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"Blood, Bullets, and Broads"


"The Customer is Always Right"

There's a siren blaring in the distance. The noise is so familiar, so common in this city of blood and misfortune.

She walks out onto the large, stony balcony. The party inside, though luxurious and high class, is boring her to tears. There were too many young professionals trying to impress her with their stock portfolios and Ivy-League charm. The food wasn't even that good…

She shivers in the wind like the last leaf on a dying tree. Though her elegant red evening gown clung to every sexy, alluring curve, its silky fabric did little to shield her body form the cold wind.

I let her hear my footsteps. She only goes stiff for a moment. She keeps her back to me, never looking back as I approach.

"Care for a smoke?" I ask politely. She slowly turned around, taking in my appearance. My blonde hair, blue eyes, the expensive black suit I had tailor made for the party. Her eyes pause for a brief moment as she sets her eyes on the two large, white, feathery wings sprouting from underneath my jacket. She doesn't stare, people rarely do. Such uncommon attributes are common in Basin City these days.

"Sure, I'll take one," she answers as she takes the offered cigarette. "Are you as bored by that crowd as I am?" she asks. I return the pack of cigarettes to my coat pocket before answering.

"I didn't come here for the party. I came here for you," I admitted. She lowers the unlit cigarette from her mouth, intrigued.

"I've watched you for days," I continued. "You're everything a man could ever want. It's not just your face or your figure," I add as my eyes drift over her slim, striking body. "Or your voice."

She lifts her cigarette back to her mouth as I produce my lighter from my pocket. The spark flashes and a small flame flickers in the wind. The small light from the flame illuminates her face as she leans in to light the cigarette. Her eyes flash in the light, like two pools of shimmering emeralds.

"It's your eyes," I say as she leans back and takes a drag off her smoke. She exhales a small puff of cloud to the side. "All the things I see in your eyes."

A small smile turns the corner of her ruby-shaded lips. She turns her back to me, overlooking the balcony once more.

"What is it you see in my eyes?" she asks coyly.

I take a step closer to her. "I see a crazy calm. You're sick of running. You're ready to face what you have to face. But you don't want to face it alone.

Thunder rumbles in the distance, a storm is approaching quickly. She takes a deep breath before answering me.

"No," she says. "I don't want to face it alone. Drops of rain begin to fall as she turns around and closes the gap between us.

The wind rises electric. We lean into one another and embrace. She's soft and warm and almost weightless. Her perfume a sweet promise that brings tears to my eyes. The rain begins to fall harder and more regularly. She breaks the kiss and places her head against my chest. I hold her close against my heart. I tell her everything will be all right. That I'll save her from whatever she's scared of and take her far, far away. Our lips meet again briefly. I tell her I love her.


The silencer makes a whisper of the gunshot. I hold her close, wrapping my wings around her until she's gone. As she breathed her last, the skin on her outstretched hand began to darken. It changed from a pale white to the dark blue lacquer of her fingernails. The transformation raced up her arm and across her body, like ripples over a pond. Her hair grew longer and became a dark autumn red. The light in her green eyes faded as her irises changed into pools of bright yellow. Her body shudders once more then lies still forever.

I'll never know what she was running from. I bow my head and kiss her forehead one last time.

I'll cash her check in the morning…