.

"Where are you people come from?" Kyo asked

"It's called home, Kyo." Hatsuharu replied.

"Rrrrggggg we still never finished our fight Hatsuharu!"

"Hello everyone I'm here!" The girly voice called from the front door.

"Uhh Yuki…!" Kyo said in fear.

"I think it is him!" Yuki said.

The door slammed open.

"O hello Ayame!" Hatsuharu said cheerfully.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE!" Yuki and Kyo jumped up.

"Oh, don't be silly. I'm here because…"

"Yes…because…" Yuki said waiting for an answer.

"Because I heard stupid did something." He looked over at Shigure.


"Don't be such a baby." Hatori said with his head in the cup.

"And we thought Mii cried a lot…." Kyo thought out loud.

"Ah, yes where is young Tohru?" Ayame asked.

At that moment…

The door opened.

"Hello everyone." Tohru had a big smile on her face.

"We brought rice balls and sushi!" Momiji yelled out.

The all sat down and began to eat.

"Kyooooooooooo, don't eat all the sushi! Save some!" Momiji whined.

"For who?" Kyo asked as he sucked a piece back like spaghetti.

"For the other people who's coming!"

Yuki and Kyo choked.

"LIKE WHO!" Kyo yelled.

"Are you ok, Yuki?" Hatsuharu asked as he patted Yuki on the back, ignoring Kyo.

"Thank you Ha'ru but I'm fine."

Kyo asked again, "LIKE WHO!"

"Yes Kyo are you ok?" Momiji asked Kyo, ignoring him again.

Kyo punched Momiji on the head.

"Whhhhaaaaaaaaaa! Kyyyyyooooooo!" Momiji cried.

"Hey Momiji want to help me make more rice balls?" Tohru asked.

"OK." Momiji left the room with Tohru, as he hummed to the song "If you're happy and you know it."

They walked back into the kitchen.

"It surprises me that she hasn't asked yet…" Yuki said.

"Yes. I would be curious to know why were all here." Hatsuharu said finishing Yuki sentence.

"Oh I can't stand knowing the truth." Ayame started to cry a little.

They all moved to the other side of the room.

"But Ayame is right." Hatori protested.

"Yes. Mind telling us what was in your book?" Yuki asked.

"Well if you must know… It was about a beautiful woman. Well actually; 'Women' "

Yuki and Kyo looked at each other not surprised.

"So how did that blow Akito's steam?" Yuki asked

Everyone wondered.

"Well…" Momiji said

"WHERE THE HECK DID YOU COME FROM! Weren't you with Tohru!" Kyo jumped.

"? She said I could come and talk with you. She'll do the rest." Momiji said repeating Tohru innocently.

"Does she want some help?" Yuki asked.

"No. She just said go and have fun."

"…" There was silence from everyone.

"It doesn't make any sense." Hiro said.

"WHAT THE HECK! WHEN DID YOU GET HERE!" Kyo asked inpatient.

"Tohru let us in." Hiro said.

"US?" Kyo questioned.

Kisa was sitting at the other side of the table.

"CAN YOU PEOPLE KNOCK! That way we know you're here!

"Oh was that a problem!" Ritzu asked.


"Shut up. Your big mouth will grab her attention." Yuki said.

"I don't want sissy to leave." Kisa started to cry and she hugged Hiro.

"I guess I don't want her to leave ether." Hiro said holding Kisa.

"Finally the little boy shows respect." Kyo laughed.

"RRRRGGGG hey at least I know how to be romantic!" Hiro insulted Kyo.


"Oh please. Sit down and stop embarrassing yourself." Yuki said.

"Yea being insulted by a little kid." Hiro laughed.


A voice called from the front door.

"NO!" Kyo yelled. POOSH.

The orange cat ran under the table.

The door slammed opened.

"KKKKKKKKKK…huh? Where's Kyo?" Kagura asked.

Kagura was searching the house, while everyone was trying to show her where Kyo was, using their eyes.

"Where is he!" She asked. "KKKKYYYYYYOOOO? Where are YYOOUU?"

She looked at everyone and they were all looking at the table.

She leaned down and picked Kyo up by his tail.


"Leave me alone!"

Kyo ran out of the room, with Kagura running after him.

Everyone else sipped their tea.

Tohru opened up the door.

"Ok. I made everyone's favorite dinner!"

Tohru was holding a huge tray full of food.

Kagura ran straight into her.

"Oh sorry Tohru." She said looking back at her as she ran out of the house.

Tohru fell and threw the tray up in the air.

She fell on her but and the tray hit her on the head.

