"Daddy, I don't feel too good

"Kyo, I don't feel too good." Kyo opened his eyes slowly, and looked at his five-year-old daughter who was standing in his doorway.

Akito had forced the little girl on him. Kyo could either keep his freedom by keeping her or she would be locked up early. He didn't want to get locked up, but would never make someone else take that punishment if he could stop it.

Her parents were dead as far as he knew, and she was to be the new cat for the zodiac, Reika Sohma. Reika looked almost exactly like a younger female version of Kyo, but with Arisa's hairstyle, long, messy, yet tamed.

"Well then, come here." Kyo patted the spot beside him and then collapsed back onto the bed. He looked over to his digital alarm clock, the red lights glowing brightly to show it was 1:00 a.m. 'Damn Reika, don't you know what fuckin' time it is?' he mentally cursed as he ran a hand through his hair. Reika trudged over to her dad, clutching her stomach. Taking his daughter into his arms he kissed her forehead. "What's wrong Reika?"

"My tummy hurts." Reika was shy, quiet, smart, and yet strong. Kyo had just begun teaching her martial arts and Reika had already mastered several different positions, well almost. He hadn't been around the girl long, but already he knew that she hated to admit how she felt, so Kyo felt a surge of pride.

"Should I call Hatori-san?" Kyo placed a hand on her forehead, which felt like fire underneath his flesh. He immediately took it away and got up. Kyo then rested the small girl in the bed. "Gees Reika, what did you do?" He tucked her in, and then searched for the phone.

He trudged into the kitchen, finding the phone there. Kyo sat at the table and dialed the number, impatiently tapping his fingers on the table. "Come on Hatori you bastard pick up already." He growled at the receiver.

Three rings were heard, followed by a loud groan. "Hello? Hatori speaking…"

"Reika's sick, she has a stomach ache and a fever, can you get up and come look at her?"

"No, I'll come by later today to check on her, you two should get to bed. If she is sick sleeping will only help. Oh and give her some ibuprofen and water, that should make her fever go down a bit." Then Hatori hung up, leaving Kyo in the dark.

Kyo climbed over to the cabinets to search for the medicine. To his surprise, he found there were still a couple of tablets left in the canister. He made his way over to the refrigerator and opened it, pouring a glass of water into a plastic cup Kyo had bought when he found out that a young girl would be living with him. When he had everything together he went up to Reika and sat beside her.

"Hey." He nudged her softly, "Reika, wake up." Her eyes slowly opened, and he helped her sit up.

"Here." He made her put the pill in her mouth, and then had her drink the water. In moments Reika was back to sleep. That gave the go ahead for Kyo to wrap himself up in a ball at the end of the bed and sleep himself.

Tohru glanced over to see Yuki walking towards her. They had been going out for a week, and it felt great to have a boyfriend.

"Have you seen Reika? She usually meets me here to help cook and Kyo always gets her here on time, so where could she…" Tohru was stopped as Yuki placed a light kiss over her lips, causing Tohru to blush a light pink.

"Reika's sick, Hatori is coming over after he finishes his breakfast to check on her. Apparently she has a high fever and Kyo is taking care of her in the meantime."

"I hope she's okay," Tohru said slowly, attempting to regain her composure. "I mean, she just got here a week ago and already she is sick."

"If you want, you can come with me to check up on her. I'm sure no one would mind you going up there, unless you don't want to."

"No, I want to see her, poor little Reika."

The doorbell rang and Kyo ran down the stairs and answered it, only to see Hatori lighting a cigarette. "Hatori, don't you dare smoke around her, or I'll kill you."

Hatori put the lighter away and stuck the cigarette in his pocket. "Where's Reika?"

"Upstairs asleep, where do you think she is?"

"On the moon, smart ass."

Hatori entered Reika's room and saw that it was empty.

"Hatori, she's in here." Kyo growled softly, "Dumb ass."

Hatori turned around and noticed Kyo poking his head out of his room. Kyo sat down on the side of his bed and looked down nervously. Hatori looked at Reika and pulled out a thermometer from his bag.

He put it under her tongue softly and waited for the familiar beep. A few seconds later, Hatori took it out and examined it, 104.5.

After thinking for a while, Hatori finally decided he was right. It was about to rain and the charm was about to break. "Reika, the bracelet is at my house. It's finally ready."

Kyo looked confused and then saw her wrists. They were bare. "Hatori? How has she been controlling herself without the bracelet?"

"There is a charm that can stop the transformation into the special cat stage, but it only works for five and a half years. Kyo, do you and Reika mind coming over tomorrow to pick up her bracelet?" Hearing no reply Hatori told him that he had to leave and that he would be back tomorrow morning to get them.

Reika woke up from the nap and she felt back to normal. Reaching out, she tugged on Kyo's black shirt and waited for him to move before getting off the bed.

She shot out of the eighteen-year-old's room and headed towards her own. Reika grabbed a book sitting on the ground and started looking at it. She soon got bored of that and climbed on the roof, happy to get away from everyone.

Kyo sat in his room thinking about his life. He never cared about school before because he thought he'd be locked up, but now he didn't know what to do. Obviously his grades wouldn't be good enough to get into a good college unless he did well on his S.A.T. test next week. Tohru entered Kyo's room and sat next to his bed.

"How's Reika?"

"I dunno, she seems bored though. She's learning karate, but maybe she needs something more too… kids are a handful!"

"How about dance? I mean, cats have a natural grace to them right? Maybe she has it too!"

"Dance?" Kyo always hated dancers. The girls who took dance at his school always made fun of him and a few others who were, well… different.

"Yes, you don't like the idea do you? I just thought that since it helped me out a little that maybe… Reika! How are you? I heard you had a fever."

The little girl walked in and sat down on the floor in front of the adults, hugging a falling apart teddy bear tightly to her.

"Are you okay?" Tohru started to get nervous when Reika wasn't talking.

"Yeah, I guess." Reika had just caught Yuki and Tohru kissing and Reika wanted nothing to do with the two of them. Even she knew Kyo loved her, that girl, that Tohru.

"Reika, Tohru sugg…"

"NO!" Reika raced out of the house and into the forest running strait to Hatori's house.

Tears formed in Tohru's eyes. Reika never yelled and now she didn't want to even attempt something merely suggested by her.

"Was it something I said?"

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