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Zoisite stood before a full-length mirror, checking his appearance for the billionth time that hour. He was nervous. Never in his life had he felt like this before, not even when he would stand up in front of a group of complete strangers and tell them about something personal. Right now he felt like he was standing naked in the middle of Time Square with everyone stopping to look at him.

He sighed, knowing there was nothing wrong with the way he looked and pulled out a slip of paper from his jacket pocket. He unfolded it and looked at the words that he had written a few weeks before. He didn't really need to look them over again he knew them by heart. But he knew that when the time came for him to actually say them, he would be so flustered he would forget.

Five months had passed since he and Ami reunited and they couldn't be happier with each other. It had been a real shock to Ami when he had purposed a mere month ago, but she had accepted right away. Though it was a short engagement, everything ran smoothly, and no one felt particularly rushed to get things ready on time. Ms. Mizuno had taken the day off & rented out a country club for the occasion and some family friends had built the alter and the benches for the ceremony. Zoisite had chosen to have Kunzite as his best man. Ami choose Usagi as her maid of honor, a hard choice between all of the girls, but she had known Usagi much longer.

One thing Zoisite could not understand is why Ami had been so adamant about writing their own vows. It's not that he had minded, just that he had problems putting exactly how he felt about her into words appropriate for this type of occasion.

Zoisite was pulled out of his thoughts as Kunzite walked into the room. He, like Zoisite, were wearing a normal black tux. He was currently trying to get his to tie right and was complaining to himself about what a stupid thing it was.

"Damn bow tie..." Kunzite grumbled and he failed yet again to tie it right.

Zoisite chuckled and stepped forward. "Here," He said whacking Kunzite's hands way from the untied cloth. "Shingo could put on his bow tie, you would think that you, a full grown man, would be able to..."

Zoisite snickered which earned a death glare from Kunzite. "I bet Usagi put it on for him," Kunzite said, trying to reclaim some of his dignity.

Zoisite laughed as he finished tying the bow tie and turned his back to Kunzite. "Nope. I was there, he did it all by himself." Zoisite stated. "Besides, Usagi is with the bride getting ready."

After grumbling for a minute, Kunzite clapped a hand on Zoisite's back. "How does it feel, knowing that in a little over an hour from now you'll be a married man?"

"Seems almost unreal." Zoisite said smiling at the thought of spending the rest of his life with Ami. "I couldn't be happier..."

"And that's a good thing." Usagi's voice drifted into the room. The guys all stopped and stared at her. "What?" She said looking at their blank stares.

"Not that it's not a pleasure to see you Usagi-chan," Kunzite started still not moving from his spot in the room. "But, why are you here?"

"Ami-chan wanted me to make sure you boys were dawdling," She shrugged walking into the room.

"Could she have just come herself?" Kunzite asked as he leaned up against the wall, his arms crossed. The two otherpeople in the room just stared at him.

"It's bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding dress before the wedding," Usagi explained, shaking her head at his stupidity. "It's her wedding day, the biggest day of her life, she's not about to go and ruin it."

Kunzite blushed, but quickly covered his eyes, mumbling something about odanga atama.

"Well, it's good to see you got your bow tie on..." Usagi muttered. Zoisite started to laugh.

"Not without my help he didn't," Zoisite said between laughs as Kunzite simply glared at them both.

Usagi just smiled. "Whatever," she laughed, turning to leave the room. "Oh," She said turning back before she closed the door. "You guys only got half an hour." She winked and closed the door.

Zoisite took a deep breath; the pre-wedding jitters were starting to kick in. Kunzite noticed Zoisite's sudden change in character and smiled. "Starting to set in now huh?" Zoisite just nodded.

xxxxxxxx With The Bride xxxxxxxx

Usagi entered the room that had been set-aside for the bride. Usagi's dress squished back and forth as she walked. It was a long with a small train and was loose around the neck. It was made of a fine cherry silk that looked absolutely fabulous on her.

