Hahahaha! I know some of my reviews want me to continue and I am following their command! But this time we are going to find out what really happened in Max's room. What's with Tyson coming out? No body knows! It's from the top of my little head! Bring it!

Kai - Bring what?

Tala - and what for? Why do we need to bring it without something to do...

K&T - uhhhh

Kai - your an idiot...

K&T - am not! We're going on a picnic! Kai bring potato salad!

Kai - that's all?

Tala - yeah, we can't just live on potato salad... we need egg salad

Kai - your not helping...

K&T - It's settled! Tala you get the egg salad and Kai you get the potato salad while I write this!

Tala - Okay! wait you aren't going to do anything?

K&T - I'm driving

Kai - your not even 16...

K&T - so?

Tala - we're dead...

Tyson blinked - why is everyone staring at me?

Max shrugs - you look perfectly normal to me...

Everyone - 0.o wah?

Tyson shrugs and walks to max - I have to talk to you...

Max smirked then stood up as Tyson whisper in his ear

-in Everyone's mind-

Kai - what are they saying?

Tala - this is to freaky...

Ray - mmmm, potatoes...

-in the whisper-

Tyson smirks - I need a oil change... If you get my drift

Max nodded - yeah I know...

-out of the whisper-

Max grabs Tyson's shirt - we'll be right back!

-Max and Tyson disappear into the room again-

Kai looked like he was going to throw up - that's nasty...

Tala looked at Kai - it is my friend... it is

Ray blinked - what's going on?

Kai&Tala - -- your an idiot

Ray shrugs - I'll take that

Tala shook his head then looked at the door - I wonder what they're doing

Kai nodded - yeah me too

-inside the room-

Tyson smiles at Max - Thanks I feel much better

Max winked at him - No problem, I have to take care of my robos

Tyson nodded - you better

Max looked at the Tyson - what did you say?

Tyson ignored him then looked at the door - you think we fooled them?

Max stood up with the oil can in his hand - yeah... They so get Burned! Yeah!

Tyson gave Max a high five - Yeah! They need some ice you that BURN!

Max laughed - Yeah! 3rd degree BURN! >

Tyson sighed - okay let's burn them more

-back in the living room-

Kai was beating the crap out of the real Tyson who had came in - What's wrong with you!

Tala sighed watching the two - oh god...

Tyson with half dead - I... don't...know!

-Max and Robo Tyson walks in-

Max runs to the real Tyson - what are you doing!

Kai looks down at the real Tyson then at Robo Tyson then at Max then at Tala - wah? -faints-

Tala sighed - here we go again...

Tyson looked at the Robo Tyson - hey!

Max looked like he was going to get a beating and was getting ready for it - yeah?

Tyson stood up and looked at Robo Tyson - I'm HOT!

-Everyone falls over but both Tysons-

Robo Tyson nodded - I do look HOT!

Both Tyson check each other out - DUDE! -say in unison-

Tala stands up and grabs Max - See? Look what you've done?

Max - Huh?

Kai follows them - Yeah! You made the worse nightmare in the world!

Max - Huh?

Tala sighed - There are two Tysons! -smacks Max-

Kai - idiot

Max starts to sob - I'm sorry!

You liked that didn't you? Didn't you! DIDN'T YOU! okay then...

Ray - I hate you now

Max - You tell her!

K&T - what did I possibly do?

Ray - I was only showed 3 appearences! Meanie!

Max - yeah! and you made me a pervert!

K&T - You need to speak up more Ray and Max... what's the difference between this and everyday life?

Max&Ray - uhhhh...

K&T - exactly...

R&R! please? Please! PLEASE! okay please?