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Lantis and Hikaru Love Story

Chapter 1: Loneliness and First Meetings.

Hikaru woke up early. It's her 1st day of school as high school. She opens her curtain from her window and look at the bright side. "Yawn what a good day for my 1st day of school as high school student!" she said while she's stretching her arms. She takes a bath and after that she get dressed. "Hmmm… I hope that me, Umi-chan, Fuu-chan become classmates this school year." She spoke to her self while looking at the mirror. And then she look at the necklace that Lantis gave to her while she's in Cephiro two years passed. "Lantis-kun…" she thought. And she wears the necklace around her neck and put inside her uniform. She always wears the necklace since she came back to Cephiro.

"Ohayo! Onii-sama!" she greet her older brothers. "Ohayo" as they greet back. "How's my kawaii imoto?" Masaru asked. He's embracing her.

"O-nii-chan!" in a voice that is more of a squeak, considering how tightly her brother had been embracing her.

"Masaru-nii-san, you make our little Hikaru killed." Kakeru said.

Masaru release Hikaru and pat her head and smiled at her. "C'mon Hikaru-chan, breakfast is ready and we all have to ready for school. It's the first day of school, after all. It's our little Hikaru-chan's first day in high school." Satoru said.

They all eat their breakfast and go to school. Kakeru had decided that he walk with his sister to school that day since he figured she would be a little bit nervous. It had been natural for them to be protective of their sister. This is maybe because she is the only girl amongst the siblings, and the youngest among them at that.

"So Hikaru-chan have you decided what event are you joining?" asked Kakeru.

"Hmm? I'll think Kendo club of course… and gymnastics club…?" "oh! I see…" Kakeru said.

They arrived at school. Hikaru saw Umi and Fuu at the gate waving at her. She run towards to them and greets them. "Ohayo! Umi-chan, Fuu-chan!" she smiled. "Ohayo Hikaru-chan" they both greet her. "Ohayo." Kakeru greets the two while he's walking towards them. "Ohayo Kakeru-sempai!" both girls greet Kakeru. "So I have to go now! See you girls later!" he said and wave at them and goes off.

"Hey! What class are you guys in?" Hikaru asked Umi & Fuu. "Class 1-A" as the both girls said. "How about you Hikaru-chan?" Fuu asked. "Well… Class 1-A too. So we're classmates this school year." She said w/ a smile on her face. "Yeah… that's great!" Umi said happily. "Wow! This is such a big school for us!" Fuu said. "Yeah… we might get lost easily if we don't remember where should we go." Hikaru said. Hikaru's fix her ribbon when she notices that it's almost fell then she accidentally pull her necklace and she didn't notice it. Umi and Fuu saw her necklace that Lantis gave to her when they were still at Cephiro. "Hey! What a beautiful necklace that you have! Where did you get it? Umi asked. Hikaru's face turns red. Fuu giggled. "Or maybe someone give that necklace just for you. She look at Hikaru suspiciously. "So tell me who's that person? Don't tell me that you're going to betray Lantis-kun for other guy?" Umi starting teasing her. Hikaru blushes even more. "W-well L-Lantis-kun gave this necklace to me when we're still in Cephiro. "Oh! You two were such a perfect couple you know! Serious Lantis & Childish Hikaru!" she teasing Hikaru more and her blushes even redder than the before. Umi gave her an evil grin. "And speaking of Cephiro… Our school name just have the same as Cephiro and seems that we can't go back to Cephiro any more." Fuu said. "Why?" Hikaru asked. "Well I try last week to visit Ferio but it doesn't work at all." Fuu explained. "Oh… I see…" Hikaru said w/ a sad tone. 'Lantis… I wish we could see each other again…' Hikaru thought.

When Hikaru thought about Lantis. She look around and saw a tall guy w/ black-haired and deep purple eyes. "He look much a like of Lantis-kun…" she mumbled. "Hey who you are looking at?" Umi ask w/ a grin at her face. "W-well nothing!" she said w/ an angry voice. "Come on! The opening ceremony has just begun!" she said. Umi and Fuu look at Hikaru, confusing.

The opening ceremony just started. After the ceremony all of the students go to their respected class and as soon the class starts the teacher came and introduce her self.

