Shinha Dojinshi presents

Maybe 1st place wasn't a bad idea…

A Sasu X Saku fic

Before we begin…

This is the follow-up story to '1st place isn't exactly the best'. I've decided to start another story since a)I don't have anything to do, b)My editor doesn't have anything to do and c)I wanted to see if this continuation of the story would ever work out. So…

!Let's begin!

All seemed well between the newly found couple. They would spend a lot of their time together just talking and the like, but as time went on, Sakura started having a unsettling feeling brewing from within her. She decided to think about her unsettling feeling while she lay awake in bed at 3:00 in the morning.

"Why…do I feel so weird about me and Sasuke-kun together?"

She rolled over in bed and closed her eyes so she could try to get some sleep.

-Hm…I don't know. Do you like someone else?-

Sakura could have beaten herself up.

"No! Of course not!"

-Are you sure?-

This time, she let the thought sink into her head before considering an answer.

'…Do I?'

It was very silent while she began pondering about what could ever make her feel this way.

"Was it something I did? Or maybe it's something that Sasuke-kun did…"

She rolled over to look at the picture of her and Sasuke sitting neatly on her bedside table. It was one of those pictures that always made you smile or made you reminisce about good times. The picture depicted Sasuke giving Sakura a piggyback ride while she smiled into the camera. Sasuke was looking bitter, as usual, and didn't even try to smile at all.

'Maybe I'm over thinking things…even though I don't even know what I did!'

-To hell with it, Sakura! Just get to bed already! Tomorrow's Saturday. You don't want to miss that, do you?-

"No," she mumbled under her breath before dozing off.

Sakura woke up abruptly when she heard a hard knock on her door. She hastily got up to see who was responsible for disturbing her. She opened the door and saw Sasuke standing blandly in the doorway.

"Ohayo sleeping ugly."

Sakura tried to ignore his comment as she yawned loudly.

"Ohayo Sasuke-kun."

She invited him in for tea before he started making fun of her bunny covered pajamas.

"So, Sakura-koi."


"I've been thinking…"

Sasuke always had bad news whenever he said that certain phrase. Sakura could only assume what he was going to say was going to be very negative news.


Sakura was highly anticipating his answer while she got the kettle of hot water off of the stove.

"Well…my father had come to visit to see how I was doing…"


Sasuke looked down at his shoes hesitantly before answering.

"I'll be leaving for America in a while."

Sakura's jaw fell.


Sasuke tried to calm the pink haired girl down.

"Calm down already! It'll be fine!"

He took hold of her shoulders and shook her lightly. She looked at him bewildered as she spoke.

"But what about your friends…and your condo building…?"

Sakura paused before adding on another important question she had in her mind. Her little add-on was barely even a whisper.

"…what about…us?"

Even though she had whispered the sentence, Sasuke's acute hearing picked up on it. His eyes started to portray a look of worry.

"I don't know Sakura-koi…but it'll be fine…"

Sakura refused to let her boyfriend see her cry yet again.

'He'll probably laugh at me if I cry right here….and to think that I was worrying if I liked someone else!'

A tear fell down her pale cheek and she brushed it away rapidly before Sasuke could catch her crying. Sakura held onto Sasuke tighter as he hugged her. It seemed like forever before any of them spoke.


Sakura looked up into Sasuke's dark eyes.


Sasuke held his hand up to the back of his head nervously.

"Uh…I have to get back to work now."

Sakura let go of him swiftly and he blushed deeply. Sakura laughed at her boyfriend's coyness toward her.

"You're so shy!"

She reached up and planted a soft kiss on his cheek and he turned beet red.

"I'll see you later, okay Sakura-koi?"

Sasuke stepped out into the hallway hurriedly before Sakura could ridicule him more about becoming a romantic unexpectedly whenever he was around her.

'Baka Sasuke-kun! Why'd he get a girlfriend if he knew that he'd have to stop being so shy around me one of these days?'

She sat herself down on the couch after she shut the door. She let her head rest upon one of the pillows.

"I should forget about this whole dilemma…"

Sakura sighed and closed her eyes tiredly.

"I wonder where I'll go today. Should I go to the mall? Or maybe Ino-chan's house?"

-What about TenTen's house? We haven't been there in a while.-

"We just went there a couple of days ago to plan Sasuke-kun's surprise birthday party!"

-Oh, right.-

Her brain started spitting out possibilities of where to go.

"We can't go to Sasuke-kun's house this early. He always comes home at about 7 on weekends."

-What about Temari-chan's house?-

"She's all the way in Hong Kong right now!"

-Who says we can't take a plane?-

Sakura's brow furrowed as she tried to think out more possibilities.

-Hm…maybe Hinata-chan's house?-

Sakura's eyes brightened up.

"That's right! She's not doing anything to do today!"

The thought of her boyfriend ever leaving the country was swept clean from her mind and she got ready for her trip to Hinata's house. She got out of her pajamas and changed into something proper. Sakura was so happy that she even decided to walk to Hinata's house, which was about 10 blocks away.

-You better pour it on Sakura! We're going to take forever if you constantly stop to talk to people!-

'Oh please! I just want to take my precious time!'

Sakura grinned to herself as she waved at a group of people that she had met at school.

