Yoh pov

"Anna!" The itako stood frozen in the doorway of the room. "Yoh what is that thing doing in here?" I stood frozen in the room looking at my drenched future wife from her shower. She was dressed but her hair was wet like she had been in the rain. "I uh Anna please I just found him out there. Please let him stay. He is not an outcast and he is not a thing he is my brother." I begged my future wife to let him stay but there was no way. "Maybe." I looked at her in the eyes the coldness was gone and her eyes were warm and kind just for a moment but I saw it. "Thank you." I dropped the medical kit and walked over towards her and kissed her. She kissed back we stood there for a few minutes for those moments I had completely forgotten about my brother injured on the table.

Hao pov

It felt like knifes going through every pore in my skin. It was like I was dieing again. I was breathing hard but my body was not moving. I stopped trying and I heard sounds. I couldn't place these sounds. I tried to open my eyes they would not open. I tried to speak my voice was not heard. I was completely lost. Those sound kept on coming into my ears. They stopped and I heard a giggle and someone run off. "Wow Yoh I knew you were thinking of Anna this morning!" A new voice deeper and harsher filled the room. "Ohh thanks guys but I wanted to do that with my br-… OMG!" I heard him yell and I could not take it anymore. The person that has giggled came back. "What is it Yoh!" "My brother I forgot." I had enough of this I got up ignoring all pain and left the room. My eyes were blurry. It felt like my skin was ripping every step. The climax of death was on me non-stop. Then I hit something hard and everything went dark.

Yoh pov

"Aniki!" I grabbed my brother's arm he ha got up looked pretty startled and in pain. He was brave thought then he went and face planted the floor. My friends and I got him back on the table and fixed him up. Everyone then left me with him when they were gone I locked all the doors and straddled my brother. "Sorry brother." I murmured through my tears. "This is the only way if you do not love me back the way I love you."

SO to be continued ……..

AUTHOR NOTE! This is NOT done by Yeke is done by the none other than ZOH AERANA! Wooooo clapping sounds fill the room.

Yeke: Oh. My. God.

LHY: yea Umm.

Yoh: Claps

Hao: No Yoh No Don't clap.


Hao: That's why he is insane.

Yoh: Ohhh.

LHY: sweat drop

Yeke: Sweat drop

Zoh: Yeke Yo-wuz-up Yeke is just her name evil grin little sis Awww I am 3 mins older or so MUHAHAHAHAHA

LHY: puts hand on head oi he's insane

Hao: isn't that's why u love him so much?

LHY: blush who told u that?

Yoh: everybody knows about the wedding u guys had!

LHY: well then sense in out in the opening grabs Zoh and glomps and kisses him

Zoh: o

Anna: ahem while those two r at it I'll do the closing. REVIWE R DIE!