Ami was sitting on a chair in front of another mirror, applying her make-up. Though usually, that would have been done professionally but Ami had insisted that they don't spent any more money on something she could easily do herself. After all, Zoisite had already paid for the bridesmaid dress even though she had protested, and he paid for the rings which were the most expensive white gold wedding bands on the market, hers having a row of small diamonds all the way around. Then there was the engagement ring. Oh my, don't even get her started. It was a simple white gold band with three stones. Two smaller ones were white diamonds, cut to perfection; the larger one was a pink heart shaped diamond, also cut perfectly. She swore it must have cost him a small fortune... enough to feed a small country for a month. She didn't like getting so spoiled, she wasn't use to it. Sure it was nice, but she was simple girl. She didn't bother to ask where he had gotten it, just smiled and kissed him

Ami put down the brush she had been using to put on a light layer of blush and stood up. She looked absolutely stunning. Her dress was sleeveless, with fine embroidery on the top part. The bottom half was poofed out with several layers of crinoline and on top was silk like material. It had a long train and her vial was just as long. Her hair was let down, her vial was attached to the crown of her hair. Two small strands of her bangs had been curled into tiny ringlet's, framing her face beautifully. This dress had been her mothers and it was a perfect fit. Her make up complimented the look. Black eyeliner had been applied to the top lids, over shimmer white eye shadow that brought out the bone of her eyebrows. She had a thin layer of light pink blush applied to her cheeks, making them a soft rosy color and her lips were a creamy red. Like I said, she looked stunning.

"So," She said, looking at Usagi with a huge smile that she couldn't rid herself of. "Are the boys ready?"

"Yup, all dressed and ready to go," Usagi confirmed.

Ami looked at Usagi in the mirror. "You mean Kunzite-chan actually got his bow tie on?"

Usagi laughed, "Not without a little help from Zoisite-chan."

The girls laughed together then quieted into a comfortable silence, neither of them really knowing what to say. Usagi, though thrilled for her friend, couldn't help but be a bit sad. They both knew, no matter how much Ami denied it, things were going to change. She would see less of Ami. But they knew, no matter what, they would remain friends, Ami would see to that.

"Ami-chan..." Usagi said finally, her eyes watering slightly.

"Yeah?" Ami replied, though she knew what was about to happen.

"You're getting married!" Usagi squealed giving her friend a bone-crushing hug.

"I know!" Ami said hugging her back.

The girls just stood there hugging for the longest time, ignoring everything else, shooing anyone who tried to interrupt them.

xxxxxxxx Outside at the Alter xxxxxxxx

Ms. Mizuno stood off to the side, moving from person to person, chatting for a few minutes before moving on. After she had talked to just about everyone she stood by herself, admiring the altar. She was snapped out of her trance when a hand clapped her shoulder. She looked next to her and felt her jaw drop at a man dressed in a black suit, his brown hair blowing slightly in the wind. "Ryontarou…." She stared at the last man she would ever see again.

"Hello, Yuriko " the man, obviously Ryontarou, greeted, staring into her blue eyes with his intense hazel eyes

They stood in place as Yuriko began to tear up. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

Ryontarou stepped forward, frowning as Yuriko stepped back. "Yuriko, I've lived long enough without you." He got on a bended knee. "Please forgive me."

Yuriko stood, shocked, as tears streamed down her face. "I don't know…" she started, but stopped when Ryontarou brought her into his arms.

"Please Yuriko, I'm so sorry. I want to be that husband I never was to you and the father I never was to Ami…" He bent down to capture her lips.

Yuriko shut her eyes, though tears fell through anyways. She kissed him back with her answer. 'I can't believe he came back…' she thought.

When they disengage, Yuriko stared up into his eyes. "But are you sure this is what you really want?"

He nodded, arms around Yuriko. "I just want to be home. And that's with you and Ami."

Yuriko nodded, tears streaming down her face once again. "Okay…"

They were about to kiss again when Zoisite appeared. "Um, Miss Mizuno…" he began, but Yuriko interrupted him.

"Please call me mother. We are soon to be related." Yuriko laughed at Ryontarou's eyes widen.

"So you're the one my Ami is going to marry." he started, glaring at the long dark blond hair pulled back in a low ponytail.

Zoisite looked fearful, yet at the same time confused. "My Ami?" he asked, not breaking the eye contact.

"Yes, my daughter." Ryontarou smirked at Zoisite's eyes as they widened.

"Daughter? I mean, she never mentioned a father…" Zoisite began when Usagi walked up.

"Miss Mizuno, we need you back there to escort Ami-chan…" she stopped, staring at the man holding her best friend's mother in his arms.

She was even more surprised when he stepped forward. "Isn't that the father's job?"

"Yeah, but…" Usagi trailed off realizing what he meant. "You mean…you're…"

"Ami's father? Yes. Now may I see my daughter?" he asked the stunned girl.