-Well…time is of the essence! What if something cool is happening over at Hinata-chan's house!-

'Almost nothing happens at Hinata-chan's house!'

She hummed to a tune that was playing over and over in her head as she walked the rest of the 5 blocks to her friend's house. When she had knocked on Hinata's door, the coy girl poked her head out from behind it curiously.

"Ohayo Hinata-chan!"

Sakura smiled at her lavender-eyed friend who was looking at Sakura with confusion.

"O…hayo Sakura-chan…"

Hinata kept the door opened just enough for herself to be seen as Sakura tried to peer inside.

"Are you busy right now, Hinata-chan?"

Hinata tried to block out what was happening on the inside of her house as she spoke.


The Hyuga was the color of Sakura's hair and Sakura could obviously tell that she was lying. Hinata's timid-ness had given her away.

"Oh…okay, Hinata-chan."

Inner Sakura - Fine! Go ahead and lie to me!

Hinata closed the door slowly as her friend walked away.

'Baka Hinata-chan! I was so hyped up to go to her place and she just hangs me out to dry! I bet that she's in there with her Naruto-kun!'

Sakura was furious and she let almost every person who waved to her know it. All the people that she knew waved at her sweetly, and all she did was glare at them annoyingly. It wasn't until her favorite ramen shop came into view that she finally cooled down.

'Ooooo! Ramen would be perfect right about now!'

She casually walked up to the glass door of the restaurant and smiled to herself.

'I'll just get a quick pick-me-up and head back home.'

She pushed the door open and the familiar ring of a bell had signaled her entrance. Sakura looked around and saw strictly couples sharing large bowls of ramen at their tables.

'I wonder if Sasuke-kun would ever be scared to eat here with me.'

She turned walked past a door wide door that separated one part of the restaurant to another and sat down at the nearest booth.

'(sigh) Ramen is just what I need… '

Sakura closed her eyes as she breathed in deeply. She slumped back against the seat in her booth and laid back.

'I wonder what Sasuke-kun's doing right now.'

Her eyes snapped open when a familiar fragrance hit the air.

'Something…smells like Sasuke-kun.'

Sakura searched the area curiously as she tried to i.d. the person who held the same scent that lingered on her boyfriend's clothes.

-Who in their right mind would walk around here smelling like Sasuke-kun? All the girls would be all over that person in mere seconds!-

'I don't know…'

She loosened up a bit when she couldn't find anyone who would seem like another duplicate of Sasuke.

'I must be thinking too much…'

Then, she heard a familiar voice from behind her booth.

"…right. So master Uchiha has been put into a previous engagement with another girl? At the age of eight?"


Sakura stiffened as she stealthily turned around to peer into the table behind her booth. Once she could finally see the person who had just spoken, she saw that Sasuke had been there with her. He was sitting across from someone who looked like his father. His father was talking to someone who was dressed in a butler's suit made of fine black silk.

-Who ever heard of silk butler's suits?-

'Oh shut up!'

Sasuke's father paused before speaking again.

"The boy is engaged to a girl from the Matarashi clan. I believe you've served under her family for a couple of years?"

Sakura took in a brief breath of air to calm herself before listening further to their discussion. She saw the butler move in to whisper something into his master's ear. Sakura desperately tried as best as she could to hear what he was saying.

"But isn't…? The mistress is…kind of older than the young master, isn't she?"

Sasuke's father chuckled at his servant's statement.

"I don't care! Just as long as I get the money that was promised before the engagement!"

Sakura turned around and leaned on the side of the booth as she closed her eyes.

'So…he's engaged to another girl, is he?'

She seemed calm on the outside, but inside she was dying to get up there and choke her boyfriend.

'What a bakayaro…'

She sighed as she heard Sasuke finally speak out. He spoke with his usual monotonous tone of voice.

"And what if I don't want to get married to this 'mistress'."

His father answered back with rage leaking from every word.

"You're going to have to! Don't you want to go to America to expand your large empire that your mother left you?"

'So that's why he's going to America…to go marry some other rich girl!'

Sakura couldn't see Sasuke's face, but she had an inclination that he had shut up to stop causing his father more grief. But his father was still bent on hurting his feelings.

"I don't know why your mother gave most of the profit to you! Why not me? I was her husband after all!"

Sakura registered this statement as an insult to Sasuke's pride.

-What a gold digging bastard!-

She listened further to see whether Sasuke would say something back, but he obviously didn't want to provoke his already pissed off father. Then, as if to cut off all the tension, their butler spoke.

"So, what is it you want me to do, sir?"

"That Matarashi woman will be coming here for the wedding in a couple of months. But knowing her father, he'll probably send her in a year or two. He just wants to stall me!"

"But sir, the Matarashi mistress sent a request to be prepared in a couple of months. She said that she wanted to get married to the young master on March 28."

Sakura felt herself slip deeper into depression.

'Great! They're getting married right on my birthday!'

-Boy are you really lucky!-

'I don't care anymore! Sasuke-kun's getting married to some other girl! I just guess that I'm of no use to him anymore…'

Sakura got up and carefully slipped outside to breathe some fresh air. She must have been allergic to some of the food being served there since her eyes started to water and she was sniffing uncontrollably. Large tears welled up in her eyes and she willingly let them hit the floor as she walked the long path to her condo.