AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, a couple quick things before you read this piece. It's dark. It's from Dougan's point of view, so it's going to be a little angsty in this section. It'll be three chapters long to deal with the three different aspects of stalking someone. Yes, that's right, it takes a look at the Dougan/Sanzo relationship as a stalker and his victim. I actually did a little research for this one about stalking, which is how I found out there are three different types/stages. And Dougan goes through all three of them. This will end right before Requiem begins with the slaughter of the youkai. Umm...yeah. That's it.

The Three Different Types Of Stalking:

1) Intimate Partner Can be a sexually intimate partner or someone who feels they are very close to a person. Must have some kind of knowledge to their victims habits. May become delusional if replaced or made to feel insignificant.

2) Delusional Thinks that things are more than they seem with their victim. Has a tendency to make up fantasies/lie out right concerning their victim and how close they really are.

3) Vengeful Feels as though victim is purposely ignoring them. Most dangerous and unstable. Prone to violence toward their victim.


He couldn't believe it! It was him, it was really him. He...he...He was more beautiful up close than he had ever imagined. Genjyo Sanzo. He couldn't believe this was happening. Everything he had ever wanted, since the day he'd first seen the already famous monk. They weren't that far apart in age. Only five years, it wasn't that much really. He could tell they were going to be close, like good friends or brothers. Or closer...he shivered, his heart racing faster at that idea. This was his reward for all the studying and obeying of rules. For having to tolerate inferior monks touching him. He was here now, with Genjyo Sanzo. It was a joy so overwhelming he almost cried.

"So, what can you do?" The voice was cold, already rough from smoking all the time. But it was the most wonderful sound in the world as far as he was concerned.

Master Sanzo...was talking to him! "Whatever you need me to, Master Sanzo," he answered, voice catching a little.

Eyes an inhuman shade of amethyst glanced at him. His knees felt weak. He'd heard all the stories, every rumor or little bit of gossip to cross his ears. He knew more about this man than anyone alive, he was sure of it. "I wasn't asking what you can do for me. I was asking what you can do. What do you like to do in your free time?"

He blinked, fixing his round glasses. But...wasn't he supposed to do whatever Master Sanzo asked? "I...I can paint," he answered. Stupid! What did Master Sanzo care about painting?

Master Sanzo never answered to that. He kept walking at a brisk pace. He looked at the floor, ready to cry any minute. Why couldn't he have made up something cooler? was such a waste of time!

"What was your name again?"

The question made him happy and sad at the same time. Happy Master Sanzo was curious about him. And sad that he'd forgotten his name already. "It's Dougan, Master Sanzo," he answered quietly. It was foolish of him to think that he was of any importance to such a great man!

"I suck with names, kid. No offence."

Dougan looked up then, smiling. He...he didn't MEAN to forget! And Dougan was determined to make sure he would remember it from now on. He ran ahead of Master Sanzo, rushing to open the door to his room. He would show him how useful he could be. He pulled on the door. Except it was locked. But...the doors at the temple were NEVER locked!

Master Sanzo pulled a small key from his robe. "There's a spare hidden in the plant over there," he said, nodding toward the plant in question. "The only time you enter here is to clean it. And don't touch a damn thing."

"I would never presume, Master!" Dougan was close to dancing in excitement. All the other apprentices were going to be so jealous! He, Dougan, the orphan dropped off outside the temple gates when he was only two, was going to see the Master Genjyo Sanzo's room. He was betting it was crammed over with books of learning and knowledge. Holy artifacts, too. Genjyo Sanzo was the holiest of holy men, after all, and the teachers still talked of how smart a student he was. His room MUST reflect that.

Dougan peered around Master Sanzo, anxious to see...and felt the smile slip from his face. It was so...empty. Not at all what he was expecting. There was a neatly made bed with a trunk at the foot of it. A small writing desk by the window with a beat up old chair. A dresser with pull out drawers and a mirror on it. A nightstand by the bed. And a small bookcase. This was where the greatest monk ever to live...lived? He looked around curiously as Master Sanzo dropped the travel bag he was carrying on the floor by the bed and pulled out his cigarettes, lighting up one. He glanced back and stared at Dougan. He...he was staring at him! The thrill of being in his presence again overwhelmed him and he could do nothing but stare back.

"So, are you just going to stand there all night?"

"Huh?" Was he already asking him to...He blushed. Did Master Sanzo really want to...

"I'm tired. Shut the door behind you when you leave." Master Sanzo removed the sutra from his shoulders, rolling it up neatly and with the quickness of years of practice. Dougan remained rooted, shocked. Master Sanzo didn't want him? He was so confused right now. All his emotions were worked up. The excitement, the sorrow, the anger. Everything just colliding.

The robe was shrugged off and tucked around his waist. He was so much more beautiful, Dougan decided, with nothing but the black to draw attention to his golden hair, his pale skin. So much like a god. Or his idea of a god. He wanted to just touch him, just to say he did. Maybe if he asked... "Master Sanzo?"

Master Sanzo turned to look at him, one brow raised. "You're still here?"

"I was wondering, Master..." Looking at those violet eyes, he could tell now was not the time. Master Sanzo DID look very tired. Maybe that was why he didn't need Dougan in any way tonight. "Never mind, good night, Master." He turned to leave.


