Here I am, the great and rather idiotic, returned from a year-long hiatus due to publishing my own book. YAY ME! Of course, that book wasn't slash…
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This is the Raoul from Joe SCUMacher (misspelled on purpose, in case you didn't notice) because I hate all the other Raouls, but it has a bit of the stubborn, arrogant, temperamental Leroux Raoul.
It's all mostly Joe Scumbag, but there are a few changes (I mean, due to the pairings there are a lot of changes, but mostly it follows a pattern. Like, there's no Carlotta suddenly giving money to the poor) And I'm giving Erik the talent of the book Erik, because Gerard is good mostly (at least he's trying) but not good enough. And after 'Point of no Return' his voice is absolute crap the whole way through, minus "IT'S OVER NOW, THE MUSIC OF THE NIGHT!"
There are two significant points in which it follows the book instead of the movie. The first is that there are several months between "Phantom of the Opera/Music of the Night" and "All I Ask of You" (and so on and so forth)
The second is that Erik does not immediately take Christine into the mirror, and after she leaves Raoul comes back to the room…


The moment he saw him, he hated him.

Not only because he loved his Christine. He hated everything about him. His looks, of course. It would be wrong to call him handsome. Pretty, beautiful, but not handsome. That perfect hair, gleaming and curled. Those pink, glowing lips. (I would like to point out that I can say all of this while hating Raoul) Perfect, almost feminine skin. Beautiful eyes. Expensive clothes which he could only assume were at the height of style.

It was more than his looks. It was that odd thing he did with his finely plucked brows. The way he casually dismissed the legend of the "Opera Ghost" as nonsense, his careless shrugging off of Christine's words referring her "Angel of Music."

Words. Christine spoke to him. She and her Angel had never spoken. They sang. They sang and sang, but neither of them spoke.

And his voice. He hated the boy's voice most of all, soft and rich and warm. He didn't sing. And the few notes he sang, he sang with Christine, so it was impossible to focus on them—and then he hugged her! He put his arms around the woman the Opera Ghost was not even allowed to speak to.

The Phantom of the Opera hated that he didn't sing.

More than anything else, he hated that he wanted to hear him sing.


Raoul couldn't help but frown, though he would rather scowl outright. "It couldn't possibly take that long to get dressed," he told himself, as he walked upstairs. He tried to reassure himself. She was a women, women took a long time to dress. Maybe her outfit took a long time to take off. Maybe…

He smiled. Maybe she was trying to dress as well as possible, for his sake.

As he neared Christine's room, the candles went out. It was as if God had decided to blow out the candle of the Opera Populaire.

Now the hairs on the back of his neck rose. He had an unbearable urge to run. And he did, but to Christine's door, while his instincts urged him in the opposite direction. He reached for the doorknob and hesitated. And that was when he heard the voice: loud and harsh, but beautiful, captivating, even as it hissed words of rage.

"Insolent boy, this slave of fashion
Basking in your glory
Ignorant fool, this brave young suitor
Sharing in my triumph"

The glory of that snarl scared Raoul, who was so unfamiliar with fear that he didn't recognize it.

He did recognize being miffed. Who was this majestic, malevolent voice, who dared to speak to Christine? And who did he think he was, insulting him? Unless Christine had more suitors, which Raoul couldn't imagine.

And then Christine began to sing, and he was again amazed by her voice. He had loved it when she sang as a child. Her father told her she was charming, that her voice was sweet and pure. And she was, but a pure lousy voice was still lousy. Not that Raoul had ever told her…

"Angel, I hear you
Speak, I listen
Stay by my side, guide me"

Raoul was shocked. This vengeful voice was Christine's angel?

And now he shook the doorknob. "Who's in there?" His voice sounded hoarse and awful to his ears, compared to the seraphic Christine and the awe-inspiring "Angel."

"Christine? Christine!"

She was still singing, blithe and supplicant.

"Angel, my soul was weak
Forgive me
Enter at last, master"

Raoul was speechless with rage. Master? She called him 'Master?'

What kind of creature is he, and what is his hold over her?

"I sang for you, I sing only for you

Angel of music, guide and guardian
I gave you my soul tonight."

And now the voice sang, placated at last. He ought to be, thought a miffed Raoul, considering how she showered the distrustful voice with innocent praise.

"Flattering child, I thank you
No star sparkles so bright
No emperor received a gift so great
The angels wept tonight"

The door opened, and Christine exited, dressed in what would not have been appropriate if she merely wanted to go to dinner. Had she even considered his offer? Perhaps he should not have left so soon. Poor, naïve Christine, who did not know the difference between some liar and her precious angel. (I am, I repeat, an Erik fan. I'm just trying to write from Raoul's point of view, and I can't imagine his thoughts towards Erik would be very charitable)

Growling, Raoul entered her room. It was dark, candles there but blown out. Otherwise, it looked exactly the same.

"Show yourself." His voice was a raw, hateful whisper.

He stalked over to her closet and opened it. Riffling through her clothes, he were shocked. Most were the chaste gowns he would imagine her in, but others…

He fingered a ruffled dress, the rosettes and pale pink hue mocking the obscene cut. There was a black dress with nothing but a V of lace above the bodice.

Who saw her in such things? His fingers clenched over the fabric as he remembered the lacy confection she had wore when she exited the room.

"Show yourself, coward!"

He walked over to the huge mirror and glared at his own reflection. He imagined Christine putting on revealing gown after revealing gown, hoping to please this strange man, Christine who he so loved.

His voice rose. "Show yourself, false angel, dark seducer!"

No face showed itself, though for a moment something glinted white in the mirror.

Raoul whirled around. Nothing. Now he was screaming: "Trickster! Liar! Show yourself and I shall see your face, I shall see who my rival is! Show yourself, wretch who deceives my Christine."

A voice rumbled around him, roaring, surrounding him in terror and awe.

"She is not yours
Nor shall she ever be
Stay away from Christine"

And then the voice was gone. Raoul snarled, furious, and stormed out.


Yeah, that was the first chapter. It gets better, I promise.

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