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Summary: after many battles, Orochimaru was finally able to destroy Konoha completely. The Hidden Leaf disappeared from maps. Those of the Leaf shinobies who survived the destruction are being chased by the snake sennin's underlings. Having no, other alternative, the few leaf-nins hide their identity as they can in the world in which all the shinobi villages are fighting one another.

Even thought the gender is action/adventure/romance, you'll also find some humor and drama in her (just like in my other, 'Naruto' fics). There'll be many OC's (also like in most of my other, 'Naruto' fics) and fights. With that said, I think I may begin.

This story takes place when both Naruto and Hinata are 19 years old.

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CHAPTER #1: Fallen Leaves

Chapter Cover: Hinata and Naruto are having a picnic under a large tree. The whisker marks kid, as usual, is devouring a bowl of ramen and the Hyuuga heiress is sitting right next to him, blushing deeply

"Two bowls of ramen" ordered a blonde boy with blue eyes and whisker marks on his cheeks, wearing a black and orange dress.

"We… don't have any" replied the bar owner, looking at the boy.

"L-let's just order something else, Naruto-kun" asked a girl in a similar age to the boy. She had short, black hair and completely white eyes. She was wearing a yellow (A/N: sorry, but I really think that color suits her better) overcoat and blue pants.

"But I want ramen!" cried the blonde boy as the doors to the bar opened ad four men with their faces hidden behind the masks walked in. They all wore forehead protectors with a note.

"Sound-nins" whispered the blonde to the girl.

"You think… they're looking… for us?" asked the white-eyed girl.

"Could be…" replied Naruto as he observed the men so they wouldn't notice.

But as the sound-nin looked around the bar, they notice four girls sitting at a table. They all wore shinobi forehead protectors.

"How could they be so stupid?" wondered Naruto, looking at the girls. "With the war going on, revealing that you're a shinobi is suicide!" and with that thought he looked closer at the girls.

The first one of them had long, black hair clipped in a ponytail, hazel eyes and a headband with four, wavy lines on it, the sign that she was a mist-nin, on her forehead. She was wearing a tight, black dress. The top had no sleeves and the pants were knee-length. Naruto also spotted a long katana attached to her back, a golden bracelet on her left arm and more shuriken and kunai hostels then he worn on his pants.

The second girl had short, green hair, with a lock tied with a grey ribbon on the left side of her face. Her eyes were dark blue. She was wearing a white shirt with short sleeves (A/N: at this point I believe I should note that what really draw Naruto's attention in this part was the fact that the girl had huge… well, I guess you know what… especially for a girl which seemed to be in his age). On her right hand he also spotted a black glove with no fingers. She was wearing grey pants, which seemed to be a bit too wide for her as the space between the pants and her legs was probably quick big. Naruto's attention also stopped at a big, metal ring that was almost as big as the girl herself and was attached to her back. She wore a forehead protector with clouds on it on her left arm.

The third girl had medium-length, blonde (A/N: though the color seemed to be more like orange) hair that was falling at the back of her head as well as on her face (A/N: to those who saw 'Hellsing' anime I can say that her haircut is similar to Victoria's) and sky blue eyes. She was short compared to her companions and wore a black, sleeveless shirt and a yellow waistcoat on it along with the pants just like the second girl had, only yellow. She wore her forehead protector, representing rocks, around her neck.

The last girl had short, blue hair and a hitae-ate with a sand-glass on it, on her forehead. She had red eyes and was wearing a white shirt with short sleeves and a snake symbol in the middle of it. She wore a white mini-skirt and was carrying a long spear on her back.

"Hmm… such cute girl's are shinobies?" wondered Naruto as he finished staring at the four females. "And from the four, great villages… what are they doing so far in the north?"

"What seems to be the problem?" asked the girl with black hair as she noticed four sound-nins staring at them. "Are we annoying you?"

"Your forehead protectors…" replied shortly the Oto shinobi, who seemed to be the leader of the group.