Usagi recovered and nodded. "Of course." She turned and the two of them walked off.

Zoisite & Yuriko stood as she turned to Zoisite. "Well, you better get up to that altar. Good luck & nice to welcome you to the family." She kissed his cheek and walked away.

Zoisite nodded. "Ok…" He turned and walked towards the altar.

xxxxxxxxxxxxx With Ami xxxxxxxxxxxxx

After hearing the door shut, Ami turned. "About time you got here, Usagi-chan…" she trailed off, shocked at the man standing with her best friend.

Usagi sensed this was a private moment and turned. "I'll see you out there." But before going, she ran back to Ami and hugged her tight. "Good luck, Mrs. Nanba…" Usagi giggled, using the last name that was used with Zoisite's reincarnated self. Ami had told them about everything and of course, the girls were happy for her.

Ami nodded, hugging back. Usagi walked out and left Ami and her estranged father alone.

Ryontarou stepped forward, tears forming. "Ami…" he began, but Ami stepped back.

"Who are you?" Ami asked, scared.

"Ami. I'm sorry I left you and your mother so long ago…" he cleared up.

Ami's eyes widened. "Father…" she gasped, taking in the man she never known. "But why are you here?"

"I don't have time to explain it all, we do have a wedding to get to." He stepped forward. "But know this. I'm sorry I left you, but I will make it up, starting right now by escorting my daughter down the aisle."

Ami hesitated, but hugged him hard. "Okay…father…" she smiled, trying hard not to cry.

Ryontarou hugged her back. "Lets get going. As soon as you're back from your honeymoon, we'll talk."

Ami nodded and they turned towards the doors.


The string quartet they had hired began to play and everyone rose to their feet as the doors opened. Zoisite held his breath. The first to walk out was Shingo's girlfriend, Mika, as the flower girl. She gracefully threw the red and pink rose petals across the isle as she made her way down. Next to emerge was Shingo, Usagi's little brother, whom Ami had chosen to be the ring bearer. A few seconds later Usagi stepped out, holding a bouquet of flowers that matched her dress.

Finally, Ami appeared in the doorway as she held her father's arm, his hand over hers as they began to head towards the altar. She smiled at Zoisite, as his heart stopped momentarily. He had already forgotten his vows. In fact he wasn't sure he'd be able to speak.

Ami finally reached the end of the Isle and stopped. Her father placed a kiss on her cheek, before turning to Zoisite giving him a nod and a wink and sitting down in his designated spot. She stepped in front of her soon to be husband, still smiling like a fool.

The priest began his speech, when he got to the part with the vows he told Zoisite to recite his first. Zoisite pulled out the piece of paper, but never used it. He changed most of it anyways, telling her exactly how he felt at that moment. When he finished, the priest told Ami to say hers and she did, making them up on the spot.

"Anyone who objects to this marriage, speak now or forever hold their peace." the priest said.

Everyone assumed no one would say anything, so they were shocked when a drunk voice called out. "Me!"

Everyone turned to see who had interrupted the wedding. Ami's eyes widened as she watched her ex-boyfriend stumble up the aisle.

Against everyone's wishes, Ami stepped forward and steadied him.

"Ami-chan, why?" he slurred as Ami helped him to a chair.

"Why what?" she asked, straightening up, but was brought back down by his death grip on her arm. She winced, but continued to listen.

"Why did you break up with me? I could have given you everything…" By this time, he was half-way between laughing and crying.

Ami kneeled down, trying to break the grip. "Ryou-chan, please understand. I love you, but I'm not in love with you." She looked up lovingly at Zoisite, who had anger in his eyes. "I'm in love with Zoi-kun." She turned back to the boy. "Please understand…"

Ryou's eyes flashed. "No!" he shouted, standing up and bringing her with him.

She let out a cry of surprise & pain as he kept the grip on her arm. "Ryo-chan, let me go." she begged, but Ryou wasn't loosening, he was tightening.

Ryou shook his head. "No, I'm going to marry you. Right now right here!" He pulled her up to the altar, pushing everyone else out of the way. "Marry us now, priest!" he shouted, Ami still struggling.

The priest looked surprised. "What? I can't do that." He motioned to the upset bride. "I will not marry someone against their will."

Ryou pulled a gun out of his pocket and pointed it at the priest! Everyone gasped as Ryou continued. "Do it now! Or die!" He was shaking.

The priest exchanged glances with everyone and began to recite the wedding speech again until Ryou shouted. "Just get to the 'I do's!'

