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Chapter 1

I woke up to the annoying buzzing of the alarm clock. It ended in many little pieces on the floor. The year is 2000, and it has been two years since I last saw him. Later that day, while sitting in the pub after work, I was swarmed by many people.

Someone in the back corner of the pub yelled, "Hey, Potter, tell us your story." I ignored him, though. The voice and the smell gave away his gender as male. He also smelt familiar, but I could not place the scent.

Eventually, I yelled, "All right, but someone get me a butter beer." That is when I began my tale, not knowing that someone was watching me from the corner.

"I was asleep when this all happened so just listen." I said. I took a sip of butterbeer before I started to tell my tale again.

When Harry woke up, he could have sworn that he had just fallen asleep. He grabbed his glasses and put them on, only to find that he was no longer at the Dursely's residence. Where am I?" Harry said to himself.

"You are with me." Said a voice from somewhere behind him. He quickly turned around to see a cloaked figure now standing directly in front of him. They were so close together that their noses were almost touching.

"Who are you? And where is this place?" asked Harry.

"I should be the one asking that." The cloaked figure stated before whirling around to leave. Harry just stared at the retreating back of the person.

"Follow me if you want. But be warned, even if you don't, we will keep meeting: not only in your dreams, but in reality too." Sighed the clocked figure.

"Answer my questions, please. Where am I? And, who are you? Harry pleaded.

"You are in the place between Dreamland and Reality. And, you already know me." He said.

"What do you mean, 'I know you'?" Harry yelled. He was starting to get frustrated.

"See you soon, Harry." The figure sneered.

Harry was then thrown back into reality. He laid there thinking until he heard a loud crashing sound coming from downstairs. (AN: I switched the bedrooms so Dudley's bed room is now before Harry's when you walk upstairs.

"Crap, oh shit." Thought Harry as he slowly crept to his cousin's room and saw he was not there. "Maybe he went to his parents' room." Harry thoughtas he walked to their room.

But, what he saw when he looked into the bedroom put him in shock. There in a pile were his aunt, uncle, and cousin. Fear forever emblazoned in the depths of their lifeless eyes. Harry was just about to scream when he heard the noise again that had caught his attention to begin with.

"He may be upstairs." Said the intruder from downstairs.

"He can't be. He wasn't there when we searched the house then killed those muggles." Said a voice Harry recognized as Bellatrix's.

"I don't care. Look again. Well? What are you waiting for? Get up there!" Yelled a voice that Harry finally recognized as belonging to Lucius Malfoy.

Harry paled and quietly ran to his room.

"Is that you, Potter?" Asked a voice behind him.

Who's there?" Harry hissed as he whirled around to face the voice.

"It's me." Said a figure as it walked out of the shadows. "The one from your dream. I came to get you for the Order." He said as he approached Harry.

"I don't believe you." Harry snarled as he quickly grabbed his wand out of his back pocket.

They both quieted as they heard, "It came from in this room." Yelled by the unknown Death Eater.

"Do you want to live or not?" the mysterious person asked.

"First tell me who you are. Or, any name to call you by. Then I may go with you." Harry said.

"The name is 'Snake'! Now are you coming?" He snapped.

A loud crashing noise could be heard from out on the landing and Harry whirled around to see the door blown into splinters and three Death Eaters standing there, wands raised.

'Snake' quickly pulled Harry into a one armed hug as he shoved a statue of a phoenix into his other hand while still holding it also.

Harry was about to ask what was going on, although he already knew what it was, when he felt a sharp all too familiar tug behind his navel.

"Ahhhh I am glad you are here and that he got you before they did." A smiling Albus Dumbledore greeted Harry upon landing. Then he turned his attention to Harry's escort. "Snake, you didn't harm him or anything, did you?"

"No, Sir. Remember that I am looking for my mate. Had I done anything to harm him, it would have proven fatal for both of us." Drawled Snake.

"What is going on? And, who is getting my stuff?" Growled Harry.

"Ah, Harry, my boy, please come and have some tea. As for your stuff, it is already here. It is being delivered as we speak. Dumbledore assure him, twinkle firmly established in his eyes.

Harry nodded, sat down, and took the tea offered to him. But, he didn't drink it.

"Harry, I have something very important that I need to discuss with you." Dumbledore sighed, losing the twinkle in his eyes that was always present unless it had to do with the war and/or Harry.

"What?" What's wrong? Am I really dead, but still alive in a Vampiric kind of way?" He asked sarcastically.

When Snake started snickering, Harry snarled, "What are you laughing at?"

"You! Because you don't know how right you are." Sneered 'Snake.'

