I find it a bit ironic really that, in my family of four kids (and when I say kids, I mean two college students, a high school sophomore and an elementary school kid), I was the only one not excited for when Loonatics Unleashed first aired. My sisters (one older, one younger) and I had read about the show in San Diego, and they thought it looked rather cool. I couldn't care less.

I missed the first episode when it first aired because I had decided that I prefered to sleep that morning than to watch it. However, my sisters and brother continued to tell me how interesting it was, so I watched it the next week. It was all right. Kind of corny and not the greatest show out there, but a lot better than many others I've seen.

So I kept watching it. I missed the third episode, but it was the fourth one when I finally was able to pick favorite characters. Daffy Duck has always been my favorite, and when I saw Danger I fell in love with him just like his ancestor before him (and Danger is also voiced by the fabulous Jason Marsden whom I adore for some reason or another).

But then there was Tech and Rev. I had never been fond of Wile E and RR as characters, but I loved watching the cartoons they were in (if that makes any sense). Then my little sister tells me that Tech is just as unfortunate as his ancestor, and Rev was really funny, so I grew a bit interested. I found it very interesting when, in the fourth episode "Weathering Heights", Tech saved Rev. Their exchange was very intriguing.

I fell in love with them then.

Then my over-active brain began to spin its wheels, and before I knew it, I was writing this story. And, judging by the length of this intro, and hoping there are still readers left, I'm going to shut up now and let the story begin.

The Evolution Process

The metallic clank echoed throughout the large room, followed by angry mumblings. Fingers tapped on a hard surface, then a mechanical whirl followed by a soft pop and another clank, louder than the first.

Things were silent for a moment before Tech uncovered his eyes which he had instinctively protected with his arms when the gadget on the table had popped. Looking at the device, he noticed the fragile equipment had broken in half when he dropped it to protect himself. With a sigh, he picked up his gadget and a nearby wrench, muttering to himself as he began to fix whatever he was working on.

It was true that he could have used his magnetism powers to work on his current project. It probably would have been much faster. And he could create things in a hurry if he really needed to. But things had been a little quiet in Acmetropolis for a while and there was no pressing need to do anything. But he was still working and testing things as always, just in case something did happen and his inventions could possibly help.

But that didn't mean he needed to do it fast. Sure, the coyote prided himself with the small amount of time it could take for him to create his brilliant inventions. That didn't mean, though, that he always had to make things in a hurry. There were times when he enjoyed just tinkering with things to see what he could do.

It was a bit different from his days at the Institute, where everything he made had to work. A little, but not too much. After all, it was hard to save a city with things that didn't work.

Pausing for a moment, Tech looked at the object in his hand and wondered what exactly it was supposed to do. Frowning a little, he shrugged before getting back to work. He'd find some use for it later.

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind zipped by, causing his long ears to move slightly and follow it to the side before correcting themselves. But the coyote didn't look up. He knew what had happened, and if he looked up he'd never get the little gizmo working.

He felt a presence behind him, looking over his shoulder before the familiar voice said hurriedly, "Hey-Tech-whatcha-doing?-Whatcha-making?-What's-it-do?-Can-I-see?-Are-you-finished?-Can-I-"

"Rev," the coyote said with an edge of annoyance in his voice. "I'm working on something."

"Oh-I-know," the other replied, zipping to stand in front of him across the table, "but-it-looks-so-cool.-But-you're-making-it-so-slow.-Why-don't-you-just-use-your-powers-to-speed-it-up?-I-mean-"

"It's not always about how fast I can make these things," the scientist replied. "Sometimes I just like to mess around with things and see what I end up creating. Besides, working with my hands can sometimes be more meaningful to the creation. Even if I put all this time into it by working with my hands, I might still get more out of it than if I use my powers to make it quickly, y'know?"

He didn't need to look up to know that the roadrunner had a puzzled look on his face. The silence said it all. And if he looked up, there would be no chance of escape.

"Never mind," Tech said, putting the wrench down and picking up a drill. "Did you need something?"


"I am a bit busy here, Rev," the coyote replied. "Couldn't you ask one of the others?"


"Wait a minute…" Tech said, finally looking up at the other with curious eyes. "You mean to tell me that you're asking me last?"

The roadrunner grinned slightly, glad to finally have the other's full attention. "Well-I-just-didn't-wanna-bother-you-if-you-were-really­-busy," he responded. "Besides-I-only-asked-Ace,-Lexi-and-Slam-and-of-course-they're-all-busy-doing-something-else.-But-I-haven't-asked-Duck-yet-so-that-technically-doesn't-make-you-last."

