AUTHOR'S NOTE: This one is a little more graphic with what happens. It's very violent, but that's to be expected in this stage of stalking. Normally, I would up the rating a bit...but since the other stories aren't as gritty as this one, I thought a disclaimer at the top would fix this (unless you ignore the AN's, in which case you're on your own). Two to one, majority wins! So, if you don't like lots of gore and details (with some torture thrown into the mix)...skip it. You know how it ends. That's all!

The Three Different Types Of Stalking:

1) Intimate Partner Can be a sexually intimate partner or someone who feels they are very close to a person. Must have some kind of knowledge to their victims habits. May become delusional if replaced or made to feel insignificant.

2) Delusional Thinks that things are more than they seem with their victim. Has a tendency to make up fantasies/lie out right concerning their victim and how close they really are.

3) Vengeful Feels as thought victim is purposely ignoring them. Most dangerous and unstable. Prone to violence toward their victim.


Dougan let out a deep sigh. Finally, he had returned! He had been away for three years. Away bettering himself so that Master Sanzo would notice him. Three long years of studying at various temples under many different masters. Three years without him. Without hearing his voice, watching the sun reflect back off his golden hair. The glitter of violet eyes. Yes, he thought about Master Sanzo everyday. It was a torment and a blessing all together. And wouldn't he be so proud? Dougan, his apprentice, was now a master of talismans, shikigamis, five styles of martial arts with weapons training AND he was now a full fledged monk! He was perfect for any mission now. There was no way Master Sanzo could deny him.

He kept his head high as the whispers spread and grew louder. He fought not to smile smugly at all the awed stares. Yes, three years had changed him quite a bit. The three elders of the temple stood at the top of the stairs, gaping at him. They were here to greet him, but where was Master Sanzo? He smiled and bowed politely to them.

" that you?" one asked.

"Yes. I've returned at long last. Is Master Sanzo around?" Master Sanzo...he was finally going to see him again! Finally prove to him that he didn't need Son Goku or that murderer or that half-breed. This was it, he knew he was ready...

"But, Master Sanzo has left. Not even two months ago. He's journeying west to stop Gyumaoh's ressurection."

His heart stopped. It wasn't just a little skip, either. It full out stopped for almost ten seconds. "No...he...he left?"

"I'm sorry, Dougan. Perhaps next time you might journey with him."

Next time, next time! It was ALWAYS next time! Now was his time, not next time! He backed away, too dumbfounded to say anything. He tripped over his own feet as he turned and ran, tears blinding him. Master Sanzo...why? WHY! Why did he leave him behind again? What did he have to do to prove he was worthy? Three years...three long years...all wasted!

He would find him. He would track Master Sanzo down. He would track them all down. And when he did, he would kill the others. Kill them to prove he was better than all of them, stronger than all of them. Master Sanzo couldn't deny him then, not with all his companions dead! Master Sanzo...

If he said no this time, Master Sanzo would die with them. There was no way around that now, he knew it. Master Sanzo wasn't seeing him, wasn't realizing what they had together was so precious. Dougan loved him, loved himmore than anyone! If he couldn't have Master Sanzo to himself, then no one could! NO ONE!

First, he would go west, follow them. He would find them in the open, alone and without aid. And he would use talismans to kill them-

No, better yet he would separate them all and slowly strangle-

No, poison...poison was the trick-

Stop it! Stop it, stop it, stop it! He had to think about this. It had to be planned out, down to the last detail. Master Sanzo wasn't dumb. He would sense a trap a mile away. This had to be more cunning, more planned. He couldn't just rush in like this. No, rushing in would only end in them getting away, taking Master Sanzo with them. Or them killing him. He had to strategize, be rational. But first he had to find them. He would travel day and night just to find them.

"Master Sanzo, I'm coming," he whispered, speeding up from a jog into a full out sprint.

Looking up, Dougan squinted into the forest. This was it? The great youkai lord Hyumaoh this? Well, it was befitting of a youkai. Especially one that consorted with human women. No matter. Master Sanzo would have to pass close by on his journey west. The location, however secluded and unimpressive, was ideal for just that reason. And now to put his plan in motion. Smiling to himself, Dougan walked into the forest, keeping his enmity at bay. If Hyumaoh sensed any trace of hostility, he would cast an illusion and all would be lost. He had to do this right if he wanted to see Master Sanzo at all. Yes, think of Master Sanzo. Master Sanzo always made him so happy...