They all jumped up.

"Tohru are you ok?" Hatsuharu asked.

"Wha…dizzy…" Tohru said as she fainted.


"Excuse me." Hatori sat down beside her and was looking at her head. "She'll be fine. Just a bump."

"Sissy?" Kisa asked.

"Yuki bring her upstairs. Let her rest." Hatori commanded.

"Uhh right." He picked her up and brought her upstairs.

He came back down.

They all sat down again.

"Well know that big mouth is gone and we can hear each other…"

They heard stomping.

The door slammed opened.

A drop of blood fell on the table.


"I…I…HIT!" Kyo yelled.

Everyone looked away, afraid to see what Yuki would do to Kyo.


Kyo was lying in the corner all beat up.

"Oh…you…damn…ra…" Kyo put his head against the floor.

"Let him be." Yuki said whipping his nose with a Kleenex.

The rest of the night, they disgusted the book.

"I fine nothing wrong with that. Well I mean other than the… yes well…" Ayame said. "You will always be such a good author.

"Umm Shigure. Can we see the book?" Yuki asked.

"Yes it would be best to see what you wrote that did such damage." Hatori said.

"Uhh…I don't have it." He said.

"How can you not have your own book!" Hiro asked.

"I didn't buy it."


"Well I believe no one is going to go to the "drug store" tonight. So…" Hatori said.

"It wasn't that bad of a book that it had to go to a drug store!" Shigure said.

"What ever." Hiro said.

"But like I told Yuki and Kyo; What ever Akito says goes. Do you really think we can stop him?" Shigure asked sadly.


"Well goodnight everyone. Kisa and Hiro you're coming with me. I'll take you two home." Hatori said from his car.

"Tell sissy, that I said goodbye." Kisa yelled. Hiro and Kisa waved.

"Bye guys." Momiji yelled as he got into Hatori's car.

"As yes it is a shame that poor Tohru fell asleep so early. Oh well…" Ayame said as he went upstairs.

"Hey! Where do you think you're going!" Yuki asked.

"Well…ha ha… home of course." He responded.

"Then get there. Not upstairs!"

"Well goodnight Yuki. I'll see you some other time." Ayame said as he chased after Hatori's car.

"Yes well bye everyone!" Ritzu chased after Ayame.

"I guess that leaves me then." Hatsuharu said. "Goodnight everyone. Goodnight Yuki. Do send my goodnight, to Tohru when she awakens."

"Yes. Yes." Shigure said.

Ha'ru got on his bike and rode home.

They slammed the door shut.

"Oh well." Yuki said.


"Huh? What's wrong Shigure?" He asked.


"…Who?" Yuki asked.

"KAGURA!" Shigure shouted.

They both looked back into the room where Kyo was sleeping.


"I'll deal with them both in the morning. I'm going to bed." Yuki said as he went upstairs yawning.

"I think I'll join you." Shigure dragged his body up the stairs.

The Next Morning…

"A new day!" Tohru said stretching out of bed at 6:00am

She checked on everyone.

They were all sleeping in their beds. (Including Kyo.)

Tohru walk downstairs.

"What! Where'd this mess come from!" She asked. "Why is there blood in the corner! I better start cleaning."


"Ms. Honda? Why are you up so early?"

"Oh I've been cleaning. I figured to set my clock early so I could start cleaning at 6:00" She answered.

"Yea but…Let me help."

"But you don't need to."

"I'd be glad to!"

"Umm…Yuki?" She asked.


"Why is there blood in the corner?…And on the table?"

"Ahh…? Let's just say the cat was lucky for a few seconds. Then his luck ran out."

"I…I see?" Tohru still wondered.

"Well I'll clean it up then I'll go make breakfast. I have to go to work this morning. They're short people. Is that ok?"

"Of course it is. But don't clean up the blood. The annoying cat can clean it up."

"Uhh right."


"Sorry I slept in so late." Shigure said rubbing his eyes.

"It's ok. Breakfast is already ready anyway." Tohru smiled.

"Aw. It smells good. I already called Kyo." Shigure said ready to eat.

Tohru explained her schedule and then left for work.

"Where is that stupid cat?"

"It gulp doesn't matter. More for us! " Shigure cried.


" yawn What time is it?" Kyo asked.

"A bit to late for breakfast." Yuki said. "Tohru had to go to work early today."

"Oh rats!" Kyo snapped his fingers.

Yuki glanced at Kyo.

"Tomorrow is school." Yuki said ignoring that quote.

"I forgot!" Kyo jumped.

"I noticed. That's why I reminded you. But I shouldn't have."


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