Tech wasn't sure how to feel about the other's logic. But in any case, he had made eye contact with the other, and now that he had, the roadrunner would never leave him alone. He sighed softly, placing the drill down. 'No point in working now,' he decided.

Judging by the other's action, Rev knew that the other was conceding. Unwillingly, but still. "So-what-do-you-wanna-do?-Do-you-wanna-go-see-a-movie-or-hey-maybe-we-can-go-to-the-park-and-have-a-race-but-of-course-I'd-win-that-so-that-might-not-be-as-fun-for-you-or-we-can-get-some-sushi-fresh-from-Japan.-I-think-this-time-of-year-is-good-for-fish.-Or-how-about-some-chocolate-from-Switzerland-that-could-be-fun!-Or-"

The coyote watched as the other seemed to bounce around while he talked faster than his normal speed. "Have you been drinking coffee again?" he asked.

"Oh-well-maybe-kinda," the quickster replied, grinning slightly as he picked up the gadget Tech had been working on before. "Only-about-a-cup-or-two-or-three-or-maybe-six-but-I-don't-think-it's-that-much-and-I-was-only-drinking-some-because-I-had-nothing-better-to-do-and-I-didn't-put-a-lot-of-sugar-just-maybe-four-or-five-spoonfuls-for-each-cup.-Is-that-enough?-I-wasn't-sure…"

The scientist shook his head slightly, taking the device away from the other. Rev was hyper enough to begin with. Caffeine and sugar didn't do much to help. Luckily, with the other's fast metabolism those would pass quickly, but until then…Tech sighed slightly.

"How about we just go see a movie?" he suggested. He was hoping the dark theater and the need to be silent during the show would be enough to calm the hyperactive roadrunner down.

"Yeah!-That's-a-great-idea!" Rev replied cheerfully. "There's-a-great-new-movie-that-I-hear-is-supposed-to-be-good-with-lots-of-action-and-mystery-and-suspense.-Hey-we-should-hurry-and-get-going-if-we-wanna-make-the-matinee!"

Blinking, Tech looked at his watch. "I didn't realize what time it is," he said mostly to himself.


The coyote figured he had been working for about five hours, which shouldn't have surprised him but did anyway. "Do you really think we can still make it?" he asked the other.

Rev gave a triumphant laugh. "Come-on-Tech!-Who-do-you-think-you're-asking?" With that, he grabbed the unsuspecting coyote's arm and sped away.

A large crowd could be seen heading out of the movie theater, each sharing their opinion of the showings they had chosen with whoever had accompanied them. The last two of the group to exit the theater and back out onto the street were Tech and Rev.

"That-was-so-cool!" Rev said excitedly. "Like-the-part-with-the-cars-and-the-bad-guy-with-the-heroine-and-everything-went-BOOM!"

"Like we don't get enough explosions as it is?" Tech asked, massaging his shoulder as he walked.


"I guess…" the coyote replied, stretching his arm.


"It's fine. My arm was only almost ripped out of its socket, so I'll live," he said, a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "And at any rate, we got here on time." He mentally added, 'Plus he's seemed to have calmed a bit.'

Rev grinned. "Yup-just-like-I-told-you.-So-what-should-we-do-now?-Oh-hey-I'm-kinda-hungry-guess-it's-dinner-time.-Yeah-actually-I'm-starving-we-should-get-something-to-eat."

Suddenly, the sound of a cycle jet roared through the streets, passing by the theater that the two stood in front of, followed by the wail of police sirens. For the brief moment that the cyclist passed them, the two Loonatics could see a man, clad in black leather, carrying four or five bags of money.

"Bank robbery," Tech muttered as the cyclist drove by, the police cars right behind him.

Just as Rev was about to ask if they should help, the sound of a laser firing could be heard as a large colorful beam shot out from the cyclist. The beam hit one of the police cars and sent it flying into the air on a collision course for the theater.

Tech's eyes and hand began to glow a soft green, and just before the car hit the building, he held up his hand and surrounded the car with the same glow, causing it to hover just an inch away from the theater sign. "Rev," he said.

But the roadrunner already knew exactly what the other was going to say. "Right!-I'm-on-it!" he replied before speeding down the road in pursuit of the cyclist.

