Pokémon Transformation Chronicals

Story #1: Max's Pokémon

This Story written by Ryu the Weredragon with help from Alex Warlorn
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters mentioned in this story.

Notes: "Text"denotes human speech
Text denotes thoughts
-Text- denotes Pokémon Speech
"Text" denotes Telepathic Speech

I shall use this on all stories in this collection from here on in.

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One night, Ash had wandered off on his own to do some thinking to himself, and to get away from May. Brock had left for who knows where, chasing another girl. That left May (who was asleep), Max and Pikachu at the campsite. Ash left his belt of Pokémon behind. Ash really wanted to be alone.

Max was looking up at the starlit night, thinking about how everyone seemed to have a Pokémon but him, even some people who seemed younger than he.

Sighing, he made a wish upon a shooting star, I wish that I had a Pokémon like Ash.

Little did Max know that Jirachi, the Wishing Pokémon, was listening to him...

...and unfortunately for our heroes, Jirachi isn't as bright as the legends say.

Ash was sitting by a lake a good few miles away, and was thinking about the one girl who seemed to walk out of his life forever... Misty, the current Leader of the Cerulean City Gym.

Misty... I can't stand waiting anymore..., Ash thought, May is getting on my nerves.

He thought back to a few years ago, when he and Misty were always fighting. He could just KICK himself for not apoligizing for all those times.

He started to notice something was off tho... Everything seemed to be getting... Taller. However, upon looking into the pond he was standing by, he saw that he was getting smaller... and younger! Ash stumbled backwards, and fell out of his own clothes, now no older than five years old...

What's happening to me?, he started to cry in his mind, as he again looked into the water.

Ash saw that his face down to the upper part of his chest was now covered in Extremely dark grey fur. The sides of his face were now covered in light grey fur, and his Hair had also taken the texture of fur. He watched as the fur spread all over his body, making his hands and feet dark grey like his face. Suddenly, he started shrinking a bit more, and fell to his hands, and he realized his feet had shrunk so he's on four legs.

"No! Why is this happening to me? I'm turning into a Pokémon again!", Ash said, in a voice Ash hadn't heard since he was five.

Ash's Stomach fur started to darken, to the same color as the fur on his neck, hands, feet, and face. Then his hands and feet painfully reformed into what could only be paws. Ash couldn't help but whimper at this. Now he would never be together with Misty. A tear rolled down his furry cheek.

Suddenly, he yelped with pain as a tail came out from his tailbone, and his face was pulling out painfully into a muzzle-like shape. Ash's nose started to turn red, and his ears moved up to the top of his head and got pointy.. Now nothing but a mere Poochyena, Ash felt he had to get to Pikachu quickly. He knew from experience that he could still speak, so that would help too.

Before he left, he looked into the pool once more. He had to admit, he was a cute little Poochyena. If it wasn't HIM, he'd want to capture him... So he had to be careful not to run into any trainers along the way. He suddenly realized something... He was scratching behind his ears with his hindlegs like a dog!

That was the least of his problems tho. A Few minutes into his walk, he ran into a Sentret who threw stuff at him rudely. This got on Ash's nerves, and he growled like a dog and chased Sentret around for hours. Eventually, the small Pokémon ran up a tree. Ash realized he had ended up running farther from his destination than he was earlier!

Tears welling up in Ash's eyes, he began to howl a sad, lonely howl. He didn't know what had gotten into him, but he couldn't stop his howling. For some reason, he really didn't want to either.

Meanwhile, at the camp site, Pikachu awoke with a start. He heard a Poochyena howling in the distance, and for some reason, it sounded familiar. He couldn't place it, but his subconcious mind recognized the voice. His ears drooped as he noticed that his master, Ash, was still not back yet.

Pikachu soon grew tired and fell back to sleep. But his dreams were filled with what would happen if he never saw Ash again. In the dream, Misty ended up commiting suicide, because the boy she loved was nowhere to be found. Pikachu couldn't stand it, and awoke with a jolt. He looked up into the sky, and prayed to Lugia for Ash's safety. If anyone would watch over Ash, it would be the God of the Sea.

Meanwhile, in the Legendaries' "Shared Dreamworld", Jirachi was getting chewed out by the other legendaries, even Mew.

- Don't you realize what you've done, Jirachi? -, Moltres shouted.

