This is a poem about Cormag's thoughts about his slain borther, Glen. They were one of my favorite chracter in the TSS, so I created this poem in memory of Glen and Cormag's feelings for his brother. Please R&R.

A Brother's Requiem

You were my brother, my friend,

My idol and my captain.

You were all that I could call


We shared our secrets and troubles with each other,

You even told me your views of Emperor Vigarde's orders.

Now there is nothing left of you.

You just wanted to understand,

To learn the truth,

When you did, you were determined to seek answers,

You never got them when Valter came.

I wish I was there with you, bro,

When Valter began his attack,

I wish I was there to help and protect you,

And guard your back.

But I wasn't and you fell.

The Sunstone, my brother, died at the hands

Of the Moonstone, a treacherous, savage swine.

Now it is he, who will die by my hands,

For killing you.

That is my goal, revenge,

All for you, brother.

Every blow I deliver,

Every opponent I face,

I focus on my goal for revenge,

All for you, brother.

I want to avenge you

Because it's the only thing I can do for you

Now that you are dead.

You gave me so much when you were alive,

It's ironic that I can give you something back

When you're dead.

Today is the day I will face the man who killed you, Glen,

And fulfill my vengeance for you.

Valter will not leave to see another day, I promise you that.

Nothing shall stand in my way that's for you.

But no matter how long I live,

Or how long time goes by,

I will never forget you,

Because you are Glen, my brother,

The best wyvern general I know.

And the only thing I have left of you

Are memories.