"Ohayo Minna-san. I'm Mrs. Emeraude Sol. I'm your class adviser and also your English class teacher. I hope that all of us become close together." She said.

Hikaru look at her teacher. She look at her very carefully and she remember Princess Emeraude back when she's still in Cephiro. "She's exactly look like her!" Hikaru thought.

"Ok I want to know all about your selves and introduce to your new classmates."


"I'm Mikage, Aya. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on September 24, my hobbies are: Shopping and going to the karaoke bar w/ my friends and making phone calls." Said the girl w/ long blonde hair and eyes.

"I'm Yuuki, Miaka. I'm 15 years old. My birthday was on May 12, my hobbie are: Eating, baking cookies and go out w/ my friends." Said by the girl w/ a brown haired and has two bumps on her head and brown eyes.

I'm Mikage Aki. I'm 16 years old. I'm Mikage Aya's older twin brother. My birthday was on September 24; my hobbies are listening to music, going out w/ my friends." Said by the blonde hair w/ purple eyes.

"I'm Okuda, Takiko. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on September 22, my hobbies are making small things and use my naginata (a spear like weapon)." Said the girl w/ long hair black hair w/ green eyes.

"I'm Hongo, Yui. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on October 26, my hobbies are reading mystery books and listening to music and going out w/ my friends." Said the girl w/ short blonde hair w/ blue eyes.

I'm Ryuuzaki, Umi. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on March 3. My hobby is baking cakes. My favorite color is blue and my favorite subject is English. My favorite sport if fencing." Said Umi as she introduces herself.

"I'm Houoji, Fuu. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on December 12. My hobby is reading books. My favorite color is green and my favorite subject is math. My favorite sport is archery." Said Fuu as she introduces herself.

Now it's Hikaru's turn.

"I'm Shidou, Hikaru. I'm 16 years old. My birthday was on August 8, my zodiac sign was Leo, blood type O, and my favorite subject was biology. My favorite color is red my favorite sports is Kendo and gymnastic. My hobbies are going out w/ my friends and practicing kendo." As Hikaru introduce her self.

All the students introduce their selves. They start their class. Hikaru was thinking about the guy that she saw earlier at the school ground.

"I wonder who's that guy? He just look exactly like him…" Hikaru thought.

The English class was over. So Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi decided to make friends to the other classmates.

"Hi!" Hikaru greets Aya and the others.

"Hi" Aya greet back.

"I'm Hikaru Shidou. This is Umi Ryuuzaki and this Fuu Houoji" as she introduce to Aya and the others. "Hi" Umi greets them. "Hello" she greets and does some Japanese bow.

"Hi! I'm Mikage Aya and this is my older twin brother Mikage Aki." As she introduce herself and Aki. "Hi!" Aki greets them.

"I'm Takiko Okuda you guys can call me Takiko." She said.

"I'm Miaka Yuuki. Just call me Miaka."

"I'm Yui Hongo. Call me Yui"

"I'm Kuruma Chidori, just call me Chidori" said the girl w/ pink hair w/ golden eyes.

"I'm Yuhi Aogiri" Just call me Yuhi." Said the boy w/ brown hair w/ golden eyes.

"Just call me Hikaru" she said.

"Call me Umi"

"Call me Fuu"

"So we're friends now right?" Hikaru asked and smiles at them.

"S-sure." As Aya said.

Yuhi blushed when he saw Hikaru smiles and ask her. "Hey Hikaru-chan."

"Huh? What?" she asked.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" he asked.

"WHAT!" she shouted surprised.

All of them look at surprised.

"So do you have any?" he asked in serious look.

"W-well I don't have any boyfriend…" she said nervously.

"So can you go out w/ me?" he asked.

Chidori look at Yuhi and get mad and hits him on his head.

"Ouch! Why did you did that!" he asked angrily.

"Hmmp! That's for betraying me!" she replied.

Hikaru sweat dropped and also the others and look at Chidori.

"Don't worry Chidori-chan… I wont steal your Yuhi-chan…" she said w/ a soft voice. And then her face turns sad. "I have someone in my mind and in my heart already.." she said in a sad voice. Umi and Fuu look at her they knew what Hikaru's talking about.

"What do have someone already? But you said a while a ago that you don't have any boyfriend yet." Aya said.

"Yeah.. I don't have any boyfriend yet but I there's someone who won my heart already.." she said w/ a blushing face.