Dougan stopped when he felt the presence behind him. Youkai. Four of them, fanning to either side. His smile widened and he held his arms up over his head to show he was not dangerous. "Please, I am only a traveler seeking a room for the night. Would the lord of this magnificent palace be among you?" He turned around slowly, keeping the pleasant smile fixed. See, look, no threat at all!

One of the youkai, a young man with long dark hair, stepped forward. "I'm the lord's son. Koitaiyu is my name. Who are you?"

"Dougan. I've heard many great things about your father, Hyumaoh. Any son of his is sure to be as great." Yes, flattery will get one everywhere in life.

Koitaiyu shifted a little, hiding a pleased smile by looking at the ground. "He seems alright, for a human. Let's take him to my father. You've come on a very important night, traveler Dougan. It's my half-sister's birthday tonight. We'll be having a large feast for her."

"How delightful! I can hardly wait." Dougan followed the young demon over the narrow bridge and into the palace. This was one birthday they would all remember.

Waking later that night, Dougan rose from his guest bed as quietly as any assassin, sword sheathed for the present. For you, Master Sanzo, I sacrifice my humanity. I will become that which you despise to show I can be as cold and calculating as Cho Hakkai. I will become an outcast of society who lives by my own rule like Sha Gojyo. And because of these acts, which I do for you, I will show you that I am far more loyal than Son Goku. For you, Master Sanzo...for you. The first room he came to was the nursery. Several youkai females had given birth not long ago, so the nursery was full of demon spawn. Twelve of them to be exact. He was surprised at how easy it was to kill them. Just a quick cut to the throat of the nurse to silence her, stepping over her body and through the blood to the first craddle. Not much at all to this killing. No wonder Cho Hakkai had done it so easily. See, Master Sanzo? There's nothing special at all about your servants. Nothing that I can't do!

He was a little disappointed in the start to his evening. Thirteen down, nine hundred and eighty-seven to go. Let's see...He smiled when he saw the big double doors. Yes, best get rid of the lord and his legal wife. The human mistress he would do for fun. He twisted the knob slowly, slipping through the narrow crack. He left it open so light could filter through onto the bed where all three of them slept. Disgusting, really. He was doing the world a service by disposing of such filth!

Hyumaoh's eyes flew wide as his belly contents were opened and sloshed onto the ground. "What...YOU!" The lord's shout woke both women, who screamed shrilly before they died, the blood arching into the air, coating the walls. Master Sanzo, won't you be so proud! He stared at the slippery blood on his hand, smiling. He wiped it off on his tunic and left the room. Outside, the guard was waiting, headed by Koitaiyu. Excellent! "Well, well. Come along, now. We don't want to keep your father waiting in hell alone very long."

Koitaiyu's eyes widened and he led the charge. A thrust, two quick slashes and the son was dead, blood squirting Dougan in the face. He could feel the joy welling in him as one after another, the guards fell to his sword. Thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five.

The death scream of the guards brought out still more, the one from the day watch who were sleeping at the time. And the women. Oh, how they screamed when they looked out their rooms and saw all the dead, bodies falling on bodies, blood so thick you couldn't see you foot prints any longer. Just keep and ninety-four, one hundred and ninety-five...He was laughing and counting out loud and couldn't stop. He knew now why Cho Hakkai killed them all. Such fun, all the different screams and shouts sounding like a poorly conducted choir. Rising and falling in time with each slash, each hacking drive.

Now, to hunt down the women and children. If only you could see, Master Sanzo. If only you were here to witness my glorious sacrifice for you. I truly have given you everything I am...if this isn't love, then what is? What is? He grabbed the little girl trying to run by her braid, dragging her back and hugging her as he cut her throat, eyes closed and lost almost in the zen like moment of feeling her heart speed up in fright and the slow down as the blood left her, completely soaking his leather tunic to his chest. His was beginning to feel warm. Like after drinking a little too much sake. It was...wonderful. Almost as wonderful as his reward, waiting for him in his room. It wasn't the real Master Sanzo, only a shikigami, but he knew it was perfect, just about as perfect as the real one. Soon enough, soon enough. Just another twelve to go and then he could reward himself. Just as Master Sanzo will reward me when he realizes how wrong he was. He was getting hard just thinking about it. Focus, focus! He wasn't done killing them yet.

Dougan stopped, looking around the large courtyard and frowning. He had counted and one youkai lived here. The burning on his skin was almost unbearable, but he could manage it. Pain was nothing when compared to his love for Master Sanzo. His eyes flickered over the bodies, searching for movement...There! In the corner! Smiling, he stalked over to the cowering half-breed, whimpering and trying to make herself as small as possible. Her eyes were wide, blood colored, and very, very frightened.

