I have always watched you from afar

I know who your friends and your enemies are

I know of the nightmares that curl in your head

Laying on the silken sheets to the world dead

I hear your whisper on the breeze

In the branches of the willowy trees

I see your face in water deep

You took my soul my heart to keep

You give my spirit the license to soar

You are the only one I adore

You are my heart and you are my soul

And all of the pieces fit into the whole

You are my life and my pulses beat

You are the one that makes me complete

You are the one that I think of in bed

I can't get you out of my head

You helped me see in this darkness so black

You helped me gain my confidence back

You are the thing that mended my being

Your light everlasting your eyes ever seeing

You are my hero the one that I love

Light as a feather and pure as a dove

You are my reason for lingering on

I swear on my honour to not do you wrong