Harry just sat there gaping at Snake as his words sunk in. "Is this true? How can it be? I was never told this and if my dad was a Vampire , am I not one also?"

Harry was cut off when Dumbledore spoke. "Yes, this is the truth. You are in fact a vampire just like your father and 'Snake' here. But you were not born as a vampire. You will have to come into your inheritance."

He sighed. "Okay, so if I am a Vampire, where are my," Harry paused to run his tongue along his upper teeth, "fangs?" he asked.

"You have not grown into your inheritance yet. Listen to what Dumbledore is saying." Snapped 'Snake,'

"HUH?" Grunted Harry.

'Snake' just sighed and shook his head.

"At midnight of your 17th birthday, you, Harry J. Potter, will turn. 'Snake', here, will be the one to help you with the turning process. It will be painful I'm sure, but he is going to be there to help you afterwards also." Said Dumbledore.

"ON MY BIRTHDAY?" Shouted Harry looking at his watch. "IT'S IN TEN FREAKED MINUTES!" He added at the top of his voice.

Dumbledore paled and nodded to 'Snake.'

"Follow me, Potter." He hissed as he rose from his chair and headed for the door.

Harry tentatively followed along behind him. "So where are we headed?" He finally asked as he followed Snake down a dark dusty hallway. He still didn't trust the vampire.

"To a holding room (A/N: Yes they are in number 12 Grimmauld Place) so you can change without anyone knowing." He answered Harry. 'Snake' sensed something was not right.

His suspicions were confirmed when he turned around. What he saw though made him curse under his breath: there right in front of him was Harry J. Potter, The-fucking-boy-who-lived-and-refused-to-die, turning into a vampire. He was lying on the floor twitching and trying to breathe.

"SHIT!" Yelled Snake as he swooped down and picked Harry up. "His transformation is going a lot quicker than expected. He still had five minuets before this was to happen." He hissed under his breath.

As soon as they reached the room, he carefully placed Harry on the bed by the window.

"Make it stop, please!" Harry cried out in pain.

'Snake' neither said nor did anything, except to commence strapping Harry's arms and legs down so that when the transformation was complete, he would be unable to run rampant and kill anything, or anyone, he encountered in order to feed himself.

Harry stopped breathing for several minutes before a gasp for air was heard.

When it was over 'Snake' glided over to a struggling Harry.

"Let me go!" Harry snarled. All the while, trying to rip his bonds loose and attack the person in front of him. "Let me go. I can sense blood from here and I need to get to it. I am so hungry!" Harry shrieked as he thrashed about.

"Quiet! Stop your struggling." 'Snake' commanded, but Harry paid him no heed what-so-ever. Snake cut open his wrist with a slender claw and snarled, "Here." He shoved the freshly cut wrist up against Harry's mouth quickly, before the wound could heal.

The new Vampire sunk his teeth into the wound greedily once he smelt the fresh blood and drank in the dark rich substance.

"That is enough, Potter. Now you need to sleep." He whispered, feeling his strength failing with every drop that was sucked out of him.

"No, I need more!" Harry snarled as he lunged toward 'Snake's' wrist again.

"No, you need sleep!" He commanded. Then, with a wave of his hand, Harry was sound asleep, oblivious to the night and its creatures. "I told you we would meet again." 'Snake' sighed as he looked at the sleeping fledgling. He stayed by the bedside for another hour before making his way back to the study wing at Grimmauld Place.

"How is he doing?" asked Dumbledore.

"Fine for now, but he changed quicker than I expected. He is no ordinary vampier," sighed 'Snake'. He gave the old man a small smile as he was handed a goblet of blood Dumbledore conjured for him.

"So why didn't you tell him your real name?" Dumbledore gently inquired.

"I don't know really." Snake admitted as he focused his gaze on the cup clasped in his hands.

"So it's like a type of code name?" asked Dumbledore smiling.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Do you have a problem with it?" Snake asked as he squirmed around agitatedly.

"No, No, not at all. It is no problem." Dumbledore smiled at him then added, "You look tired, my boy, maybe you should try to get some rest."

The real reason he did not tell Potter his real name was even a mystery to him. He didn't really know why he didn't tell him. Maybe it was because he only wanted Dumbledore to know who he was.

"Oh well, better go and check up on Potter." Snake thought. When he walked into the room, the restraints had been ripped off and Harry was gone. He smirked at Harry's attempt to hide himself.

"You know Potter, I am just like you. You aren't going to be that hard to find." He smirked.

The sight and smell of what he was witnessing however, knocked the smirk right off his face. Harry was in a dark corner of the room, tears of a lightly shaded red, streaming down his face. Since his transformation had been completed, he looked very different now. Harry was now only an inch shorter than 'Snake'; his eyes even more vivid than they were before, only now they were not hidden behind thick framed glasses; and, his hair flowed past his shoulders in inky black waves.

