The song in this story is One In A Million by Hannah Montana, and it's in Italics.

This story is dedicated to:

xxCaNdY CoUnTeR GiRlxx

because she requested this song!

Story 5: One In A Million (Hannah Montana)

"C'mon, Mi, you have to come with Harry and I on our date…you and Ron can act like you're a couple too!" Ginny said, grinning. Hermione looked frustrated; she had been trying to win Ron over with confusing results for over a year. She had only gotten mixed messages and endured a lot of hurt.

In the boy's dormitory, Harry was trying to convince Ron to come on the date with him and Ginny as well.

"What do you need me for, mate? You and Ginny have been on plenty of dates on your own," Ron argued as he put the finishing touches on his Charms essay.

"Yeah, we have, but…the more the merrier!" Harry proclaimed, and Ron looked at him curiously before going back to his essay.

"Alright, fine." Ron and Hermione chorused at the same time. Harry and Ginny wore identical triumphant faces when they met down at the common room.

"This is so ingenious!" Ginny exclaimed, kissing Harry before hurrying off to class.


That evening, Ron and Harry met down in the common room when they were done getting ready. Soon after, Hermione walked down to the common room as well, followed by Ginny. Ron looked at Hermione, eyes wide. She looked absolutely beautiful.

How did I get here, I turned around
And there you were
I didn't think twice or rationalize
Cause somehow I knew
That there was more than just chemistry
I mean I knew you were kind of into me
But I figured it's too
Good to be true

"Hey, Ron. You clean up nicely." Hermione said, grinning. Ron just gaped at her, while Harry put an arm around Ginny.

"You look beautiful, Gin." Harry said, and Hermione looked hopefully at Ron, who just closed his mouth and grunted.

"Um, you look nice too, Hermione." He said quietly, and Hermione looked slightly crestfallen.

I said pinch me where's the catch this time
Can't find a single cloud in the sky
Help me before I get used to this guy

Ginny noticed the look on Hermione's and elbowed Harry, who got the hint.

"Well, let's go then, shall we?" Harry suggested, leading the way to Hogsmeade. The group made their way through the twilight-lit streets, talking and laughing. Harry and Ginny led them into a small restaurant that was booming with business. Ron opened the door and held it open for Hermione, who walked by him, pleasantly surprised.

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in the blink of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one
I can't believe it, (whoa oh)
You're one in a million

The group made their way to a table, led by a seating-hostess. She set out the menus, and they slid into the booth. As Ron looked around, he saw a ton of his schoolmates, many of which were noticing that he and Hermione looked as though they were on a date. Seamus Finnigan gave him thumbs up, and Dean Thomas winked at him after seeing how beautiful Hermione looked.

After they had ordered, Ginny got up suddenly and said she had to go to the bathroom. Hermione followed her into the ladies room, but Ginny was already in a stall.

Ginny heard Hermione calling her name, asking if she was okay. Before Ginny answered, she took one of Fred and George's puking pastilles out of her purse and swallowed one end, sticking the other end back into it's little jar and back into her purse.

Less than 30 seconds later, Ginny began making loud retching sounds as she began throwing up in the toilet. Hermione called for her again, sounding worried. Ginny came out of the stall, looking green and holding a hand up to her mouth.

"Mi, could you grab Harry for me and see if he'll accompany me to the hospital wing? I've got a bad stomach." Ginny said quietly, and Hermione nodded and ran to get Harry.

Harry and Ginny left to go to the hospital wing after insisting that Hermione and Ron stay and wait for their food to come, that they'd be back in no time. They agreed grudgingly, and were now sitting in the booth alone, each trying to think of something to say, and occasionally catching the other's eye and looking away awkwardly.

The food finally came, but Ginny and Harry weren't back yet. Ron and Hermione agreed to begin eating without them, or the food would get cold. Once they began eating, the talk came naturally.

All this time I was looking for love
Trying to make things work
They weren't good enough
Til I thought I'm through
Said I'm done
Then stumbled into the arms of the one

Once Ginny and Harry were outside the restaurant, Ginny took the other end of the puking pastille, which immediately stopped her upset stomach. She and Harry walked up and down the street for a bit, just talking. After about an hour of this, Ginny insisted that they go and check on Ron and Hermione. As they stuck their faces in the window, they saw Ron talking, and Hermione laughing at what Ron was saying.

"We are the best matchmakers!" Ginny exclaimed as she and Harry made their way to the Three Broomsticks.

Back in the restaurant, Ron and Hermione were talking and laughing like the old friends they were. After dinner was over, Ron suggested that they look around in the stores. They walked slowly along the road of shops, laughing at everything.

You're making me laugh about the silliest stuff
Say that I'm your diamond in the rough
When I'm mad at you
You come with your velvet touch
Can't believe that I'm so lucky
I have never felt so happy
Every time I see that sparkle in your eyes

"I hope Ginny's okay. She seemed really sick," Hermione said, as Ron wrapped an arm around her, grinning and leading her to the Three Broomsticks, pointing in the window. Seeing Ginny and Harry inside, sitting at a table and looking perfectly healthy, Hermione just stood there, gaping.

"I can't believe them! The bloody sneaks!" Hermione exclaimed, but Ron just laughed. Suddenly, when Hermione looked up at him, it was as if he was seeing her in an all-new light. Ron leaned down slowly, as Hermione closed her eyes, and pressed his lips against hers.

They say that good things take time
But really great things happen in the blink of an eye
Thought the chances to meet somebody like you were a million to one
I can't believe it (oh, oh)

As they broke apart, Hermione wrapped her arms around Ron.

"I'm not complaining," Ron whispered in her ear, and she nodded and kissed him again.

You're one in a million
One in a million
You're one in a million