"No sir. What did I do that was so wrong?", responded the Star-headed Pokémon.

-You have just endangered the lives of every Pokémon on the planet.- Articuno replied coldly.

"What? How? By changing one human?"

-Yes. That human is extremly important to the future of Pokémon-kind- Zapdos shot back.

"He is my chosen one, Jirachi" Lugia said with his refined voice.

"And Mine as well" added Ho-oh.

-Wha? A HUMAN? I thought the chosen one was a Pokémon- inquired Jirachi, -or at least that the boy Max was...-

"Max? No, he's not from the right Region, nor is he old enough" Celebi Countered.

"Lay off of him, guys, I think Ash makes a cute Pokémon" said Latias.

"Yeah, you WOULD say that, wouldn't you sis?" Latios said suspiciously.

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" Latias demanded.

-Please, Latias. We all know that you had a crush on him- this from Entei.

Raikou added his two cents, -We also know of your resentment to the human, Misty, for having claim to his love.-

Suicune nodded, -And that this would be perfect revenge on her.-

Latias sighed. The others are right. She thought.

Mew was also upset, "Back to you, Jirachi. Since this is your first offense, I'll be lenient on you. But first, you have to do a little favor for me..."

"A-Anything Mew" Jirachi stuttered, as Mew was the one Pokémon everyone listened to. As cute as Mew was, he could be very dangerous, if the situation warrented it.

Ash arrived at the campsite, exausted. The others were still asleep. Walking towards Pikachu, he soon succumbed to his fatigue, and started to fall unconcious.

Why Me?, He asked himself, just before his eyes closed.

Ash awoke to a cruel pressing sensation around his neck. "A poochyena! I can't believe it! Let's be friends! You and me all the way! We can hang out until I'm old enough to own a poke ball!"Ash knew that voice. "Pooch! Ye-na! Nana!" Ash's eyes opened his eyes in shock at this. What he had meant to say was 'Max! It's me! Ash!' Oh no! Oh no! He had lost his ability to speak human! But, but this wasn't like before. Guess this wasn't anything like Lily's magic then.

Pikachu, who had been watching the entire fiasco with pity on their newest possible party member, and having been woken up by Max's antics, felt his ears stand up virticle as what the pup had just said. No way! Sure happened once but- ...Pikapi!

Sadly, Pikachu's words meant nothing to Max as he ranted that the dog was really Ash. Ash at least had the comfort of knowing Pikachu knew who he was.

But it did get Max's attention. "Huh? What're you talking about Pikachu?"

"He saying you're hugging the poor thing too hard!" May came up right from behind Max startling her little brother and Ash.

Ash & Pikachu sweatdropped.

May snatched up Ash away from Max, she had learned enough about Pocket Monsters from Brock to be able to tell when a pokémon was in absolute misery.

Ash was glad to be out of Max's overly-loving grip, May had enough experince from Skitty to know how to hold the small being.

Max pleaded. "Come on May! Let me take care of him! I promise I won't let anything bad happen to 'em!"

"I don't know." Thought May.

DontbelievehimDontbelievehimDontbelievehim! Ash thought frantically.

"Oh why not." She concluded.


"Now let's find Ash! This'll be another scoop for May Ace Reporter!" She did a dramatic pose. "The case of the missing trainer!"

Everyone but May sweatdropped.

As May went on about what they knew about Ash's vanishing (which wasn't very much.) Pikachu desberately thought of a way to get the message across, if only he could write! Not knowing what else to do he raced to Ash's pokemon belt and woke up his sleeping team mates.

Grovyle, Swellow, Corphish, and Torkoal popped out, all tired.

The bird rubbed his eyes with his wings. -It's too early...-

The lobster's eyes darted about. -Where's my opponent! Where's my opponent! What! No opponent!-

The turtle moaned. -...Morning youngin'...-

Groyvole rolled his eyes. -Whatever. Hey! Where's Ash?-

"Pika." Pikachu calmly pointed to where Max was already ignoring May and going through Brock's cook books on what best to serve canine pokemon.

"Good idea, Pikachu!" Cheered May. "We can have all our pokemon look for Ash! Show time! Skitty! Beautifly! Combusken! Bulbasaur!"

Pikachu sighed, -She is an idiot, isn't she?-

Over hearing him Bulbasaur said. I concur!

