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Chapter 1: My life

Yoh pov


I woke with a start flinging Horohoro over and he landed on Ren. "Huh?" I got a glimpse of my surroundings and Manta was cowering behind the couch and my friends were a little shaky.

"What's up guys?"

"Yoh what were you dreaming of?" Ren looked me in the eye.

'Dreaming what did he mean by that do I talk in my sleep?'

"What do you mean?"

"Yoh-kun you were muttering Aniki no don't go don't leave me." said Manta

'Ah! Oh no! I have to keep on reminding myself that my brother is dead. I killed him….'

"No I wasn't dreaming about my brother, I was dreaming about……um….. Anna!"

"I am glad you were Yoh otherwise I would have to hurt you."

Anna walked in the room at the exact same time I had said that.

"Yoh it's time to train go get ready."


I got up and walked towards my room to get into some running pants and shirt.

"See you Anna!"

"Bye! And don't come back without food!" She yelled back at me. I left the house and started my long hard route of training.

After 1 hour or so I decided to go and take a break in the graveyard. I saw the spirit were in there happy mood so I settled down on a grass hill.

"Hmm Anna has been a bit pushy lately maybe I should stay here for a bit and go straight to town and get food." After sitting there for a good solid 5 mins I realized I was talking to no-one.

"Well no arguments so to town I go". "Heehee"

I got up from the spot I was sitting at and saw something walk right past me at the bottom of the hill. It was my brother healthy and alive!


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