Just Another Fairy Tale

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SUMMARY- Sakura just realized that she got used by her crush, Sasuke. She planned to suicide… until a certain puppet obsessed boy came to her rescue … SakuSaso




It was a quiet evening at Konoha High. Soft gentle wind blew across the campus. A boy walked lazily down the hall. His messy raven colored hair was stiffed from the wind. He was about to make a turn when a girl with pink hair showed up.

"Sasuke!" she called, running to the boy. "There you are, I've found the correct information for our science project!" She grinned as she held up a piece of paper with neat handwriting on it.

"Hn." Sasuke took the paper and scanned through it.

"Well? What do you think?" Sakura asked, looking at him.

"Not bad," He replied, causing Sakura to blush.

"So, when do you want to start on our project?" Sakura asked, as Sasuke fold the paper and stuffed it into his jacket. He resumed his walk.

"… Our? What do you mean 'our'?"

"Aren't we partners? That's what you told me earlier…" Sakura trailed off.

"Che, and you believed me?" he stopped walking and turned around. Sakura flinched.

Sasuke laughed.

Sakura can't believe what she just heard. She felt her back turned stiff as she watch Sasuke laugh. She shook her head, thinking that she must had heard it wrong. Sakura ran up to Sasuke and stopped in front of him.

"What do you want?" Sasuke glared at her. "Move."

"Tell me why you are using me."

"No, now move." Sasuke tried to move around her, but she blocked his way.

"NO." She said, firmly standing on the ground.

"FINE!" Sasuke yelled. "I'm using your because you're so air headed, although you're the smartest girl, I knew you like me. Plus, I'm sure that you are willing to help me on-"


Sakura felt her hand burning as she looked up. Her left hand had slapped Sasuke on the cheek. Her eyes grew wide as she slowly pulled her hand back.

'I slapped Sasuke…' she thought in horror.

Sasuke stumbled back as Sakura removed her and from his cheek. He felt the blood rushing up his skin as he raised his hand to felt the spot where Sakura had slapped.

Sakura felt her eyes stinging and her throat turning dry. Without looking at him, she turned around and ran down the hall.

Sasori was sitting in the principal's office and stare at the back of the woman, who she referred as Tsunade.

"…and your room will be in the 6th floor at the Boys' Dorm…" She turned around and gave a stack of books to him.

He grunted as he carried the books out of the room. "Oh, and Sasori?" Tsunade called out from her office. "You're locker will be near the main hall."

Sasori sighed and reached to the stairs.


It was a LONG way down from where he was standing. Sasori scanned around, and spotted a set of elevators standing on the right of the stairs.

Sasori looked around him and noticed that the hallway was practically empty.


He put the books onto the ground and took out the paper Tsunade and gave him.

LOCKER #- 6666

Combination- 12-40-20

ROOM #- 6666









Sasori tucked the paper neatly back into one of his books and wander down the hall, hoping to find his locker.

Sakura made a sharp turn and ran blindly to the girl's restroom. She stumbled to the mirror and looked at it. Her face was staring back at her. She gave a small cough and stumbled onto the ground.

"Why am I still living when there's no meaning to it?"

He had finally arrived. Sasori stood in front of a wall of lockers, and right in the middle of all the lockers, his locker 6666 was RIGHT there. He put his bag and the books onto the floor and went for his locker.

He turned three times to the left, and reached his first number, he then turned the lock to the right for one whole circle, and turned it left to reach it's final point.


The lock was still locked.

He tried to open the lock again… and it still won't open.

Sasori sighed and looked up at the ceiling.

It's going to be a LONG night…

Sakura walked out of the restroom after cleaning herself up. She had came to a decision.

'It's meaningless for me to continue my life when it's already destroyed…' she thought bitterly as she climbed down the stairs.

'Maybe... If I jump off...'

Just when she reached to the bottom of the steps, she heard a pounding sound.

"This late at night…who could it be…?" she mumbled as she followed the sound and reached to the main hall.

There stood a boy with a grayish messy hair. (A/N- is that the right color? Ah well… I like anime guys with gray and sliver hair…)

'He must be new...' Sakura thought as she got nearer.

The boy's back was facing her, but he stopped pounding the locker when he heard her coming.

"Excuse me, um…" Sakura began, but stopped when the boy turned around.


"Ah, I was just wondering if you need help with your locker…" She laughed slightly.


"Don't get me wrong," Sakura said as she noticed the suspicious look that he's giving her. "I'm trying to help, that is all. I swear!" She grinned naturally, but she felt an uncomfortable feeling going through her stomach.

There was a long silence.

'Ok… so maybe he's mute or something…' Sakura thought and sighed.

"Can. You. Hear. Me?" Sakura said loudly and slowly.

"… Of course…" came an unexpected reply, and Sakura jumped. She was not expecting him to speak. His voice was dead and soft.

"…O… So, do you want me to help you with your locker?"

"… Okay…" he said softly.

Sakura grinned as she reached for the lock. "What's your combination?" she asked, looking at the lock, waiting for his reply.

"Twelve…. Forty… and twenty…"

Sakura began to turn the lock, and within fifteen seconds, she opened the door.

"Here you go." Sakura said with a smile.


'Okay… maybe he's just shy…' Sakura thought and sighed.

"Well, I'll see you around…."

'Yeah right.' Her inner self thought and she grimace. 'You're going to suicide soon, so what's the point telling him nonsense-"

"Thank you…" The boy's soft voice broke her thought.

"Your welcome!" Sakura replied quickly. "By the way, I'm Sakura." She reached out. "What's your name?"

"Sasori." He replied as he reached out and shook her hand.

"Well, I've got to go now." Sakura said as she gave him a sad smile. "Bye."

Sasori watched as the girl ran away. He sighed as he pushed his stuff into the locker. 'I've got to hurry.' He thought as he slammed the locker shut.

'She's going to suicide!' Sasori thought as he ran to the direction where Sakura had disappeared.

Sakura found herself standing in front of the door to the roof. She reached out and opened the door. Sakura closed her eyes and let the cool breeze hit her face.

'It feels so good…'

She slowly walked to the edge of the roof and looked down. It was a 10 story tall building. What can she expect? Sakura grinned sadly as she spread her arms out and leaned forward...


Sakura turned around and saw Sasori standing in the doorway, panting heavily.

"...Why are you here?" 'How does he know?'

"Sa..ku…ra…"Sasori coughed, gasping for breath." Don't do… it…" He finished as he stumbled down onto the ground.

"Sasori!" Sakura ran to the fallen figure of Sasori and bended down. "…He's not breathing…. SHIT!" She cursed as she reached out and tilted Sasori's head back. She leaned forward and pressed her mouth onto his.

'Looks like he had asthma…' She thought.

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