By that point, the cyclist had managed to lose the police cars and clear traffic on the road. But in the man's haste, he didn't notice the red blur catch up to him until he found the bags of money were gone. He swerved his jet bike to a stop, looking at the roadrunner who had taken the money.

"Now-now," Rev said, placing the money aside. "Didn't-anyone-tell-ya-it's-not-nice-to-take-things-that-don't-belong-to-you?"

The man smirked slightly, brushing back ebony strands from his round, tanned face as he slipped off the jet cycle. The two stood a good distance away from each other, but the hero could still see that the villain seemed to be trying to hide something in his violet eyes.

"Not bad," the robber said as he slid a hand into the inside of his leather jacket. "Let's see how you handle this." Before Rev knew it, the man had pulled out a metallic orb and threw it to the ground. Dark thick smoke exploded from inside it and covered the two entirely.

The roadrunner coughed slightly, covering his beak with his arm. 'Smokescreen,' he thought. Considering the fastest ways to get rid of the cloud and catch the robbery, he finally decided, 'Well, I'm not Slam, but I'll give it a try.'

He began running around in a small circle, gathering the smoke into a small tornado. He watched it carefully, even at his speed, waiting for the smoke to fade and disappear. But to his surprise, the cloud just seemed to get darker and thicker. Something wasn't right.

The quickster came to a sudden stop. But as he did so, the thick blackness seemed to collapse onto him before he could realize and move away. The 'smoke' stuck to him, trapping him in the swirled mass that he had created.

The smoke had cleared, but it left behind a sticky substance that immobilized the hero and covered all but his head in thick blackness.

And Rev saw the robber standing just three feet away from him, the smirk still on his tanned face.

"Too bad," the villain said mockingly. "I didn't really think that would be so easy…" With a scoff, he turned his back to the roadrunner and began heading for the money. He stopped, however, when instead of the money his eyes came upon another figure, dressed in black and green.

Tech had already hidden the money since the man had been distracted. Now he had to finish the job. Looking over to his fellow Loonatic, he called, "You okay Rev?"

"Oh-yeah-I'm-fine," the red bird replied. "Just-a-little-stuck-but-don't-worry-about-me!"

The genius frowned slightly as he quickly studied his friend's predicament before turning his attention back to the robber. "That smokescreen," he said. "You mixed it with something, didn't you?"

The man laughed. "You are a clever one, aren't you? Yes, a special chemical I created that I mixed with the smoke along with water particles that reacts to heat and dust."

"So the dust and heat that Rev created from the friction when he was running combined with the smoke and somehow created that material that trapped him," the coyote finished softly. Something didn't seem right about the whole thing.

"You certainly are a genius," the man said, his smirk suddenly turning into a scowl. The villain raised his arm and aimed it at the scientist.

Tech gasped as he dodged, just barely missing being shot by the laser that disintegrated the ground he had been standing on just seconds ago. But the man didn't give up. He continued to fire at any place the other landed.

The genius clicked his tongue as he continued to avoid being hit by the laser, his mind racing for a way to end this. In this kind of situation, his powers couldn't be much help. He'd normally have some device to assist him, but having been taken out of his lab as quickly as he had, he was ill-prepared for this. And molecular regeneration certainly wasn't going to help lest he was disintegrated by the laser. But that was something he'd like to keep as a 'just in case'.

His magnetism seemed to be the only option he had. But how was he going to stop the villain with that? His eyes quickly scanned the area. Throw a car at the villain? The jet cycle? Somehow take the laser that the man obviously had even though Tech couldn't' see even a hint of it all and use it against him? Surely there was some metal in that.

There were problems with each. The man seemed to be an ordinary human, and throwing any large metallic object could kill him. Double went for the laser. Wasn't their job to protect humans, good or bad?

Still, it could damage their reputation as Loonatics if an ordinary bank robber managed to escape them. Yet something about this robber seemed less than ordinary.

Once again jumping out of the way of the laser, the coyote was slightly distracted as moving crimson caught his eye. He glanced over at Rev who was still vainly struggling to get free from his dark encasement. But something was different about it. Though still black in color, the substance looked a slight shade lighter than before.

That was when he finally had an idea. He just hoped it worked.

Jumping out of the laser's way again, the scientist landed in front of where the other was trapped. As he landed on the black substance that kept the other stuck to the road, he noted to his relief that it had hardened like he thought. In the second Tech saw the laser being aimed at him again, he muttered to Rev, "Brace yourself…"

The shot was fired, and as Tech jumped out of the way the laser exploded on impact of the black matter, sending dust and debris flying everywhere.

