It was like any other day in Blood Gulch. The sun burned brightly and there weren't many clouds to cast a cooling shadow. The grass was brown and dry from lack of rain, and the heat raged on in the small boxed canyon. Only one problem, it wasn't a normal day. It was Christmas.

Although the sweltering heat and blazing sun wasn't exactly winter weather, the teams did the best they could to work up the Holiday spirit. Red team had somehow convinced Red Command to drop a living green Christmas tree, and the blue team was in charge of any other decorations. This was one of few days in which the teams got along. Tucker and Grif were busy trimming the tree, Santa hats perched on their messy hair. Caboose ran around red base, placing bits of holly around doors and over windows, while Donut and Tex were off in another room putting together presents. The others helped in odd ways, if it was putting lights up or trying to create snow out of cornflakes and white paint.

Except Sarge. He sat in a chair, his own red Santa hat lazily lying on his head. His dark eyes watched as the two teams ran to and fro, trying to make the best out of the hot holiday. As much as he hated to admit, he was quite fond of Christmas time and everything about this time of year. Especially the fact that everyone gathered at Red base to celebrate, the only time in which he and...the other one...didn't have to fight. He found himself eyeing the soldier as he sat in his chair and thought. He grumbled under his breath and turned to look at the tree. It was nicely decorated for such little supplies they had at the bases. It had some old lights, but they still worked. It had makeshift ornaments, but they were nicely made. It had an old doll dressed in all white that Donut had lying around. But they slapped on some cardboard wings and it was perfect.

"Hey, Mr. Red Leader Guy...?" Came a distant voice as Sarge observed the festivities. He looked up at the blue clad soldier.

"Yeah?" He asked gruffly. He watched as Caboose stood precariously on a stool, trying to hang a piece of holly over the kitchen entrance.

"I could use a little help." He asked meekly. Sarge grunted as he stood, walking over to the stool. He was just tall enough to hold the decoration in place as Caboose stapled it to the wall. As Caboose climbed down and admired the handiwork, Sarge glanced to the other soldiers. Tucker and Grif were busy arguing over the placement of a certain ornament, and the others were nowhere to be seen.

"How do you like the holly, sir?" Caboose asked nervously, turning his attention from the holly to the red that stood before him. Sarge looked up at the holly curiously and snorted.

"That's not holly." He mumbled. Caboose stared at him oddly, thoroughly confused.

"But, Tucker said..."

"Tucker lied. It's Mistletoe." He stated quickly.


Before Caboose could question any further, Sarge pulled the surprised and confused rookie into a quick kiss. He could feel his face heat up, but he was just happy he had the chance to show Caboose. He was happy that this was the time in which neither team fought...unless it was for playing with any new presents.

"Merry Christmas." He muttered as he stepped away from the blushing blue and went over to break up the wrestling fight that Tucker and Grif managed to start.