Harry Potter & A Different Kind of Azkaban Story

By Fangalla Marie & Eppy the Dominatrix House Elf

Chapter One

"Mister Potter, can you hear me?"

"Yeah, I'm not deaf, I was only sleeping you moron," Harry replied as he woke on the hard and cold floor of his small dirty cell in the prison of Azkaban. "What do you want?"

"We've come to take you out of here."

Looking up at the unknown Auror, Harry smirks and asks, "So you've finally decided that after all I've done for the wizarding world, it's time to give me the Dementor's Kiss huh?"

"No Mister Potter, we are here to escort you to the ministry."

Getting to his feet raggedly, Harry says, "For what? To falsely testify against other men who have been falsely accused of a crime like I was. What if I refuse to go?"

"Then we would be forced to drag you from your cell and take you anyway," the Auror replied impatiently.

Sitting back down on the floor, Harry dares, "Then drag away."

The Auror looked down at Harry like he would like nothing better than wipe that smirk right off of his face, but he does have his orders and taking out his wand he says, "Stupify."


Sometime later, our young hero, Harry Potter, woke up in the middle of courtroom ten. The same court room that he had to face down Cornelius Fudge during that fiasco of a hearing just before his sixth year when the former minister tried to have him expelled. However, this time he was actually being held down with the magic chains that were attached to the chair.


Harry looked up into the face of the current Minister of Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour. "Well of course I can hear you," Harry replied sarcastically. "You've got the Sonorous charm on yourself. People in other time zones can hear you right now."

Deflating slightly, the minister removed the charm and continued, "Yes, well, as I was saying, you've been brought here to hear new evidence about the charges brought against you."

"What now?" Harry asked harshly. "Some other son of a Death Eater to come forward and claim I either attempted to bugger him up the butt or that he did indeed bugger me? I would have thought after the Umbridge toad convinced Zabini to testify that I attempted to seduce him and claim that I was a homosexual would have made your day. I mean I was sentenced to Azkaban for ten years just on the suspicion of being gay. Why not just kill me and be done with it."

Minister Scrimgeour and the others on the panel all winced at Harry's words.

"Oh for crying out loud," Harry yelled now. "Don't tell me that you bunch of hypocrites are going to sit there and act like you did nothing wrong. It was all over the papers that I was going to be married to Ginny Weasley and still you sent me to Azkaban on some flimsy excuse that I was having sex with another guy."

"Well, Mister Potter, it seems that the testimony that a one Blaise Zabini gave us against you has now been found to be false."

"No kidding."

"As a result," the minister continued as if Harry wasn't being sarcastic at all. "We here at the Ministry of Magic have decided to overturn your sentence and proclaim that you a free man."

Silence covered the court room.

"Don't you have anything to say Mister Potter?"

"Fuck you."

"Profanity will not be tolerated Mister Potter," barked Scrimgeour sourly.

"I'm only a free man because it suits you. The next time I say something that you don't like, as I did last time when I was demanding the release of Stan Shunpike, who is still in Azkaban for something he didn't do, you'll just cook up another false accusation against me and send me right back to the Dementors. You're as bad as Fudge ever was at the job."

Reporters in the back of the room were scribbling like mad as they recorded what Harry was saying to the Minister of Magic. Who as it turned out was not pleased with the idea of looking like the arse he was in the papers.

"Don't worry about what they are writing down," Harry said coldly. "I know full well it won't make the papers, you or one of your lackeys will squash the story before the papers come out next time."

Several reporters paused to see if Scrimgeour was indeed going to do that.

"What do you want Mister Potter?"

Realizing the opportunity for what it was, Harry said, "I would like you to overturn those ancient homophobic laws against homosexuality. Witches and Wizards are allowed to marry other species, but they can't marry someone of their own gender."

Before Scrimgeour could respond, a sickly sweet and high pitched girly voice asked, "And just why would you want that Mister Potter?" Then giving a false girly laugh, it continued, "I thought that you just said you wanted to marry Ms. Weasley."

"My God, the toad croaks at last," he replied nastily.

Delores Umbridge looked sour, but a look from the minister made her not speak.

"I want the laws changed because it was a little used law that only works against people who want to love. It was also used against me unjustly. Therefore I want it gone."

"Mister Potter," Umbridge exclaimed, "you are not in a position to demand anything from the Ministry of Magic."

Again the room went silent. Uh huh, it's about to hit the fan.

"I'm not?"

'No! You're! NOT!"

Turning in his chair as much as the chains would allow, Harry says, "Is Rita Skeeter here?"

Standing up from the back of the court room, Rita strides as close as she is allowed and asks, "Yes Harry, would you like to give me an exclusive interview for the Prophet?"

Grinning, Harry nods and says, "Maybe later, I'm kind of busy now, but could you answer a question for me?"

"I'd be delighted to."

"What is the usual compensation for wrongful imprisonment?"

"Usually, it's an award of galleons, depending on the length of one's imprisonment."


Smiling at him, Rita says, "A wizard's oath to not be persecuted by the ministry from that same law again. However, she is right; you won't be allowed to re-write the law that was used against you."

"Well then, I'll take what I can get."

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