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Chapter 1

Midou Ban sat impatiently in his stool. He twiddled his thumbs now and then; a futile attempt at passing the time. Five minutes passed. He groaned aloud. Another five minutes passed. He tapped an anxious finger on the counter. Yet another five minutes. "...Damn it!"

Paul merely turned the page in his newspaper and continued his reading. The scenario before had been replayed for the past four days. It took him a while to get use to it. Having a normal atmosphere in the Honky Tonk meant having Ban and Ginji arguing over food, bills and/or work. Actually, it meant having Ban and Ginji together. That itself was normal. But for the passed four days Ginji had been seen with, surprisingly, Shido. He had come in such an awkward manner to Ginji, stammering as he spoke and constantly rubbing his neck in such a nervous fashion that Ginji immediately walked outside with him, leaving Ban to the card game they had been playing just moments ago. Four days later and still, they were spending (more) time together. Not that it really mattered to Paul. So long as he got his tab paid in full...

"Don't you think you should go out and scramble up some work? That tab of yours is getting bigger and bigger, you know." Ban gave him a look.

"What do you think I was doing all morning? With that damn eel gone I've had plenty of time to pass out flyers--without interruptions of 'I'm hungry, Ban-chan!' or 'This is really boring, Ban-chan!'." Paul glanced over at him.

"Where is Ginji, anyway? I haven't him in some time..." Of course he knew the answer to that. It was just fun to rile Ban up.

"The damn jerk ran off with Shido again. He even slept at ol' monkey trainer's house! I swear, that Ginji is gettin' to be more and more like Shido. Pretty soon he'll find some girl to mooch off of."

"Hey now, at least Shido brings home some money. That's more than can be said about you." The second that remark escaped his lips, Paul began regretting it. Two dark eyes stared back at him from behind round-rimmed glasses. If there was a hell it was sure enough it those eyes.

After a moment of silence, Ban's low voice spoke. "I'm going to get some cigarettes." The bell rang as the Jagan master walked out. Paul sighed in relief. Those eyes of his were really something...His hand fell on the counter for support and brushed against something. He looked down and found an pack of cigarettes. Only one had been taken out...


He was walking past the stores, past the crowds of shoppers, past everyone and everything. His purple glasses were sliding down the bridge of his nose and he pushed them back up. If only...

"BAN-CHAN!" The voice caught him off guard. The brunette turned his face and saw Ginji sitting on a bench. The blond waved him over. Ban smiled and walked over.

"Hey, Gin--" He stopped. Shido has suddenly appeared holding two chocolate ice creams. He sat next to Ginji and handed the extra cone to the now grinning boy. Ginji took it without a second thought and began an onslaught against the cold treat with his tongue. Meanwhile, Ban just stood there staring at the two.

"Yo, Snake-For-Brains. What are you doing here?" Shido licked at his own cone. He was unaware of the glare Ban gave him.

"It's a public place! I have a right to be here just like you two. Speaking of which, what the hell are you two doing here?" He folded his arms over waiting for an answer. Shido blinked at him.

"What's it look like? We're eating ice cream. Geeze, and I thought you had some brains..."

Well that did it.

"Of course you'd be eating ice cream over here. It's not like you have any real work, huh? After all, you're a kept man. You don't need to worry about money or food or anything like that 'cause little Madoka takes care of you. Tch, and you call yourself a man!" Ban let out a smirk. Of course that would get him.

In all his rage Shido had forgotten the cone in his hand. It was now completely squashed within his chocolate coated fist. "I outta kicker your ass, snake-head!" He stood up abruptly and took on a fighting stance. "Come on and face me!"

"I'm wondering, monkey-boy, if you're really worth my time. Maybe I should just leave, you know, and save you the embarrassment of getting your ass kicked." Shido fumed.

"Think you're so tough don't you! Well--"

"Let's get the hell outta here, eh Ginji?" Ban completely ignored Shido. Ginji looked over at his partner. In the background Shido was yelling his lungs out about being ignored.

"Ban-chan, I'm gonna stay with Shido. You don't mind, right?" Ginji gave him a bubbly smile.

"What? Why the hell do you wanna stay with monkey-boy!" Ban was exasperated. The former Volts leader only grinned nervously.

"Well ya see Ban...it's a secret." With that said he grabbed for Shido's arm and pulled. As they walked off Ginji turned around and said, "See ya, Ban-chan! I'll be back at the Honky Tonk in a while, 'kay?"

Ban stood there in shook.

It was 10 past 8 and still no sign of Ginji. Ban sat impatiently in his stool. He twiddled his thumbs now and then; a futile attempt at passing the time. Five minutes passed. He groaned aloud. Another five minutes passed. He tapped an anxious finger on the counter. Yet another five minutes. "...Damn it!"

Paul continued drying the cup in his hand. He'd seen this once today, what was the point of watching it again? "You want something to drink? Might help you calm you down some," offered Paul upon seeing Ban stand up and walk around.

Ban sighed. "No thanks." Paul frowned and set the cup down.