Hey! Don't you bad mouth your trainer like that! Combusken retorted. Skitty is an idiot! May is just... up in the clouds.

Skitty didn't even resigister the insult.

Guys! We've got trouble! Pikapi has been turned into that Poochyena!

The pokemon all looked at each other, then at Pikachu, some in apprehention, others with pity.

I'm not crazy! Ask 'em yourself if he's Pikapi!

"Why do I have to do this teleport? I have to reserve power while I'm sleeping."

"You granted your Chosen One's request without thinking, now help clean up your own mess"

"Yes Mew." Jirachi sighed.

-Guuuys! You gotta believe it!- Ash whined from Max's grip. -It IS me!-

Max noticed Ash's desperate words. "Oh Poochyena, you want to meet Ash's pokemon? Ash is our friend, he didn't come back last night so we're worried about him."

Max knelt down and released the pup. Ash ran over to his Pokémon-- or tried to, he ended up stumbling.

Finally making it to his team after tripping over his own paws, Ash barked. -Come on guys! We've gotta get May and Max to realize who I really am!-

His Hoenn pokemon looked at each other.

-How do we even know you're Ash?- Asked Swellow.

"?" Ash was stunned at this.

-Who would know I caught you when your flock was harassing us for food? Torkoal, you joined the group when we both had the bad luck of entering the Valley Of Steel by mistake!-

Grovyle nodded, -I think he's telling the truth.-

Swellow glared, -Since when have YOU been so trusting?-

Pikachu sighed. What did he and Pikapi do to earn such a disfunctional team?

-Oh brother!- Moaned Grovyle. -How else could the kid of known that? If he's as old as he looks, he might not have even hatched when some of us joined!- Ash was confused about this until he remembered the difference in aging for humans and pokémon.

-Team Rocket might have told him.-

-Did you take paranoia pills this morning?-

Ash looked around at the camp site in missery, could this get any worse, maybe he should have just stayed at the lake and... -MY HAT!-

Everyone looked at him now. -My hat! My hat! I left it back at the lake! We have to go back for it!-

The pokemon all looked at each other and said as if of one mind. -It's Ash.-

Max was over Ash like Unown at a creative writing convention. "Poochyena. Are you okay? Are you hurt? I bet your hungry." The boy lifted him up.

-Help.- Ash yelped as he was carted off.

-Why is it...- Pikachu said. -When we actually NEED Meowth to show his mug. Team Rocket is nowhere in sight!-

Meanwhile several miles behind them plus maybe in another time and space...

"Aaahh!" The rockets said together as they ran from one side of a courtyard to another, each time being chased by another pokemon, stepping over a sign that read - Warning: Home For Criminally Insane Pokemon

Pikachu shook his head free of the bizzare vision.

As May's pokemon engaged in the most basic search pattern looking for Ash (they were far enough away from civilization that getting the police wasn't cost effective just yet) and their leader was fruitlessly trying to convince his pokémon to do the same, Max had already mixed Brock's custom pokéchow according to the master chef's instructions.

Max set the food in front of the hungry, yet reluctant Poochyena, "Go on, Poochyena, I know you're hungry."

Ash couldn't stand the sight of the food in front of him, but his saliva and growling stomach made it clear his biology objected to his mind's declarations.

Ash looked, hoping that Max didn't totally mess up in making the food, Ash reluctantly started to eat.This... This is actually pretty good... , he thought as his tail started to wag.

Pikachu sweatdropped as he saw his trainer eating Pokémon food, and apparently liking it... -This isn't good...-

In a few short moments, Ash had totally cleaned out his bowl.

That .. . . that was dilicious! I wonder what I haven't tried it before I, of course I haven't tried it before! I wasn't a Poochyena until last night!

"Ya' see, I knew you'd like it." Cheered Max rubbing Ash's head fur.

May meanwhile was keeping her ace reporter farce, the best way she could think of to keep herself from becoming worried sick.

-Pikapi! You alright?-

-Of course I am, I agh! Of course I'm not alright! I'm trapped as a DOG! How could this be worse!-

-Could have ended up a Muk.-

-Point taken.-

-Or an Arbok.-

-I get it...-

-Or tripped and broken your neck someplace and become a Haunter...-


-...Oh ...sorry.-

-...It's alright... can you find a stick or something?-

-You wanna play fetch!-

-NO! I figured I could write in the ground to the others that it's me!-

-Huh? Oh! Actually that sounds like a good idea give me a sec'.-

Pikachu hoped and skipped away from the camp site, Ash was almost giddy, he was going to show the others undeniable proof he was Ash Ketchem Pokemon Master to be and he'd have the last laugh.