"So that's means you can go out w/ me?" Yuhi asked while his holding Hikaru's both hands.

"KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF HIKARU'S!" said Umi and hit Yuhi's head by a big fan (No Idea where she get that!)

"OUCH! THAT'S HURTS!" Yuhi yelled at Umi.

"I'm just warning you! Don't come to closer to Hikaru or else you're doomed when her special someone comes!" said Umi pointed at him.

"UMI!" Hikaru shouted. Umi knew that she wouldn't see her Lantis anymore.

Umi understand Hikaru she knew about Hikaru's love life. The love one that she left at Cephiro.

"RING!" the bell rang and started the next class. The next subject was math and Mr. Cho Hakkai was the teacher in that particular subject.

Hikaru think of Lantis again. "Lantis… I wish you were here…" Aya thought.

The class was over. It's already Lunch Break.

"Let's go eat together." Hikaru suggest to Umi and the others.

"Sure" said Aya.

They eat at their room they from a group.

At the seniors building.

"Oh! Great! I forgot my lunch box at Hikaru!" Kakeru said. He was in Class 3-A.

"OH! Shidou-san! What happened? You forgot your lunch?" said a guy w/ silver hair w/ brown eyes.

"Yeah.. I forgot my lunch at my imouto…" he said in frown face.

"What? Do you have a imouto here?" said a guy w/ black hair w/ purple eyes.

"Yeah… she's a freshman…" Kakeru said.

"Oh.. I see." Said Lantis.

"Why do you ask Lantis-kun?" Kakeru asked and look at him suspiciously.

"Oh… nothing…" Lantis said and look at the other side.

At freshman building.

"Kyaaa!" Hikaru screamed. All of people look at her.

"What's the matter Hikaru-chan?" Umi asks.

"I forgot to gave this to Kakeru-nii-chan!"

"What? You forgot his lunch?" Fuu said.

"Since I finished eating I think I should go to his room!"

"Ok…" Umi said.

"So see yah guys later!" Hikaru said and go outside to bring Kakeru's lunch.

Seniors' building.

"So how can you eat lunch if don't have one?" said a guy w/ red hair w/ green eyes.

"We'll I think I should wait for her Toya. I bet that she notice it and some over here. I'll introduce her to you guys" Kakeru said.

Hikaru was walking around the seniors building to find Kakeru's room.

"Where is it?" Hikaru looking around the corridor to find Kakeru's room.

"What class is your imouto in?" Eagle asked.

"I don't know… I think she's in class 1-A?" Kakeru said.

"Did you say class 1-A?" Toya asks his open wide.

"Yeah… why?" Kakeru asked.

"Oh… nothing… My girlfriend was on that class. So she's my girlfriend's classmate." Toya said.

"Did you guys said Class 1-A?" a guy w/ a dark blue hair w/ golden eyes.

"Why Taka?" Toya asked.

"My Girlfriend Miaka was in that class too." He said.

"Mine also." Said a guy w/ a light dark blonde hair w/ blue eyes.

"Mine also…" a guy w/ brown hair w/ brown eyes.

Lantis was going out of the room and Eagle saw him and ask him.

"Hey Lantis where are you going?" Eagle said.

"I'm going to the rooftop that's all." Lantis replied.

