Hello! I'm a newbe, yes I said it but I will deliver. I'm known to be funny among my friends so I hope you like it

Holidays are always welcome at Tyson's house because of one certain American Blade Breaker, but I'm not going to say anything. With a huge tree and confused Blade breakers trying to open their gifts.

Kai-what's wrong with this stupid thing!

Ray sighed and opened the tab - Russians these days

Kai looked angry - shut up! I knew that!

Tyson looked at them stupidly - are you guys going to open your gifts or what?

Max is asleep from to much Eggnog and Kenny was visiting Family

Kai & Ray punch Tyson - zip it!

Tyson falls over half dead and beaten to a pulp

Kai smiles in satisfaction - that was fun but I wish Tala was here

Tala sneaks up behind Kai and pokes his shoulder - to do what?

Kai jumps ten feet in the air - what was that for!

Tala shrugged - no reason, here's your gift

Kai smiles and opens it then runs Into the other room - AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Ray looks at Tala then the box - what the--

Tala smiles then picks up the dead rat out of the box - opps wrong gift this one was for you because I know you had a dead rat before.

Ray tears up - what was Kai's gift?

Kai comes out - yeah what was it?

Tala pulls out another box and gives to Kai - I think you'll like it

Kai opens it and pulls it out - a DDR mat? looks at Tala

Tala nods - I'm the best so I wanted to challenge you

Kai snorted - no way

Tala looks innocent - please?

Kai shook his head - never!

Tala turns into a chibi form of Wolborg - please?

Kai sighes - fine, come on

HAHAHA! a cliff hanger, see what's next