The ewoks followed Anakin back to their dwelling by swinging on vines and climbing the treetops. However, the young Jedi was faster on foot than them, and found his way to their dwelling first.

He found Padmé lying on the floor where Palpatine had left her. Anakin knelt down and cradled her in his arms while he softly whispered, "Padmé."

The ewoks looked on as the young Jedi began to weep as he rocked the woman in his arms. They could sense the man's sadness and left him alone to his grief.

"Padmé please, I love you," Anakin pleaded as he ran a hand through her hair and over her cold pale lips. He tried to find her Force presence, but felt nothing. Despair gripped him as the realization that his love was gone overtook him. "I love you," he cried as he pressed his lips to hers in a final farewell.

Anakin gasped and pulled back when a hand ran its fingers through his hair. His gaze locked onto Padmé's brown eyes. "How?" Anakin asked as he could suddenly feel her Force presence. Padmé did not answer him, but gently wiped away his tears before pulling him in for another kiss. She broke the kiss and said, "Oh Anakin, I was so worried about you."

She was smiling back at him as he whispered, "I thought I lost you." Then he pulled her to him in a series of searing kisses as if he was hungry for her lips. "I love you." He murmured between kisses.

"I know." She said with a coy smile as she wrapped her arms around him and deepened her kiss. Anakin then picked up Padmé into his arms and carried her to his starfighter.

Before entering his ship, Anakin turned towards the ewoks who were following them and thanked them for all of their help. Padmé blew them a kiss as well. The ewoks seemed pleased with this and cheerily waved the happy couple goodbye.

Anakin flew his starfighter to the beautiful Lake Country of Naboo. There he asked Padmé to marry him, which she readily agreed. The following day, surrounded by red Nubian roses, a holy man faced the young Jedi Knight and beautiful woman clad in an elegantly embroidered white gown as they pledged their undying love to one another.

There were no witnesses as the young couple sealed their vows with a kiss, but the stars seemed to twinkle in blessing of the union. With the destruction of the Sith Lord, Padmé was now free to have a life she could only dream about previously. As she continued to kiss her new husband, she smiled with the fact that she now lived in a galaxy void of evil, enveloped in peace, and surrounded by love.

The End.