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Sakura groaned as she sat up on her bed…

Wait. Bed. Sleep. Yesterday. Sasori.

Sakura whipped her head around, and scanned the room. Empty except for her things and herself.

"I swear I remember I didn't fall asleep in my bed." She scratched her head and got out of her bed.

"SAKURA!" came a shrill scream, Ino. Sakura winced.

"Yes, Ino?"
"Young lady," Ino slammed opened the door. "YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO!"


"Who's that boy?"

"Why was he in our dorm?"

"Is he your BOYFRIEND?"

"D-did you… and… and… him… di-id… it?"

Sakura felt her eye twitched as she watched her roommates come piling into her room.

"Good point, Hinata," Ino grinned.

'Shit. I knew that look…' Sakura thought.

"All right, spit it out!" Ino commanded.

Sakura stared at Ino strangely, and spit onto the floor.

"AHH! YOU IDIOT!" Ino screamed, frustrate.

The other girls stared at them, sweat dropped.

"Okay, okay, I'll do the talking." Tenten said.

"Yesterday, at EXACTLY 10:07 PM, me, Hinata, Ino, and Temari arrived to our dorm. We opened our door, and found YOU, SAKURA, with this strange guy, SLEEPING ON THE COUCH!" Tenten grinned. "Anymore to add?"

"…" Sakura stood up and began to make her way out of the door.

"WAIT! I'm NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!" Ino screamed.

"Dude, relax," Sakura glanced at Ino briefly. "I'm just going for a walk."

Sasori yawned as he stretched. He took another bite out of the apple that he "stole" from the kitchen.

He began to walk around the campus when he spotted a poster on the wall.


It's not just a dance

It's a PARTY!

Bring a date with you

And you will have the most memorial time in your whole life."

(A/N- Yes, I know, its GAY AND STUPID! But I'm not the best writer in the world. SPARE ME! XX I borrowed this name "Winter Formal" from my school. So yeah…. DON"T KILL ME!)

Sasori scanned thought the poster. "…"

While he's reading the poster, Sasori was unaware of a figure approaching up to him.

"So you're planning to go, huh?"

Sakura decided to go to the cafeteria and get some breakfast. She followed the trail and sighed happily. 'It's so peaceful.'

She lifted her face up to the sky and looked up. She spotted a few white and puffy clouds, but she decided a breakfast is more important, so she continued on her way.


Sasuke's mouth twitched, but otherwise, his whole face was emotionless.

"So you're going to the Winter Formal with Sakura." It was a statement, not a question.

Sasori glared at Sasuke coolly. "It's none of your business." He answered in monotone.

"Too bad." Sasuke said as he watched Sasori closely. " She WILL go with me instead of a low life like you."



"Hi! Sasori!" Came a cheerful greeting.

Both guys turned their attention at the newcomer.


"…Hey." Sasori mumbled.

"Sakura," Sasuke stared at her, "Will you go to-"



"No." 'GO SAKURA! YOU GO GIRL!' the inner Sakura cheered.( I do that to this stupid pervert at my school, he's trying to get me and my friends to take a "picture" with him yeeah right.. just say "NO")

Sasuke stared at Sakura, unbelieving at what he just heard.

"Meet me at the courtyard later, and good luck with him." Sakura whispered as she glanced at Sasuke and ran off.

"Look who's talking?" Sasori said in his monotone voice again once Sakura disappeared.


Sasori arrived to the courtyard and scanned around. He soon found Sakura lying on the grass, staring up at the sky.

"Isn't it beautiful?" She asked without turning her head around. Sasori sighed and sat down next to her. "Look! I can see an UFO!" Sasori sweat dropped.

"… Sakura, what are you looking at?"


"…. I see…"

Sakura turned her attention to Sasori and smiled.

"Come and think of it, why is Sasuke Pig with you?" Sakura asked.

"Um… he's just… asking me stuff."

Sakura frowned slightly and went back to her cloud watching.

Sasori lay onto the grass and squint at the sky. All he saw were clouds. No UFO. No nothing.



"Why do you stare at the clouds?"

"I just like watching them." She smiled gently. "They can form into all kinds of interesting shapes, and of course…." Sakura began to stand up. "I have wild imaginations."

'LIAR!' Inner Sakura yelled. 'Well, I DO have wild imaginations…' 'STOP LYING! YOU HAVE SOMETHING ELSE BESIDES THAT-' Inner Sakura yelled again, but this time louder.

Sasori winced.

"Shoot." Sakura cursed silently. "I forgot he could read minds…"

"Sorry," Sasori let out a small smile. "I can't stop myself from listening to other people's thoughts…"

Suddenly, the 'Winter Formal' poster came flashing back to Sasori's mind. He scratched his head and sighed. Just MAYBE she'll go… MAYBE.

"Um… Sak-"

"SAKURAAAA!" Cam a thrill scream, Sakura and Sasori sighed.

"Don't worry, it's just Ino." Sakura said.


"I'll see you later." Sasori nodded.


"Sakura! Why are you with that man again?"

"Man? What man?" Sakura smiled innocently.

"AHH! I HATE THAT SMILE!" Ino howled as she paced back and forth.

"Look, Ino, Sasori is my friend! Don't go all bizarre when I was just talking with him."

"My little Sakura had finally grew up…." Ino wiped away her imaginary tears.

Sakura stared at her friend and sighed.

"I'M SO PROUD OF YOUUU!" Ino cried dramatically and hugged Sakura tightly.

"W-wait.. I-Inn-no, I- CAN'T BREATH!" Sakura yelled.


"Sasori!" Naruto called, "Haku broke my door, AGAIN!"

Sasori sighed and rubbed his temple. "I'll be out in a minute."

"But I didn't break the door-"

"Yes you did!"

"No I didn't!"




Naruto and Haku stopped quarreling, and Sasuke came walking through the door.


"WHAT DID YOU CALLED ME!" Naruto and Haku yelled.

" I said 'I-D-10-'"

"All right, where's your door?"

Everybody turned their attention to Sasori. He got a yellow toolbox in his hand.

Then everyone shifted their gazes onto Naruto's door, which had countless footprints, a few cracks, and a huge hole at the bottom.

"Ah, Sasori," Haku smiled. "Before you start fixing the door, I DIDN'T DO IT!" Haku wailed.


"I'm not even mad…" Sasori sweatdropped..

"Sorry about the door, Sasori," Naruto apologized.


Haku and Naruto retreated out of the hallway and ran to the living room.

"I-D-10-D" Sasori mused.

"You know?" Sasuke replied sarcastically.


"ID10T equals idiot." Someone spoke behind Sasuke. It's Neji.

"Smart ass…" Sasuke mumbled.

"I heard that." Neji frowned.

Sasuke grunted and left.

"Say, Sasori." Neji sat down in front of Naruto's deformed door.


"Are you going to the dance with Sakura?"



"Ah, I wish you good luck" Neji smiled and stood up.

"She had rejected almost 40 people from last dance."


"And why are you telling it to me?"

Neji shrugged.

"Is it a crime to give out advices?" He smiled, stood up, and walked out.

Sasori stared at Neji's retreating form and continuing fixing Naruto's door.

Weird people these days…

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