"Oh, that?" responded the black hair girl, acting as she completely forgot about the headbands. "We're wearing them as a habit really… none of us is a shinobi from any village right now…"

"Missing-nins?" Hinata was a bit surprised. After Orochimaru destroyed Konoha and the villages have entered another, great war, missing-nins were a rare sight. Even those from the Leaf.

"It doesn't matter" replied the sound-nins leader. "You'll come with us, or we'll kill you…"

"Well that's not right" came a voice from behind. Naruto turned around to see who was speaking and saw a boy his age with short and a little messy, brown hair, green eyes and three, golden earrings in his left ear. He was wearing a black shirt with short sleeves and a green waistcoat on it. The blonde easily spotted a metal protectors on his hands (A/N: I don't know how to describe it too good… they were metal plates, which didn't hindered the boys ability to bend his arms and all the plates were located only on the top side of his hands… meaning the one on which shields are attached), which could be used to deflect a shuriken or a kunai. He was wearing long, green pants which were tied at the top with a line. But what really caught Naruto's attention was his headband, which he wore on his forehead. It had a Konoha symbol on it! "Four, grown man treating young girls… I'm afraid I can't allow that. Would you mind leave the five of us alone or do you prefer doing it the hard way?"

"Naraku-kun…" began the sand kunoichi a bit shyly. "… there's no need for you to…"

"It's okay, Tamao-chan…" replied the boy. "Can't be helped."

"A Leaf shinobi?" the sound-nin's leader eyes widen. "Looks like this is our lucky day…"

"I doubt that" announced the boy called Naraku. "Anyway, could we take this outside? There's no point in demolishing the bar…"

"Fine…" replied the sound-nin as him and his three companions followed the boy outside. The girls stayed on their seats though.

"Shouldn't we… go help Naraku-kun?" as the one called Tamao.

"He'll be fine" ensured the blue-haired girl. "There are only four of them and they're jounins at best. No need to worry…"

Few minutes later the boy with the Konoha forehead protector walked back into the bar and after reaching the table, he said:

"We should get going. Seems that those four were just a patrol of a larger group that's heading this way. If we stay here, we're risking the confrontation with more Orochimaru's underlings and that's not what we're here for."

"Naraku-sama is right!" yelled the greenhead as she jumped out of her chair. "Let's go!"

"W-what do you think, Naruto-kun?" Hinata whispered to her companion as they both observed the group of five.

"Well, he does have a Konoha forehead protector…" replied the blonde. "We should at least check him out. But stay alert, he could have gotten it by killing a leaf-nin for all we know…" and with that both of them stood up and went outside after the boy and four girls.

As they both left the bar, they saw two kunai's flying at their throats. Hinata dodged the attack by jumping to her left but Naruto simply intercepted the knife.

"There's no mistaking it" announced the blue-hair girl. "They're shinobies as well. Looks like you were right, Kasumi…"

"I'm always right about those things" replied the black hair and then she turned to the two leaf-nins: "Who are you and why are you following us?"

"We only want to talk…" ensure Hinata, trying to calm down the two kunoichis. "We noticed that… your companion wears a Konoha forehead protector and… we'd like to ask him about it…"

"And why does that interest you?" came a voice from behind. Hinata turned around to see the boy with messy, brown hair. Her eyes widen. She didn't even noticed him standing there before he spoken.

"We're leaf-nins" replied Naruto, who seemed unimpressed by the boys speed. "If you wear that hitae-ate because you're one as well, then we'd like to exchange some information with you guys…"

"And what if I'd told you that I got it because I killed a Leaf shinobi?" wondered the boy.

"Then I demand you give it back" announced the blonde. "Or I'll take it by force…"

"Naruto-kun, don't…" asked the Hyuuga heiress, but her voice was overcome by the blue-haired girl's laughter:

"That's rich! That blonde pinhead actually thinks he has any chances against Naraku" and thus she burst out laughing once more.

