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Summary: Plans are changed, and friendships are tested when Brooke finds out how Lucas really feels. But what will happen when he's in a car accident, and fighting for his life, again?


CHAPTER 1: Moving…

Brooke's eyes began to fill with tears as she stared at the picture in her hands. It was of her and Luke. She had her hand over his mouth and they were both laughing. Even though they had broken up after she found out he and Peyton had gone behind her back…she'd since began to feel those butterflies in her stomach every time she saw him…and her knees would still weaken when he would smile at her. But Felix was so jealous of Lucas; it was hard to see him anymore. It took Felix being grounded for her to go to the wedding with Luke.

But she had to see him before she moved to California…she just had to. She couldn't go without looking into his piercing blue eyes and seeing into the depths of his soul like she always could.

A soft rapping on her door brought her from her reverie, and she looked up to see the very person that she had been thinking of. "Lucas…" she murmured, wiping her eyes quickly. She slid the picture into the box on her lap.

"Hey," he responded softly, stepping into her room and looking around. "I just wanted to come see you. I've been missing you so much…Felix doesn't exactly like me hanging out with you. Have you been crying?" Lucas sat next to her, and wrapped an arm around her. Instinctively, she leaned into him, loving the feel of him holding her. It just felt so right…

"I was just looking at old pictures…thinking about how much I'm going to miss everyone. Lucas, I don't want to leave…I don't know what I'm going to do without you guys."

Lucas slid his other arm around her waist, and pulled her to his chest. She began to sob, clinging to him tightly. "I know, baby…I know. I don't want to lose you either." He leaned down, and placed a tender kiss on her forehead. "Have you told Felix yet?"

"Told me what?" an angry voice questioned sarcastically. Both Lucas and Brooke looked up simultaneously, and saw Felix standing in the doorway, a furious scowl on his face. Brooke jumped up.

"Uh…Felix…there's something I need to tell you. You remember that I told you about my dad's interview for the big job, right? Well…he got it." Brooke took a deep breath to continue, but never got the chance.

"Oh, that's great, babe!" Felix lifted her up and spun her around, then planted a passionate kiss on her lips. She tried to push him away, but he just pulled her in to kiss her again. Lucas jumped to his feet defensively, prepared to pull her away from him.

Brooke finally managed to get Felix off of her, but missed the smug grin that her boyfriend gave to Lucas. She glanced behind her at her best friend, then back to her boyfriend. "Well…there's a catch. The…the job's in California."

Felix stared at her in shock. "California! So…so that means you're moving…to…California?" Brooke simply nodded. "You can't move. You…you belong here…with me."

Brooke gave him an apologetic look. "I know…I'm sorry, but I have no choice. If I had any say, I wouldn't go anywhere. I can't leave Tree Hill…I love it here too much. My whole life has been here."

There was a long, tense silence in the room. Lucas stared at the back of Brooke's head, his heart breaking at the thought of her leaving for good. Brooke stared at the floor, torn between the two men in her room. Felix was staring at Lucas, slowly realizing that he was there.

"I thought you said you weren't going to talk to him anymore?" he snapped, surprising Brooke with his tone. Lucas' eyes narrowed as he watched Felix, slightly confused. Why would Brooke agree to that?

"Felix, I never said that! Why the hell would I agree to stop talking to my best friend?" she questioned fiercely, her hands coming to rest on her hips. Felix stared over her shoulder at Lucas, his eyes burning with hatred.

"Because he's your ex boyfriend. I've seen the looks you've given each other. I'm not blind."

Lucas gave a sharp, bark-like laugh. "Well I think you are, because you can't see the incredible girl that you have. All you can see is her sneaking around with other guys. Maybe you should open your eyes, see that she's too loyal to do run around on anyone, and then start to trust her some." He paused for a moment, part of him enjoying the fury that was radiating from Felix at that moment. "Or maybe you could just let her go, because you really don't deserve her."

Felix roared with anger, pushed Brooke aside, and lunged at Lucas. His fist connected with Luke's jaw, causing him to stumble back onto her bed.

"Felix, stop!" Brooke pleaded, pulling at his arm. He simply shook her off, and turned back to Lucas.

When Luke straightened up, Felix grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed him back against the wall. "You bastard, how can you talk about deserving her? You cheated on her!"

Lucas nodded, and pushed him back as non-threateningly as he could. "I betrayed her trust, and I had to gain it back. I see her for who she really is…for the amazing, beautiful person she really is. And I know only someone who would treat her right, someone who would never make her cry, would deserve her, because I know I don't. And I know you sure as hell aren't that guy either."

Felix punched him again, this time in the stomach, and let him fall to his knees. He turned to Brooke. "Either you stop talking to him, or we're through for good. You choose, babe."

Brooke looked at him furiously, and then looked down to Lucas, who was pushing himself up to his feet again. "Get out, Felix. If you can't respect that I talk to my best friend when I'm sad, and if you can't accept the fact that I'm not going to let you push him out of my life, then I can't have you in my life."

With a growl of fury, and another glare at Lucas, Felix obeyed. Brooke turned to Lucas, and shook her head. "Why do you get him worked up like that?"

"Because you deserve so much better than him, and I couldn't stand seeing you in pain because of him. What I said was the truth. He didn't trust you, he didn't treat you the way you deserve to be treated, and he didn't know you at all. He was always too wrapped up in himself. You need someone who is wrapped up in you."

She rolled her eyes. "Come here, your lip is bleeding." She grabbed a tissue, and dabbed at his cut lip. Once the bleeding stopped, she sighed and looked up at him. "Thank you. Now…could you help me finish packing?"

Lucas smiled gently. "Sure…on one condition."

"What's that?" Brooke questioned with a wry grin. Lucas held his arms out to her, asking for a hug. She instantly ran into his arms, and just let him hold her for a long time, before they pulled away and began to put the rest of her things in boxes.