Once Upon a Time

Summary: The Story of Snow White told with Star Wars Characters. This is a short story told in seven parts.

Note: The first time I tried to post this, I got an error message and the story was messed up. This should be fixed now.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away the planet of Naboo was blessed with a new princess. Young Queen Jobal Amidala and her consort Ruwee Naberrie were the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. Her baby smooth skin shined with an angelic white glow, a wisp of brown curls adorned her head, and deep chocolate colored eyes heightened the child's beauty.

Both Jobal and Ruwee had been longing for a child since the tragic death of their first daughter, Sola. Both parents saw this new babe as a chance to start their family over, and find happiness. Today, they would introduce their new daughter, Padmé Naberrie Amidala to the Nubian court as the entire planet celebrated the arrival of this child.

Although she was only a child, this little girl seemed to exude a light that permeated the people around her. The baby seemed to provide a sense of peace and joy to all she met, except for one man. Nubian Senator Palpatine did not seem to care for the young girl, but arrived on planet to pay his respects to the family. He saw the birth of the young girl as an unexpected wrench in his plans, for he could foresee she could ruin all of his ambitions.

However, Palpatine forced himself to smile like the rest of the court and special guests in the throne room in Theed while they waited for the arrival of the royal family. Not only had the Nubian court come to give its blessings to this extraordinary child, but the royal family of Alderaan, the senators from Chandrila and Corellia, and a contingent of Jedi came to celebrate the arrival of this new life as well.

A murmur of voices was heard throughout the room, until a series of trumpets sounded from the back of the room. The room instantaneously fell silent as the Queen, carrying her new daughter, entered the throne room with her husband. The queen was dressed in a red and gold ornate gown, with the traditional royal Nubian face paint. Her face was painted white while her top lip had been painted a deep red, while only the center of her bottom lip was painted, and two red circles were painted on either cheek. The baby in her arms was swaddled in a thick white blanket and her consort was dressed in a traditional blue Nubian court uniform trimmed in gold.

All eyes followed the progress of the royal family as they approached their thrones on the opposite side of the room. However, before they sat down, the Queen turned to the assembled guests and spoke, "Welcome dear friends. I would like to thank you for coming to share in our happiness, but without further ado, I would like to introduce you to our daughter." She then held up the sleeping baby in her arms as she continued to speak, "Princess Padmé Naberrie Amidala of Naboo."

Applause sounded throughout the throne room. This may have disturbed the young princesses' slumber, but she merely cooed as she continued to sleep. The queen placed her young daughter into a basinet next to her throne and sat down so that she could receive her guests.

"You have a beautiful daughter, your highness."

"Thank you Breha." Jobal addressed the queen from Alderaan. "And thank you for the beautiful gift. I am sure Padmé will treasure that blanket."

Then the Queen of Alderaan bowed to the Queen of Naboo and stole one last glance and smiled at the young princess. Padmé was now awake and cooing softly at the guests who came by to smile and gaze at her. Several senators from various parts of the galaxy and Nubian court members visited the young princess before three Jedi Knights approached her mother.

"Beautiful she is, your young one. Your happiness, brings warm feelings to my heart, your highness." A small green Jedi bowed. Behind him an older gentleman and his young padawan bowed as well.

"Thank you master Yoda," replied the queen with a smile as she bowed her head in deference to the Jedi Master.

"Yes your highness, she is lovely. You must be very proud." Jedi Knight Qui-Gon Jinn said as Master Yoda approached Padmé's basinet.

"We are, thank you Master Jinn."

With a bow, both Qui-Gon Jinn and his Padawan Obi-Wan Kenobi stepped over to Padmé's basinet, joining Master Yoda who had pulled up a chair so that he could reach a finger into the basinet. Master Yoda chuckled softly as he traced a finger across Padmé's face, while she giggled and tried to catch it in her tiny hands. "Strong, you are." Yoda whispered as all the Jedi left to let Senator Palpatine have a chance to view the child.

Senator Palpatine had just congratulated the royal family and was now walking towards the basinet that held the bane of his existence. The pureness of this child irritated the darkness that dwelled deep inside him, but he put on a fake smile as he performed his courtly duty.

Padmé had gurgled and cooed contently the entire time guests filed by her basinet. However, as Senator Palpatine strolled towards her and held out one of his hands, she began to cry hysterically. Queen Amidala quickly moved from her throne and picked up the distressed princess, trying to soothe the young girl. She was quickly joined by her husband who whispered kind words to his daughter, "What is the matter, angel?"

Padmé continued to cry, and Palpatine tried to hide his amused smirk. When the young princess did not calm down, Queen Amidala addressed the remainder of her guests, "I am sorry my dear friends, but it seems that my little one has had enough for the day. I would like to thank you all again for coming, but I must now leave you to tend to my daughter."

Everyone in the room smiled in understanding, except for Palpatine who forced himself to smile. They watched the Queen leave with the wailing princess in her arms, leaving Ruwee to tend to the rest of their guests.

Palpatine longed to sneer as he watched the Queen retreat, for that child was going to cause him problems. Her light threatened his darkness, as it seemed to unite the people around her. He would need to act quickly if he was to secure his power.