"You say you'll take it by force?" repeated the boy calmly. "Tell you what, let's have a sparing match. You win, I'll tell you how I got that headband and give you all the information you want. But if I win, you guys will give us all of your money. Is that a deal?"

"You're on!" yelled Naruto, angered by the brown-hair boy's confidence.

A few minutes later all seven of them were outside the town. The place they've chosen for the match was a small glade, surrounded by the trees from north, south and west and by a pile of rocks on the east.

"Okay, so you're allowed to use any weapon or jutsu" announced Naraku, looking at the blonde shinobi standing in front of him. "To make this match a bit fairer, we'll have an extra rule: if you'll be able to lay a finger on me, you win…"

"Stop looking down on me!" yelled Naruto as he perform a well-known to him chain of hand seals, finished with his voice: "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" and then twelve Naruto's appeared before Naraku's eyes.

"Oh, a jounin level technique" the brown-hair thought to himself. "And a forbidden jutsu even. Maybe I underestimated him…" and with that thought he saw Naruto's clones charging right at him.

Naraku jumped into the air, spinning in random directions and as he came closer to the first clone, he grabbed him from behind and tossed him at another copy. As the two collide, they both disappeared in a cloud of white smoke.

As his feet touched the ground he noticed three Naruto's coming at him: one from the left, one from the right and one from behind. Acting on instinct, he elbowed the one that came at him from behind in the gut. As the clone bended over due to the impact, the boy propped his hands on the ground and landed a kick to the copies chin.

The 'fake' Naruto was send flying into the air, where he disappeared, creating another cloud of white smoke.

With his hands still on the ground, Naraku used them to turn around and kicked both clones that charged at him with his legs (one leg for one clone). He then bounced of the ground, using his hands, and making a somersault, landed in front of the two clones and gave them a hit in the stomach with opened palms.

As the clones skated on the ground, they disappeared in white smoke. Naruto was left with six clones and himself.

"Naruto-kun…" whispered Hinata, seeing how the fight went on.

"Sorry to say this sweetie…" began the greenhead. "… but your blonde friend is pretty weak, since Naraku-sama doesn't even have to use his bloodline limit to defeat him…"

"His… bloodline limit?" the Hyuuga heiress looked surprised at the girl, but the greenhead didn't say anything more.

Another, two clones charged at Naraku as the two from those which stayed begin used the henge to transform into Fuuma Shurikens. They were then grabbed by the other, two clones that stayed behind and tossed right at the brown-haired boy.

Naraku jumped over the two, charging clones and then grabbed the two shinobi stars with his hands as they were still spinning. But due to the speed they were at when he grabbed them his hands went behind his back. It was then that both shurikens transformed back into clones and made an attempt to kick Naraku in the back of his head.

Naraku saw this coming however and hit the dirt himself as the kicks went above his head. He then rolled forward and got back to his feet. Without wasting a moment he jumped forward, with his face heading at the ground.

But before his face even touched the ground he used his hands to stop the fall and extended his feet back. A second later he left that his legs connected with something. Those were the two clones which were charging at him from behind. Hearing a familiar 'puff' sound, the brown-hair boy landed on his feet again and looked Naruto in the eyes.

"Let's see, so there are two clones behind me and two in front, along with the original" he actualized the situation he was in. "At this rate it won't take longer then a minute to get rid of the bushins…"

"What in the world is he?" Naruto thought to himself, looking at his opponent. "With all that he didn't even broke a sweat!"

"Dammit!" he yelled, this time out loud as all the clones picked out their kunai's and jumped right at Naraku, but the brown-hair just performed a quick 'Belgian Helicopter' (A/N: that's just the name of the move… I know that in 'Naruto' world there's no such thing as Belgium!) and as all bushins were blasted away, they disappeared in the cloud of white smoke once they hit the ground.

"Guess it's time to try the original" announced Naraku as he charged right at Naruto, but the blonde perform a quick set of hand seals and called out:

"Oiroke no Jutsu!" and right before Naraku's eyes the leaf-nin changed into a nude babe.