Protecting himself from the aftershock of the explosion, Tech looked over to see Rev lying on his side, though quickly getting to his feet.

"You okay?" the coyote asked.

"Yeah-I'm-okay," the roadrunner replied, dusting the remaining debris off. "That-didn't-really-hurt-too-much-it-stung-a-little-but-it-wasn't-so-bad.-I-guess-it's-because-that-stuff-was-thick-that-it-took-most-of-the-impact-so-I'm-really-okay."

There was a sudden cling followed by a pop. As the two heroes looked over, their visions were suddenly covered by the familiar dark smoke.

The two coughed, covering their faces to keep from inhaling the smoke. "Y'know," Rev said, "this-is-kind-of-annoying."

"The smoke is pretty heavy, though," Tech said, opening an eye slightly. "With the chemical and water particles increasing the density, it should settle quickly."

In a few minutes, the smoke did dissipate. But much to the heroes' dismay, the villain was gone.

Tech shook his head slightly in disappointment. "We can battle giant robots, super-powerful beings, and save Acmetropolis more times than needs to be counted," he said in frustration, "but we can't even apprehend one bank robber?"

"Oh-hey-c'mon-don't-think-about-it-like-that," Rev replied, looking at the other. "Maybe-we-were-just-having-an-off-day-or-something-and-besides-he-was-kind-of-different-than-most-bank-robbers-don't-you-think?-And-maybe-he-didn't-wanna-try-fighting-the-both-of-us-because-he-couldn't-handle-it."

"I guess," the coyote replied, thinking over the other's words. There had been something different about that robber, but not even he could quite place it.


The genius snapped out of his thoughts. "Huh? Oh…In one of the trash cans in the ally," he replied, pointing to the right one.

The roadrunner stuck his tongue out, making a little face. "Well-that's-kind-of-disgusting-but-whatever-I-guess." And he turned and sped into the alley.

"It was empty!" the scientist called after the other, though he wasn't sure if the other heard him. Shrugging it off, he turned, wanting to inspect the remains of the substance that had managed to trap Rev.

He barely managed a step, however, when a sudden pressure hit his back and electric blue light surrounded him. He gasped, forced to his knees due to the painful sensation he felt left by the powerful shock resonating through his body.

"Hey-Tech!" Rev called as he came out of the alley. But all words were forgotten as his eyes landed on the predicament the other was in. Dropping the bags of money, he sped over to the other.

"Don't!" Tech all but growled as the roadrunner came towards the electric field that surrounded him. Asides from the fact electricity was ripping through his body, he could feel something was wrong, and whatever it was it certainly didn't need to involve both of them.

Rev had stopped about a foot away from the other. Tech's tone had scared him a little because he sounded…different. Really different. But maybe that was just the pain.

So what could he do? If Tech wasn't going to let him help, was all he going to do watch as the other suffered? Where had the attack come from anyway?

Unnoticed by the two Loonatics was the figure, clad in black, staring down at them from a nearby rooftop. Strands of ebony and the collar of his leather jacket danced as a breezed blew overhead, and a small smirk appeared on his round, tanned face as the electric blue light surrounding the coyote below suddenly disappeared. He watched as the roadrunner address the other, helping him to his feet. The coyote wobbled a little as he stood, but responded to his comrade.

The figure watched as the two talked for a moment before heading off, though the roadrunner seemed to protest on the coyote's behalf, who in turn brushed the comments aside. As the two headed away, the man chuckled softly, pushing strands of hair away from his face.

"We'll see how this experiment works out," he muttered, "won't we…Tech E. Coyote?"


I love Tech. I really do. And it's a rule of mine to torture my favorite characters in some way or another which is why he gets to endure all that I'm about to put him through.

I really want to see the episode with Black Velvet. My brother says it's such a Tech episode. I've seen every other episode up to that point. But of all the ones to miss...honestly.

The hardest thing about this story is trying to write out Rev's speech. I suppose I could just write it out normally, but I think the little dashes make it seem more of the way he normally talks. It's really annoying to type though.

I'd like to promise that I'll have the next chapter up soon. But, seeing as how my writing tends to write itself and sometimes stops altogether, I can't gurantee anything. Honestly, I'm having the hardest time finishing stories after writing whatever comes to mind. It all really depends on how my inspiration holds up. I'll do my best though.

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