catpoem Disclaimer- Max Steel not mine, etc. Y'all know the drill. This is another poem, with no distinct name. Oooh, something different! Still fun with rhyme schemes, though... appropriate for Cat, ne? Partially inspired by Rudyard Kipling's story "The Cat Who Walks by Himself."

Walks by Herself

Cold wind flays me to the bone.
Got no place to call my own.
'Cause I'm the Cat that walks alone,
In every place the same.
Don't try and weigh me down with rules
Or things you've learned in fancy schools.
Remember, Cats don't suffer fools
And I won't play your game.
No one said that life is fair
And long ago, I ceased to care
And then-- I see them waiting there
And something I can't name
Comes welling up from deep inside,
Choked down by bitterness and pride.
'Cause I'm the Cat that's never cried…
And isn't that a shame?