"What the…?" was all Naraku could think off as he came to a stop.

They both just stood there, not moving an inch before Naruto finally decided to break the silence: "What the hell? Why don't your nose bleed or something?"

"I'm traveling with four chicks, in case you haven't noticed…" replied Naraku, so that the spectators won't hear him. "Such attacks won't have an effect on me…"

Hearing that, Naruto threw a punch at Naraku's face, but to his surprise the brown-haired boy hit his hand from the right side with an opened palm, thus putting the punch of track and the blonde's fist went right next to Naraku's face.

Before Naruto could react to that in any way, the same palm changed directions and SLAPPED him in the face. The hit didn't seem very painful, but it was powerful enough to send Naruto flying to Naraku's right and crushing to the ground.

"I'm not an anti-feminist…" announced Naraku. "But, on the other hand, you're no lady…"

"Way to go, Naraku-sama!" yelled the greenhead.

"Shit!" cursed Naruto. "If this keeps up, I'll lose!" and with that thought he bite his finger.

"That brat…" thought the girl named Kasumi. "He's able to perform that jutsu?"

"Kuchiyose no Jutsu!" yelled Naruto as he finished the chain of seals and slammed his hand to the ground. "Come forward… Gamabunta!" and then a large could of white smoke covered the area.

As the smoke reached Naraku, the boy bite his finger as well and began forming the same seals as Naruto: "That blondie… I'd never guess he'd be able to perform this technique… this time taijutsu won't be enough…" and with that thought he also slammed his hand to the ground: "Kuchiyose no Jutsu! Come forward… Toramaru!" and there was another cloud of white smoke.

As the smoke finally cleared the girls saw Naruto standing on top of a giant frog with brown skin, a tobacco-pipe in its mouth, wearing a dark blue shirt and holding a sword in his… hands.

Naraku on the other hand stood on the head of a tiger of the size at least equal to the toad. It had a dark, yellow fur with stripes black as night on it. Both his claws and fangs looked extremely sharp and his eyes were bloody red… well, at least his right eye, because the tiger had an eye-patch on the left one. Thanks to her good eyes Hinata noticed that the tiger's body was full of scars.

"What the hell kid?" asked the toad a bit pissed. "Why are you summoning me aga…" but his words froze in his throat at the sight of the tiger. "Toramaru…"

"Long time no see… Gama'" replied the tiger and the sound of his voice made Hinata shiver.

"Fear not…" said the greenhead. "Toramaru won't hurt you unless you attack him…"

"Hey, boss, you know the fur-ball?" asked Naruto a bit confused.

"You might say that…" replied the toad. "We met once, but back then you didn't had that eye-patch… what happened?"

"A bit of a long story…" answered the tiger. "And there's no need for me to tell you it right now… seems that our masters wants us to fight each other… again…"

And then, suddenly the tiger jumped at the toad with his claws aimed at the retail's head. But before they reached their target, Gama blocked the attack with his sword. As the cat jumped away, Naruto yelled:

"Gama, do the Water Cannon!" and suddenly giant bubbles of water came out of the toads mouth and came right at the tiger that just landed on the ground.

To the blonde's surprise, the cat was able to dodge all of the bullets, jumping from right to left at an incredible speed.

"Hey, blondie!" yelled Naraku to gain Naruto's attention. "This is pointless. What'd you say if we call off our… pets and continue the fight on our own?"

"Fine!" replied the leaf-nin after a short silence and both summoned creatures disappeared, creating another cloud of white smoke.

As the smoke clear, the girls saw Naraku and Naruto standing before each other. None of them moved. They just stood there. But Hinata easily spotted anger on her crush face. Breathing deeply, the blonde leaf-nin held out his hand and right before the brown-haired boy eyes a ball of spinning, blue chakra started to form in his opponents hand.

"That technique…" began Naraku as his eyes widen a bit. "How did he learned that?"

Naruto charged at his opponent, forcing the hand that held the blue orb up front with a mad yell:


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