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Summary: They trusted him. He turned. He got out. No one's safe.

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Life had never struck a chord with hard-nosed lieutenant Horatio Caine. Life was just one of those things that never interested him. Nothing ever interested him. Horatio was a one-man army in his mind; a mind that was forever warped by the crimes he saw on a day-to-day basis. One after another, after another, after another, each crime coming close to striking that mentality that was hardly there. He never even knew he had it till one case came too close for comfort.

Jamie Yvette, a young Harvard Law graduate vacationing in Florida before her big "associate" move, was murdered by a dirty cop. Horatio had dealt with dirty cops before but never one that he knew. Ryan Wolfe, a replacement for the late Tim Speedle, had turned. The big shocker was that he trusted Ryan, a rare thing for a CSI/ detective. Trust no one, people had said but the one rule every other cop lived by was never established in his "list of rules to go by". Horatio trusted everyone on his team. They were family to him as was he the father figure most didn't have.

Ryan couldn't handle the fact that I trusted him. He knew he was going to turn from the start. That was his mantra. He continually told himself that same thing over and over again. Nothing could really change those words. The team, his team, never understood the real meaning of them but Horatio did. He lived by them since he saw Ryan, his own man, being escorted by a uniform to booking. That image haunted the whole team. One man had changed their lives. One man had shattered it. That same man they had taken in and trusted.

Suddenly it all had changed. The sturdiest team on dayshift had crumbled. Everyone around them, Valera, Alexx, Frank and even Yelena who was in Brazil, knew it was coming and they all witnessed it. Calleigh moved back to New Orleans, Eric moved to Chicago, and Horatio moved to Tampa. Shocked at it all Alexx never said good-bye. The last thing she wanted was to loose her friends. It happened and then some.

They never kept in touch. They didn't seem to think it was necessary. What Horatio thought was irrelevant so he went on with his life much to his disliking. He wanted to know how they were all doing. No one else wanted to talk. The team's high spirit they had for three years was gone. No one cared what the other thought. No one wanted to know what the other thought. It was pure and simple, they all had moved on. Something was about to change.