He froze, anticipation and excitement riding him. Master Sanzo had called his name! Had he changed his mind?

"The next time you don't finish a sentence, I'm transfering your services to another monk. I hate it when people don't say what they're thinking. Gives me a damn headache."

He was disapointed now. It wasn't what he'd thought he was going to say. But still, Master Sanzo had spoken to him! He had made it clear that he cared what Dougan had to say! Smiling to himself, he said, "Yes, Master. I won't do it again."

The only answer was a grunt, but even that made Dougan's heart pound with glee.

"So, what's he like?"

"Does he even talk to you? He NEVER talks to anyone very long!"

Dougan smiled smugly. He, the one they used to beat up, was now the soul envy of every apprentice in the temple. "He's wonderful! He's exactly as the stories said!" Well, not EXACTLY...but they didn't need to know that. "And he talks to me a lot! We have a lot in common, Master Sanzo and I."

Ryokan, one of the biggest bullies, sneered and said, "I doubt that! What's a stupid orphan like you got in common with the Genjyo Sanzo?"

Dougan glared at the big kid. The other trainees were beginning to look skeptical now. But...but THEY weren't Master Sanzo's servant! He may have been only serving him for three months, but he already knew Master Sanzo better than anyone! He knew exactly how he liked his coffee (black and as strong as possible). He knew what sections of the paper he read (the editorial, the crossword and sudoku puzzles, and politics). He knew he was allergic to cats, smoked half a pack a day and prefered red wines over white. He knew everything...almost. What he didn't know, he soon would! "It's too complicated for you to understand," he said at last, hoping to end the challenge right there.

"Yeah, right! I bet he hasn't even broken you in yet!"

He blushed angrily. He knew what they were refering to. And, true, Master Sanzo had not "broken" him in yet, but that didn't mean he wouldn't!

Ryokan started laughing. "See, you're not as special as you think! You're just a servant, you're not his apprentice!"

Dougan's fists tightened angrily. They didn't know...they didn't understand. He WAS special! Master Sanzo needed him. "Shut up," he said through gritted teeth.

Ryokan nudged the kid next to him and started snickering. "Look at him! Bet he starts crying!"

Dougan was saved from the humiliation of crying in front of his peers by a shout that came from the quickly opened gates. He knew that figure! He ran forward, beaming. Master Sanzo was back! Wait until he saw how clean his room was and how Dougan had organized his office (surprisingly disastrous for such a neatly kept man). "Master Sanzo you're...back." Dougan froze when he saw Master Sanzo was not alone.

A boy about his age cowered behind him, big golden eyes looking from side to side like the monks were going to attack him. He had long brown hair, a strange golden crown and worn out clothing. Rags, really. And he smelled like something awful had died in the garbage! Who was this boy and...wait, why was HE touching Master Sanzo's robes? Dougan stared in horror as those golden eyes turned on him. Who was he to presume to touch Genjyo Sanzo, the greatest monk ever! What...who...?

Ryokan snorted behind him. "So much for you being the special one! Looks like you were just replaced."

Dougan watched the two walk in, heard the whispers around him but didn't pay attention to the words. Master Sanzo? He...he hadn't even LOOKED his way! But...why? He followed the two inside, fighting back the tears. Maybe it wasn't what it seemed. Maybe the boy was just another orphan. That was perfectly possible. He shouldn't jump to conclusions. Not until he spoke with Master Sanzo.

The boy turned around and saw Dougan following. "Hey, Sanzo? Some kid's followin' us," he hissed in a loud whisper.

Some kid? Did that gutter rot even KNOW who he was? How dare he refer to Dougan as 'some kid', like he didn't matter to Master Sanzo! Dougan grit his teeth to keep from saying something mean. A Buddhist priest always practiced forgiveness. And tolerance for those less enlightened.

Master Sanzo glanced over his shoulder. "It's just Dougan. Stop being so damned paranoid."

"Oh. What's a Dougan?"

Dougan stopped dead in the hall way. Just...Dougan? He...he didn't mean that. He COULDN'T have meant that! Master Sanzo relied upon him. He was a loyal servant. Squaring his shoulders, Dougan ran to catch up. Master Sanzo would want a bath gotten around. He knew exactly how hot to make the water, where to place the towels. He would be sure to prove himself even more useful than that big-eyes freak! "Allow me to-,"

Master Sanzo opened the door to his room. "Goku, get a bath going."

The boy scowled at him. "I'm not gonna take a bath! It's bad!"

"You've never had a bath before, so you don't know if it's bad or not. And it's not for you anyway, idiot. It's for me. I've got your stink all over me and it's disgusting!" The door shut behind them and locked.

Dougan stared at the door. He...what had just happened? Did Master Sanzo...replace him? But, what about the other apprentices? They were going to make fun of him again! And Master Sanzo...he didn't understand how Dougan felt. They were CLOSE! They had so much in common. Anger filled him, an anger so deep it was almost consuming. That...boy! That stupid, disgusting vile BOY! He was trying to take Master Sanzo from him! He couldn't allow that. He wouldn't allow that! Master Sanzo was HIS! And no one, not even some brat boy, was going to take him away.