Hikaru found her brother's room and about to enter when she trip off somehow someone stumbles w/ her and hold her protectively. Hikaru look at the person who holds her. Her eyes opens wider when she the guy who she stumbled with. "No! It can't be! Lantis!" Hikaru thought. "Hey what happened Lantis?" Eagled asked. Hikaru get even more look shocked. "Did he saw Lantis?" Hikaru thought. "Are you alright?" "Yes. I'm fine." "Hey! What's going on?" Kakeru asked and look at Lantis and the girl who he talking with. Kakeru look surprised that his eyes open wide. "HIKARU!" Kakaru shouted. "Oh! Kakeru-nii-chan!" Hikaru called him and look curious. "What happened? Neh Onii-chan?" "Is she's your imouto Kakeru?" Lantis asked. "Yeah.. She is…" "Wow! She's look cute! Hi! I'm Eagle Vision I'm your brother's classmate and this guy is Lantis Sol my best friend and also your brother's classmate too" eagle said holding Hikaru's hands. "Ah.. eh.. eto… Hi… I'm Shidou Hikaru I'm Kakeru's Imouto…" she said w/ a blushing face. "They all look a like… they have same names as well." Hikaru thought. "HEY! KEEP YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF MY IMOUTO!" Kakeru shouted and hit Eagle's head. "Hey! What's that for!" Eagled yelled. "Don't come any closer to my imouto or else I'll kill you!" Kakeru yelled back. Everyone sweat dropped. Hikaru look at Lantis. Her eyes turn into a sorrow look. Lantis notice Hikaru and asked her. "What's the matter?" "Oh! Nothing!" she said w/ a sweat drops and look at her brother fighting w/ Eagle. "Ah… Onii-chan!" she called. "ONII-CHAN!" she called him again. "OOONNNIIII-CHHAANNN!" she shouted. Kakeru and Eagle look at Hikaru. Hikaru look mad and cross her arms in front of her chest and glaring at them. "You always like that Onii-chan! I came here to give this lunch box them all you did is to fight w/ your classmate!" she said. They all look at Hikaru and sweat drops. "I'm… Sorry. Hikaru-chan…" he said as he get his lunch from Hikaru's. "I'll introduce you to my friends!" he said cheerfully. Still Hikaru look mad about him. "Well guys this my younger sister Hikaru Shidou from class 1-A." as Kakeru introduce her. Hikaru change her mood a little bit to greet them. "Hi! I'm Shidou Hikaru from class 1-A. I'm Kakeru's imouto." As she do some Japanese bow. "Hi I'm Toya Mizuki. I'm sure you know Mikage Aya and Mikage Aki." Toya introduce himself and ask her about the Mikage twins. "Yes, I know them they're my classmate. They were so kind to me except for that Aogiri guy…" "Why Hika-chan?" Kakeru asked and look at Toya. "He's my rival trying to get Aya to me but he failed but at least he's still my rival but there is someone who really likes him." Toya explained. Hikaru nodded. "Yea.. Chidori." She said. Lantis can't take off his eyes from her. "Why? I only met her just now? Why I'm feeling this? That it look like that I already know her." Lantis thought.

Kakeru look at Hikaru. "Why Sis?" he look at her curiously. "Well.." Kakeru's eyes open wide. "Don't tell me that he want you to be his girlfriend or something!" he yelled. Hikaru nodded and getting her more pissed and step his foot really hard. "OUCH!" Kakeru shouted and crying like a child. "Just shut up Onii-chan!" she said and looks at him in death-glare. "Don't worry annoying Onii-chan! I just turn him down!" she said and still looks at him in death-glare. And smile to the others and apologized to them. "Gomennasai for my onii-chan's behavior lately he always like that when it comes to me." She said. "No.. it's ok.." Toya said w/ sweat drops. "Miaka Yuuki, Yui Hongo, and Takiko Okuda was my classmates as well." She said. "I'm Taka Sukunami. I'm Miaka Yuuki's Boyfriend." "I'm Rimudo Roun. I'm Takiko Okuda's Boyfriend." "I'm Suboshi Takashi. I'm Yui Hongo's boyfriend." As they introduce them selves to Hikaru. A guy w/ green hair and golden eyes and a tall guy w/ brown hair and brown eyes came and greet them. "Hello! Minna-san!" Ferio greets them. "Oh! And who is this cute girl?" Ferio asked. "She's Kakeru's imouto." Rimudo said. "Ah… I see" Ascot said. "Hello I'm Shidou Hikaru. I;m Kakeru's Imouto" Hikaru introduce herself to Ascot and Ferio. "Hello I'm Ferio Kageshi and this is Ascot Bal" Ferio introduce them selves. Ferio and Ascot was also Lantis classmates. Lantis look at Hikaru. Eagle notice it and elbows him. "It seems you like her Lantis don't you?" Eagle whispers. Lantis didn't answer him and look at him in death-glare. Eagle knew it and looks at the other side whistles. "It's nice meeting you all! Well I have to go now." As look at her brother. "See you later Baka Onii-sama!" she said and left. Kakeru look at pissed. "Geez that's my sister of mines! I only care for her!" he said while eating his food. "Well come down Kakeru or else you get your self older easily." Eagle said. "Urusai neh!" he said. He still forgives his sister.


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