Title: My Kingdom for Chocolate

Pairings: BumblebeexHot Spot
Summary: What happens when heroines PMS?
Rating: PG-13
Author: Ferretgirl1124
Warnings: Sexist guys, mention of PMS, foul language

A/N: Okay, this is a strange pairing, I admit. And I know they haven't even met in canon. But, I kind of think it would work so...Enjoy!

"Crapcrapcrapcrap." A bright red figure bolted through the halls of Titans Tower East. It was closely followed by a yellow and black figure that was screaming at the top of it's lungs.

"Isaiah! GET BACK HERE!" Bumblebee screamed as she flew after her boyfriend, pissed off to the point that smoke was almost coming from her ears.

"HELL NO!", He darted into a room and dived behind a counter, powering down just in time. Speedy looked up from the couch, mildly interested, then smirked as his leader flew through the door, still screaming.

"ROY! Where is he?", She grabbed the front of Speedy's shirt and pulled him closer till his face was only an inch from hers, a vein in her forehead thobbing.

"He who?", The archer smirked again, pulling out of her grasp and leaning his head on his hand.

"You know who! Isaiah!"


"Hot Spot!"

"Oh, him. He left. Ran through that door." Speedy pointed to the front door.

Bumblebee stalked out of the tower, muttering under her breath about unapprecative, unsupportive boyfriends.

"Thanks dude." Hot Spot stood up, watching the door warily.

"No problem. What did you do?", He sat back against the couch, watching the other boy.

"She's PMSing.", He snapped, flopping onto the couch next to him.

Speedy scowled, "Don't you think that's kinda sexist?"

"I'm not just making it up! She's is seriously PMSing!", Hot Spot snapped, insulted.

"How do you know?" Speedy usually never would have cared, but nothing good was on TV, and Bumblebee's dating drama amused him to no end. Plus, he felt he had to talk Hot Spot and make him feel welcome, because if he left, Bumblebee would start abusing them again. And she was i dangerous /i when she was pissed.

"She told me! We were in her room talking and she started sobbing. I asked her what was wrong and she said she was having mood swings. Then I just made an innocent comment, and she tried to kill me!" Isaiah scowled and slumped down, obviously feeling very abused.

"What did you say?"

"I said 'Oh, is that all?'"

Speedy started laughing, "Okay, you don't know a damn thing about girls, do you?"

"Oh, and you do?", Hot Spot was officially pissed. He was about to get advice on dating girls from a gay guy. The irony.

"Hey, I have to live with her, remember? Next time she says something like that, just hug her. Or give her chocolate."

"And you know this works i how /i ?"

"Well, I'm still alive, right?" Speedy yawned and leaned back against couch as the door flew open, "Speak of the devil. Sounds like your girlfriend is home, Hot Spot."

"Roy. You lied.", Bumblebee's voice was soft and deceptively calm.

"Oh crap." Speedy stood up and began backing away as she approached him, "Bee, calm down."

"I'm calm. I'm very calm.", An odd smile surfaced on her face, "And now I'm going to kill you."

"Remember Roy. Chocolate.", Isaiah leaned back against the couch and grinned.

"You're next.", She hissed without looking at him, pulling out her stingers.

The boys exchanged nervous glances. There was only one comforting thought as they ran, screaming, from the heroine; at least this only happened once a month.