"He'll be here any minute, so just relax." Ban turned around.

"Like I care when that electric dimwit gets here," he retorted angrily. Paul smirked.

"Yeah? Then why are you pacing around like that?" Ban was about to open his mouth to speak when a sudden bell caught both men's attention. In walked Ginji, smile and all.

"Hey guys," he greeted cheerfully. This was responded with a smack to the head. "OW!" Ban pulled back his fist and walked back to his stool. Ginji massaged at his head and whimpered. "What was that for, Ban-chan?"

"Idiot. You're asking me that? Look at the time! What the hell were you and monkey-trainer doing, anyway?" Ginji opened his mouth to speak, thought better of it, then closed it. Ban 'hmphed'.

"Whatever, let's just go." He stomped out the door with Ginji following slowly behind.

Paul just stood there wondering what it really was that Ginji did with Shido. And then it hit him.

They sat in the ladybug, the silence from the outside filtering in. Not a single sound. Ginji sat straight, his hands in his lap. Ban, on the other hand, was slouched in the driver's seat. His eyes were closed, but Ginji could tell he wasn't asleep. The human eel mustered up as much courage as he could and spoke.


No response.



Ban heard a growl from the seat next to him. And then something heavy on top of him. He fluttered his eyes open and saw two giant brown orbs staring straight at him. He immediately pulled himself back, hitting the back of his head against the seat. "G-Ginji...?" He was completely on top of Ban; his legs on either side of his own, his hands pinning down Ban's. In this position Ban couldn't help but blush. And thankfully, it was too dark out to notice. Ginji was still staring down at Ban, his eyes full of determination.

"Ban-chan...Are you mad at me?" The sincerity in his voice made Ban cringe slightly.

"...Nah, Ginji. Now get the hell off of me, you're crushing my legs." But Ginji wouldn't let up.

"Ban-chan, what's wrong? You seemed angry at the Honky Tonk..." He leaned in closer, much to Ban's dismay. Their noses were almost touching. Ban let out a small gasp which Ginji caught. He blinked in confusion. "You seem a little tense, Ban-chan..."

No shit I am, Sherlock. You're on top of me, after all...

"Ban-chan?" There was that concerned voice of his again.

"Get off of me Ginji!"

"Not until you tell me what's bugging you!"

"Then I'm shoving you off!" Ginji was suddenly flipped over with Ban in top this time. He grinned with pleasure.

"I win," he said victoriously. Ginji only 'hmphed'. When he tried wriggling free of Ban's grasp, the brunette responded by chuckling. "Remember Ginji, I'm pretty strong so trying to break free of Midou Ban's grip is useless." He leaned down just as Ginji had done, their noses touching and grinned wickedly. Ginji was not too happy with the turn of events. In fact, he was feeling kind of funny...

"Ban-chan...get off of me..." But Ban wouldn't listen. This would be payback for what Ginji had done to him earlier. "Come on, Ban-chan..." This wasn't good. He was feeling really funny. His heart was beating pretty fast. But not just that, he was feeling funny down there.

"See? You should have moved when I told you to move. This'll be payback for what you did to me." Ginji gave out a yelp. "Huh? You okay Gin--?" But before he could finish there was a surge of electricity jolting his body. His hands instantly let go of Ginji and the blond successfully removed himself from underneath his partner. He was gasping a little and so was Ban, but not for the same reason.

"Damn it, Ginji! You could have really hurt me, you know!"

"Sorry Ban-chan...I don't know what happened..."

"...It's alright Ginji. It's not like I'm really injured or anything." He gave a smile to his worried partner. Ginji joined in and smiled as well. "You know Ginji, we still have some money from our last recovery. What do you say to watching a movie tomorrow?" He knew Ginji could never say no to a movie.

Ginji frowned. "Sorry Ban. I already have plans with Shido." Ban snorted.

"Monkey-boy? What the hell are you doing with him tomorrow? Don't you spend every day with him already?"

Ginji pouted. "But Shido's my friend. And he's really nice. Like you Ban-chan!" The thought of being compared to that idiot made Ban grimace.

"Fine, go off with that shit-for-brains guy. I'll just find someone else to go watch a movie with." He threw his hands behind his head. Ginji perked his head up at this.

"...Oh? Who'd you take?"

"Some hot babe, of course!" He shot Ginji a wink. "Anyway, we should get some sleep. Tomorrow's gonna be a busy day."

"Yeah," agreed Ginji. He closed his eyes and immediately Ban could see the slow rising and falling of his diaphragm. He himself stayed up a while longer thinking about Ginji's strange new closeness with Shido. It really pissed him off.

Ginji slowly opened one eye, then the other. Ban had finally fallen asleep. Good. He sat up and looked out the window. A small sigh escaped his lips. He couldn't sleep. Not after what happened. He still couldn't shake the feeling he had before. It was so strange, something he had never experienced before. But...he didn't deny enjoying it a bit. That's what startled him. He looked over at Ban. And his heart began to beat faster. He sighed again, not really knowing what to think.

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