A few seconds later his companion returned, holding the intrument of his salvation.

Ash gratefully took it in his mouth ignoring the grimy fact it had just been in Pikachu's mouth and found a nice spot of dirt and . . . . and . . . and-!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing! Ash felt on the urge of a mental break down, he had forgotten how to write!

-Pikapi, what's wrong?-

-I... I've forgotten...-

-Forgotten what, Pikapi?-

-I've forgotten how to write...-

-Then why not just draw a symbol?-

-I've forgotten how to do that too...-

Ash dropped the stick, and began to whine. How could this be happening to him? What did he do to deserve this? Hadn't he helped every legendary he had encountered?

-Ha! I knew he was a fake!- Swellow sneered.

Pikachu gave the bird his darkest look. -Shut... UP!- Sparts flew off the mouse's cheeks.

-Gee... what's up Ash's pokemon?- May blinked.

"They're worried about Ash and getting on each other's nerves, Brock explained it to me once. He got from this book called Pokemon Psychology For Breeders. He says it helped a lot working out the feelings of a mankey he and Ash met on the road."

Ash and Pikachu were taken away from their drama enough to fall on their sides from the sheer size of Brock's tall tale. That book was useless!

"Oh." Said Max noticing Ash's reaction. "Brock was this breeder who we all traveled with for a while, he said something about finally finding the truest of true love when we split up . . . I really don't get it, but he traveled with Ash a lot longer than us. He knew everything there was to know about Pokémon, asides from my dad, and Prof Oak, and Prof Birch, and-"

Ash tuned him out.

Ash sighed, this was getting depressing. Why didn't Brock mention the time he got turned into a Pikachu to Max? I mean, his headfur is still spikey like it was that time, so, why couldn't Max tell? Then he remembered how some Pokémon have different Hairstyles naturally than they should, like Richie's Pikachu, Sparky for instance. Another sigh.

Ash wondered how he was ever gonna get out of THIS one. Misty would have figured it out by now. But he was stuck with a naïve child and... and... May! With tears in his eyes, Ash looked up to the moon, that was still up this early in the morning, and howled again.

"What's wrong, Poochyena?", Max asked, "Brock never said anything about Pokémon who just burst out crying..."

Apparently, Brock hadn't said anything about Larvitar either... Leave it to Brock to leave out anything that he had no importance in, Ash thought bitterly.

In uncharted territory, Max began to stroke Ash's fur sothingly and gently, going back on the most basic knowlege of what a canine pokemon enjoy. It did in fact have a qauntilizing effect on Ash. His instincts telling him everything was alright. Stroke, stroke, stroke: calm. Stroke, stroke, stroke: peace. Stroke, stroke, stroke: tired. Stroke, stroke, stroke: sleepy. Stroke, stroke, stroke: nighty-night.

Pikachu didn't know if it was a good or bad thing when Ash feel asleep in Max's arms. Pikachu remembered the first time this happened, but that time Ash hadn't lost his voice and he hadn't lost any of his mental prowess.

But at least he was sleeping right now and not running his own mind into the ground with worry and thoughts of doom and gloom. But who knew what he was thinking? No one truely understood the mind of a dark type, Corphish was a prime example of this: while not heartless as the stereo type made them out to be, they did tend to be sadistic or agressive when the opertunity arised. Pikachu almost zapped himself for thinking Ash's mind that of a dark type, he hadn't started acting like an electric type when he got changed into a pikachu. Then again, Ash had always been hyper active.

And now that Pikachu thought about it, that hyper activeness seemed gone. Ash just falling asleep like that wasn't normal, Ash's trouble was waking up, normally because he spent half the night day dreaming.

"Pikapi." The mouse sighed. How were they going to get of this mess?

"You see May?" Pointed out Max to the sleeping darkness monster. "I CAN take care of him!"

"Huh? Oh sure, of course you can." Half of May's brain was coming up with nightmare images of Ash's fate, the other half was busy maintaining the 'impossibly optimistic ace reporter' image to keep Max from pushing down on how she wasn't as tough as she pretended to be half the time.