"Why, it seems you get to be lucky one-thousand," he said pleasantly. She had no idea how very important her death was to him. This was the final one, the last piece to the puzzle as it were. With her blood on him, Master Sanzo was bound to accept him. If he was ignored this time...The thought of having Master Sanzo's blood trickle through his fingers was almost too heady to imagine. "Hyumaoh's half-breed child. I've heard about you. Well, no matter, your death should be enough, though it seems a shame to dirty my blade with you." She lowered her head with a hopeless little wail as his sword raised over his head, ready to split her head wide open, see if her crimson hair really did match her blood.


Dougan turned at the shout. Oh, how wonderful! One of the guards was still alive. "It seems I missed a little one. How very lucky for you, indeed." It was over too quickly, The youkai seemed to run straight onto his sword.

"There. One-thousand." The burning intensified, making him hiss in pain. Don't scream, don't scream...too late, he was screaming and it hurt so bad, but so very good! Master Sanzo, it's done. I'm perfect for you. I'm exactly what you want. No, not perfect. His was still dark. He straightened his shoulders, the pain subsiding in gradual waves. How to...his eyes flickered over the girl curled up on the floor, shivering as she stared at him in horror. "You are Hyumaoh's daughter, and therefore can weave illusions. That might come in handy. But how to make you obediant?" He pretended to think, all the while fingering the small pouch at his side, the one that held leaves and leaves of orange paper. "I know! Come along, darling!"

"No! NO, PLEASE, DON'T!" She screamed and pulled at his wrist as he grabbed her hair, dragging her across the ground to a spot that was blood free. He wanted to cover the entire courtyard in blood. "Please, just let me go! I-I swear I won't tell-"

"I swear I won't tell," he mocked, enjoying her struggles very much. "The word of a mongrel! No, I have a far better idea. Now, stay very still. I'd hate to slip and have you die anyway." He sat across her hips, using his knees to pin her hands to her sides so she couldn't fight back. Smiling down at the sheer panic in her eyes, he pulled a long curved knife from behind his back. She screamed and kept screaming, long before he cut a neat hole in her stomach, big enough for his hand to fit in. He pulled a piece of paper out, quickly writing the spell in her blood with his finger and then folding it deftly into a paper airplane. "There's one way we can keep you from telling. And that's to make you a shikigami. I've never done it with a living person before. I wonder if it'll work? If it doesn't, no matter. But I truly hope it does. Master Sanzo will be very impressed when he arrives. And besides, I need you to keep the place clean while I prepare for him. Now, to place" As he spoke, he shoved his hand with the airplane and half his arm up through the hole in her stomach and to her heart. She screamed, back arching sobbing to the point she could barely breath.

Dougan pulled his fist out when teh shikigami was firmly attached to her heart, sucking her soul away. He used his blood and gut covered hand to comb through his hair, gathering up more that had fallen onto the ground, staining his hair with it. The wound in her stomach healed and she was whole again, but still sobbing, curled up with her knees to her chest. "There we go! So much better this way, isn't it? Now, get up! I'm hungry."

The girl stood slowly, unable to disobey him. She made her way inside, shoulders hunched, hugging herself and unable to stop her wailing. No matter, it was a beautiful sound. The second most beautiful sound he had ever heard. Dougan looked around at his handiwork. his gaze swept over the bodies, down his blood-drenched clothes, at his clawed hands and his newly crimson hair. Yes, it was perfect. Just perfect. He was exactly what Master Sanzo wanted. Now, all he had to do was wait for Master Sanzo to come and say the words he should have said so long ago. How could he not? After all that Dougan had done, it would be wrong for Master Sanzo to ignore his request this time. No, this time, Dougan would not be left behind. Master Sanzo would admit that he was wrong and say it, say the three words Dougan most wanted to hear...

I love you.

END NOTE: This song verse right here is the soul inspiration for this whole story. Everytime I read it, I can kind of see Sanzo saying something like this to Dougan, if he knew what was going on in that sick puppy's head.

Like any uncharted territory
I must seem greatly intriguing
You speak of my love like
You have experienced love like mine before
But this is not allowed
You're uninvited
An unfortunate slight.

-Uninvited by Alanis Morissette. She owns the song, which is very beautiful. Even if you don't like Alanis, you have to admit it's a haunting song.

Thanks for making it through that last bit. Dare I say 'Hope you enjoyed it'? Anyway, I'm gonna go write something more cheerful now!