Dislcaimer: None of the characters from the realm of Nintendo, including Mario characters, belong to me.

Chapter Twenty:

Everyone escaped the castle of the evil Koopa King.

Yoshi rejoined the group.

Black Ninjakoopa regained his shell.

They returned safely to Mushroom Kingdom.

MarioLuigi, and Yoshireturned home.

Princess Toadstool returned to the castle.

Toad, Yoshi, and Black Ninjakoopa became heroes.

Yoshi and Black Ninjakoopa became good friends and often went to visit Frankie.

Anna was welcomed into the castle, and became Chief Advisor in Koopa Intelligence, helping make Mushroom Kingdom safe against Bowser and his minions.

Bowser was not badly hurt, and soon returned to plotting ways to kidnap Princess Toadstool and make her marry him.

And everyone lived happily ever after until Bowser tried to kidnap Peach again.