Max fumed. "Will you listen me?"

"I said good job." Returned May, wondering how long Beautifly would take to find Ash. She didn't dare think that her star performer would turn up nothing.

"Come back here cute Tenecruel! I just wanna be your friend! Being in a pokéball isn't bad I promise!" Misty ran through the forest a mile behind Ash and co's group, this had meant to be her surprise, but she had gotten side tracked by looking for new water monsters in Hoenn. When seeing her favorite monster just moving across on dry land, she didn't really think about the impossiblity of it and went straight into "fan girl" mode.

Mew wasn't worried about not being able to hold his Transformation, he was just worried that Misty would actually catch up with her before leading the human to Ash's group. How could one human possibly run that fast when not in mortal danger?

This would have been much much easier if Ash had been changed into anything other than a dark type. Then Mew could have just done the job psychically and that would have been that, but no such luck. If Jirachi wasn't already sleeping inside a crystal cocoon under several tons of rock guarded by an immortal dark type, Mew would haveused Pound on that empty star shaped head of his.

Spiritually, dreams are when the mind's eye have total freedom, and one is not limited by material things in one's perspective of the universe. Biologically, it was when the brain went through it's cache file and dumped anything that wasn't useful in long term. Sadly, software must follow hardware, and thus, as Ash's mind slept, his subconcious sorted and let go of names, places, ideas, concepts, events, making room in the smaller skull for instinctual knowelge and impulses. Only emotions survived the on-slaught somehow, feelings and faces (if not names) connected to those feelings. A tall brownish red haired human female was the symbol of scantium and security. A pikachu represented protected by and to protect in turn. And a orange haired human girl also held meaning.

Soon, Misty had chased the 'Tentacruel' to a spot near a lake... Misty stopped chasing when she saw Ash's cap, the one he was wearing the last time she had saw him. Wait, this is...

In a place that did not exist but was everywhere. "I Bet you playing a role in one of my fantasies that Misty catches up to Mew before she's lead to Ash's camp." Said 'Molly' to Latias.

"You're on! And if Mew does make it, you have to create one of my fantasies instead!"

"Okay!" 'Molly' clapped.


"Hey Misty!"

"Hey Ash! When you'd get your hat back?"

"Er, my mom sent it to me."

"What really happened?"

" . . . Didn't feel right without my lucky hat so I thought I'd have Bulbasaur sneak to me when I transferred him over to meet May's Bulbasuar."

"Heh, don't like your mother's choice in cloths for you?"

"It's nothing like that! I just happen to like this hat . . it didn't feel the same without it."

Misty whispered. "Is that the only thing that doesn't feel the same? . . ."

"What you say Misty?"

"! I said if yours and May's Bulbasaur are anything alike."

"Not much. My Bulbasuar is always calm and collected, May's must have a case of permanant hemroids."

Misty laughed. "How'd you even know what hemroids are?"

"Hey I read!"

"Yea, comic books. Upside down."

"Hey! Why do you always have to make fun of me like that?"

"Come on Ash I'm just being friendly."

Daisy. "Misty! We need you to feed the Gyrados . . now that you're not afraid of them anymore, we can have you do that too."

Misty moaned. "Coming . . ."

"Teta! Cruel! Cruel!" The pokémon's voice snapped Misty back to reality and she again saw the water pokemon standing perfectly on dry land waving half it's arms about to get her attention. The moment she took a step towards it, it again started running, but came back as soon as it was out of sight, and repeated it's act. Weird, almost like it wanted her to follow it. Of course! The Tenecruel around here must have known how trainers carried healing Potions, and one of their friends must have been badly hurt! Well, Mighty Misty to the rescue!

"Okay Tentacruel! Lead me to your friends! I'll never let a water pokemon down!"

Mew mentally sweat dropped, but hey, don't look a gift Ponyta in the mouth.

"Cruel-cruel!" It began to move again away from Misty, staying at a good enough pace for her to keep up while still urging her onwards.

Misty eventually made it to where the Pokémon was leading her, but she lost track of it... Maybe it wasn't a Tentacruel at all... But she had found Ash's friend Max... and that girl they were with, May...

"Max! You..."

