Summary: Dean and Sam, have just sent some unearthly creature to it's early demise, thus preventing further death's in Small Town U.S.A. The brother's are now resting up in their cheap hotel room, where they will spend one more night, before moving on to a new destination,and a new supernatural being to fight.

Location: The No-tell Hotel,late evening.


"That's great! " Dean, said looking at the dime and two nickel's he held in his hand.

"Sammy, do you have any change? I want to get something out of the vending machine."

Glancing over at his brother Dean, realized he'd been talking to himself, as Sam had drifted off to sleep watching TV.

Craving something sweet, preferably chocolate Dean, figured Sam wouldn't mind if he checked his jacket for change.

He wouldn't consider interrupting any sleep Sam could get, unless it was urgent. There already was too much of a chance Sam, would be waking up soon from a nightmare.

Dean, peeked over at Sam once again, making sure he was asleep, and then picked up his brother's jacket.There were no coin's to be found, but in the last pocket he unzipped Dean, pulled out what appeared to be a folded up photograph.

Dean, stepped out of his brother's line of vision momentarily, in case he woke up, and slowly unfolded the picture. Smiling back at him was Sam and Jessica in happier time's, looking very much in love. Jessica, was standing in front of Sam and he had his arm's wrapped around her.

There was something written in ink on the back of the photograph which was faded and blurry. But with some squinting, and holding it close to the bathroom light Dean,managed to read the word's of affection Jessica wrote...

"My sweet gentle Sam...When I'm in your arm's, I'm home... Love you forever...Jess"

Dean, with sadness in his eye's slowly turned the picture back over, and starred at it, his heart breaking at the sight of Sammy's smiling face. It was a moment forever frozen in time when his brother had love,and was living the normal life he wanted so much. Why was this all taken away from Sammy, and in such a cruel way? How could this have happened?

Dean, knew he had no answer's to these questions, and that being angry wouldn't accomplish anything but he was,and he needed to work off this anger. So after putting the picture back in its rightful place, he quietly stepped outside, into the cool night air and started to run.

Dean, ran toward's a trail he had spotted earlier behind the hotel,a trail that led deep into the wood's. And when he found it, he ran the trail until he was exhausted, and couldn't run any further. Stopping to catch his breath, he bent over placing his hand's on his knee's, and it was there that the sadness of the last few month's caught up with him ,and the tear's came, and Dean cried until he couldn't cry anymore, and then he slowly headed back to the hotel.

When he stepped back into the hotel room Dean, was back to his old self. The Dean who does the best he can in any situation.

The best he could do at that moment, was to gently cover his brother with a blanket,shut off the light, and hope his brother had sweet dream's instead of the nighmare's he'd been having.

Dean, sat on the edge of his bed, wary from running,and drained from the emotional release his body had needed for such a long time.

Dean, smiled at the sight of his brother, sound asleep and all curled up on his side.

Sam, still looked very much like the little boy Dean, checked in on each night before going to bed himself. Both their live's have changed so much since they were kid's, but there was one thing that has never changed, and that's the love Dean feel's for Sam, and the way he watches over him.

If Sam wake's up tonight from a nightmare Dean, will be there for him.

In the smaller and bigger moment's of life, Dean will alway's be there for Sam.