"WOW! He looks better than before." 'Snake' thought.

"You smell and sound familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" Whispered Harry, his voice now rough from crying.

"I'm sorry, but no, we have never met before." Snake lied with a sneer on his face.

Harry then lunged at him, trying to pull back the hood of 'Snakes' cloak.

The older vampire (A/n: was turned and trained before Harry) was ready and too quick for Harry. "Now listen here, Fledgling. You are under my care and will listen to me . You will do what I tell you to. I will be teaching you the art of Vampirism." Snake snarled as he pinned Harry to the ground.

Harry tried to get free, but the elder vampire was stronger and better trained.

"Let me the Hell go!" Harry shrieked.

'Snake' stood and smirked down at Harry. "It will be fun teaching you little one. Here are your books and school supplies. Tomorrow you will be boarding the train to Hogwarts and from there we will meet every other Sunday at midnight. If you don't show up, I will come and get you to train. If I have to come after you it will not be pleasant."

Harry just nodded and stayed silent.

Snake silently left after making sure that Harry wasn't going to jump him from behind.

After a few minutes of staying on the floor, our hero got up and looked for something softer to lie on as he thought about things. He eventually laid back down on the bed he had been restrained on earlier. Before he did though, he had to remove the restraints completely from the bed.

"Vampires can walk in the sunlight. They only get a minor irritation from it after awhile. Vampires are affected neither by holy water nor crosses. Only the kind of metal a cross is made of determines whether it can harm a vampire. A Vampire can also be killed by silver if it is injected into the blood stream, whereas it will only cause a slight burning sensation if it is touched by the Vampire's skin. Finally, the traditional method of disposing of a Vampire is to stake them through the heart with wood. Harry recited all the facts he could remember from a book he found in the room.

"Tomorrow will be a very interesting day." Harry whispered as he settled down to sleep. As he slept, Snake cast a spell on him to make him remain sleeping for several hours. During that time he was moved from his bed, out to the car, and began his journey to Hogwarts.

In the morning, when Snake's spell wore off, he found himself in a strange car going Merlin only knew where. He started to panic until he recognized who was driving and where he was headed.

"We are almost there Mr. Potter." MadEye said.

"Whatever." Sighed Harry. When he got to the train station, MadEye and the car disappeared with a very small pop. Harry just sighed again as he walked into the station and through the barrier. After he loaded his stuff he went to look for Ron and Hermione, but what he found was the two of them making out. He quietly shut the door, as to not disturb the two of them, while a smile was on his face.

"Finally they are together" He thought.

He walked to the very back of the train, which was normally Slytherin territory and made his , to the very last compartment.

"What do you want Potter?" Sneered a voice from behind Harry.

Harry just sighed and stepped in shutting the door behind him.

"He smells different." Thought Harry, looking at Draco Malfoy while sitting down.

"What? Why are you staring at me, Potter?" Sneered Malfoy.

That's when Harry realized Draco had on regular clothes. Malfoy was wearing black leather pants, combat boots and a casual black tight-fitted T-shirt. But what Harry was really interested in most was the changes in Draco: his eyes, his hair, and his FANGS.

"Oh My God." Thought Harry. And in one swift motion, Draco had him pinned to the seat. He tried to get free, but even with his unnatural strength he could not break Draco's hold on him.

Draco leaned down and softly brushed his lips against Harry's. Then whispered, "Potter, wake up. Come on you bloody git! Wake up!"

Harry finally opened his eyes to see Dra- Malfoy staring at him. (Once he got into the compartment after he sat down he fell asleep and yes Draco is really wearing those clothes from Harry's dream.)

Harry sat up, not really remembering when he fell asleep, and asked, well more like growled "What time is it?"

"Not sure." Draco said from his sprawled out position on the other bench without opening his eyes.

"I wish I knew what that dream meant. Does Draco really have fangs just like mine? He IS wearing the same clothes he was wearing in my dream." Harry reasoned.

"Wouldn't you like to know." Thought Draco.

Harry got the message and looked at the blond. He still had his eyes closed and looked as if he were asleep. Harry just sighed, too confused to really think straight. He did the only thing he knew to do; with a swish of his hand, a guitar appeared.

Harry smiled fondly at the guitar; it had belonged to Sirius Black, his godfather. He had found it the summer before his sixth year while exploring Sirius's old home and taught his self how to play.

As Draco lay there trying to sleep, he heard this beautiful song, but didn't know where it was coming from. Lying there, listening, he was lulled into a world of dreams.

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