Pokémon and humans alike all turned and were stunned silent at the site of Misty all people in the middle of nowhere . . . what was going on?

Swellow began instantly. -Watch out! Now the Ditto have sent a clone of Misty to infiltrate us before replacing us all with ditto clones!-

The rest of the team looked at him. -SHUT UP, SWELLOW!-

May had since gotten over her 'blindly adoring fan girl' phase when around Misty, might have had something to do with the cold shoulder she had given the girl after Misty had seen May hugging Ash in the last video phone discussion. "...You..." It had turned mutual. May spotted the object of desire of the object of her desires. "Ash's hat! Whereishe?Ishealright?Whyisnthewithyou? Didyouleavehim!"

"I haven't seen Ash, you stupid girl!"

"Don't you call me stupid!" The girls were nose to nose and breathing fire.

I'm never gonna insult Ash about his intellegence again!, Misty thought

Max with his Poochyena took some protective steps back. The dog squirmed from the noise.

"I can't believe I looked UP to you!"

"I can't believe I LIKED you!"

"You're a total jerk!"

"You're the jerk, and also a tramp as well!"

"TRAMP?" Tears now swelled in May's eyes.

"Yeah, tramp. I should also say slut. You want Ash, Brendon Birch, and from what I've seen, Drew too. That's a bit greedy if you ask me!"

"Drew!" May turned a slight shade of green. "That's it!" May snapped. "You wanna battle!"

"You! A coordinator against a trainer! Bring it on!"

"Uh..." Interupted Max. "Isn't it totally illegal to use a Pokémon battle to settle personal grudges?"

The two snapped at him together. "You stay out of this!"

"At least I have more than just water types!", May countered.

"At least I don't try to steal other people's boyfriends!" Misty said instinctively... Wait... Did I just say... BOYFRIEND?

"I'm not the one who's always insulting him! You're almost as bad as Jessie!"

"You're comparing ME to that hag?"

"If the shoe fits!"

Pikachu decided to end this meowth fight between two people he both considered his friends the old fashioned way. "PIKA-CHU!" A flash of lightning later both May and Misty were on the ground smoldering.

Max looked at Pikachu. "Maybe we oughtta' make you team leader."

The petty jealously bug temporarly exorcized from both girl's systems, May asked in a more rational voice. "Do you know where Ash is?"

"No I don't . . . All I found was his hat by the lake."

" . . . Did you look underwater for him?"

Misty was stunned silent, she hadn't . . . she had been too interested in adding a new pokemon to her team. She could just kick herself in that moment.

"Now look what you guys did." Scolded Max best he could to the two older kids. "You woke up Poochyena."

Misty blinked, Since when did Max have a Pokémon?

"Whoops! Sorry, Poochyena. I didn't mean to wake you up from your nap", May apoligized.

As Misty looked at the Poochyena, she realized that something was odd about him. For one thing, his eyes were Brown and White, rather than the usual color. Also, his Headfur looked suspiciously like... "Ash?"

The Poochyena looked at Misty and his tried to remember where he had seen this human before, the feelings he had for her were strong, very strong.

-Mama!- The Poochyena barked.

-MAMA!- Pikachu's eyes almost went cross. -How's she your mama!-

The pooch calmly looked at Pikachu. -A doggy's best friend is his mama.-

Pikachu fell over.

"Ash!" May said totally confused at what Misty was implying, how could that pokemon be Ash? That's when May finally took in the detail of the pokédog's features... and it clicked.

"Ash?" Max looked around for his friend holding his friend.

"You're holding Ash!" Misty pointed.

"You're crazy!" Max retorted holding Poochyena closer to him.

"Look at him!"

"I see a Poochyena!"

"No she's right! Look at him! . . . Those are Ash's eyes! I'd know them anywhere."

Misty's concern for Ash overrode her desire to somehow contradict May.

"This is just like with Lily!"

"Lily?" They said together. "Your sister?"

"No!" Misty retorted. "This girl was nice but a real witch! She want our help in gather the ingredients for a pokmon mind reading spell but it backfired and turn Ash into a Pikachu instead! Thankfully it wore off after about half a day."

"You think it'll wear off then?"

"I don't know... Pikachu, what do you think?"

Pikachu shrugs.

Having heard what Ash had said had pretty set the mood of every pokemon there to a new low.

Misty looked into Poochyena's eyes. Max still firmly convinced Misty had gone crazy (if this really was Misty) and that May had caught whatever she had.

"Ash . . . I wish I could understand you." Misty gasped as before their eyes she shrunk into her cloths taking on a chibi appearance. Before she even had a chance to realize what had happened to her, gray and dark gray fur covered her body, and her hands and feet morphed into the same shape. This was followed by her face reshaping itself as a tail grew out of her rear, in seconds, she had become a Poochyena like Ash!

Misty felt dizzy and a second later looked up at the other Poochyena being held by the human with clear things over his face. -Hello.-

-Hi!- Replied the other Poochyena understanding her perfectly.


"What? . . . I didn't just limit my wish granting to my chosen so I figured this balanced things out..."

"Astral projection or not, here comes the pain!"

"You hear something?" Said Latias.

"Nothing important, now giggy up, we haven't flow all the way around the world yet!"

" ...dumb bet..."

May and Max simultaniously did a wild take at the bizzare tresspass on reality that had just occcured.

"It's a disease and it's going to get us next!" Max freaked being scientific as always still not dropping Ash.

"I just wish I knew what was going on!" May whinned. "Huh?" She blinked.

"May?" Max asked courious.

"I know what's going on, I wished it, and I just knew . . . Jirachi . . . he somehow heard your wishes . . . and he granted it, then he granted Misty's . . . now he just granted mine . . ."

"J-Ji-Jirachi?" Tear began to form in Max's eyes. Jirachi? Could it really be?

"Looks like he's still looking out for you Max." Commented May.

"But, that's not what I meant!"

"I don't think Jirachi granted Misty's wish exactly by what she meant either."

"But, Jirachi should have known..."

"Jirachi's young, by Legendary standards, or at least that's what he told me..."

"Oooh . . . Ijustwisheverythingwasbacktonormal!" Max very lucky he had not simply said 'everything was normal' this would have resulted the human lives of Ash and Misty ceasing to exist and resulting in Max having two illegally owned pokemon (since he wasn't resigsistered as a trainer, he wasn't allowed more than one pokemon) that would have been soon taken away from him and put into animal care services. All in all, Max was indeed lucky.

There was just one problem really.


"Yeeeahhh!" Both Ash and Misty were now exactly as they had been a moment before, exactly.

Ash used Max as a shield while Misty struggled to get her cloths back on and considering if she could throw her hammer at Ash and not have it blocked by Max.

Ash and Misty were too concerned with covering themselves than to perform their traditional insult with each other.

" . . . . Cool . . . I got more than one wish . . ." Blinked Max. "I wish me and Jirachi were together again." Nothing happened. "Nuts." Muttered Max.

"You have got to be kidding me!" The little girl exclaimed.

"You're the master of transmutation of legendaries like you did Entei!"

"Mew and Celebi would be sooo mad at me."

"It's just for ninty years tops! I promise I won't cause any more trouble for the next nine hundred and nine years -please- you know more than anything what it's not like to be with a friend."

She took on an echoing tone. "You get a normal life time of that pokemon with him! That's all we can manage."

"I understand. Thank you."

"You're going to be paying us back for this later, the others are really gonna chew us out for this. . . . Good luck Jirachi."

The pressure and responcibilities of being one of the gods of the world lift from his shoulders, knowleges eons old was put away into storage for later use and his divine shape began to shifted into a more crude form, in both the unwaking and real world.

Max looked sad. Suddenly, he was tackled by a happy Poochyena. "Gah! Huh? Why do you look familiar?" He asked the little Poochyena.

Ash smiled, "Looks like you got a friend out of this deal after all, Max."

Max smiled, "Yeah."

Ash suddenly pondered something, "Misty, why did you come here anyway?"

Misty chuckled and smiled, "I wanted to surprise you?"

Ash grinned. He had retained the memories of what Misty had said when arguing with May. He just didn't want to reveal that to Misty... yet.

"Where is he!" Mew asked Celebi.

"I can't sense him."

"Do you think he could be de-"

"Don't you dare think that!"

"I can tell ya where he is."

"Yooouuu." The two upper legendaries said together darkly. "Where is our son? . . ." The venom dripping from their voices would have killed a forest of Bulbasaurs.

"Having what anyone should have, a life time with someone he cares about."

The End

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