The priest nodded. "Do you…" he hesitated.

"Urawa Ryou."

"Do you, Urawa Ryou, take Mizuno Ami to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have in health & sickness til death do you part?"

"I do…" Ryou slurred.

"Do you, Mizuno Ami, take Urawa Ryouto be your lawfully wedded husband, to have in health and sickness til death do you part?"

Ami hesitated, but could tell Ryou would shoot the priest if she did anything but say 'I do.'

Trying hard not to cry, Ami opened her mouth when "Stop right there!" was heard.

Everyone turned to see the Sailor Senshi, Tuxedo Mask and Zoisite standing at the end.

Ami could have jumped for joy if Ryou didn't have a death grip. "Who are you?" Ryou shouted.

"We are the Sailor Senshi!" Sailor Moon started.

"The champions of justice!" Sailor Mars continued.

"And we will right wrongs!" Sailor Jupiter added.

"And triumph over evil!" Sailor Venus went on.

"And that means you!" All four shouted out at once.

Tuxedo Mask and Zoisite said nothing, but had amusement in their eyes, hidden under the anger.

Ami felt the grip on her arm loosen and she resisted crying out in joy at the freedom. She ran over to her father and mother and stood by them, trying hard not to cry.

"Sailor Senshi…" Ryou looked like he was trying to remember. And then, as if a light bulb went above his head, he smirked. "Ah, those Sailor Senshi, also known as…"

But he was stopped by Zoisite landing in his face, anger in his eyes. "Listen, they might be above hurting you, but I'm not." He grabbed his collar and lifted him off the ground. "So leave now or face the consequences!"

Ryou laughed. "Sure. Just chillax."

Zoisite dropped him in disgust. "So leave."

Ryou laughed, this time more like a cackle. "I don't think so!" He pulled the gun out and pointed it at Zoisite's face!

Everything suddenly went into slow motion as Ami flashback to the numerous times when Zoisite had died.

'I won't let that happen again!' she thought as she ran up to Ryou and kicked the gun out of his hand!

As everyone stood in shock, Ami picked up the gun and pointed it at Ryou!

"Ami-chan, what are you…" But Ami interrupted him, anger coursing through her blood.

"Don't start with me!" she shouted, shaking. "You tried to ruin my wedding day! No one is going to do that! No one is going to take Zoi-kun away from me again!" she shouted, hand shaking as everyone held their breath.

Zoisite stepped forward. "Ami-chan, calm down."

Ami said nothing, but shifted her eyes to him.

Zoisite stepped forward again. "Ami-chan, put the gun down." When she said nothing, he took one final step. "Ami-chan, do this for me. You will never live it down if you go through with this. Please listen."

Ami began to shake, then she dropped the gun. She would have dropped to her knees if Zoisite didn't hold her up.

She began to sob as Zoisite held her. "Shh, my love. It'll be okay. I promise."

Everyone watched as the two lovers held each other.

Ryou watched them, tears forming. He took the gun & lifted it up. "Ami-chan…" he said.

Ami turned to him and gasped when she realized what he was going to do. "Ryou, don't do this!" she cried, trying to get to him, but Zoisite held onto her.

"I love you & always will." Ryou said as a gunshot rang though the air.

Ami dropped to her knees, sobbing even harder, Zoisite bending down to comfort her. Ryou's lifeless body laid on the altar, blood staining the beautiful white paint, his eyes closed in eternal sleep.

All that was heard was Ami's sobbing in the silence of the happy day turned horrible.

6 months later

Ami was moping around the apartment, not believing that she had seen someone die. Obviously, they didn't get married.

Zoisite knocked on the door. "Ami-chan, can I come in?"

"Sure Zoi-kun."

Zoisite opened the door & sighed as Ami paced around the apartment they had rented. "Ami-chan, it's been six months. You need to get on with your life."

Ami shook her head. "I can't. It's my fault he did that. It's all my fault."

Zoisite took four steps forward, arms enveloping her into a hug. "No, it's not Ami-chan. It was his choice. Don't blame yourself."

Ami shook her head, sobbing into his chest. "No. It's my fault." she repeated as Zoisite hugged her, swaying back and forth.

They stayed like that until a knock was heard. They separated, but Zoisite still held her hand. They walked over and opened the door.

Usagi was standing in the hallway, happiness on her face. "Ami-chan, Zoisite-chan! Guess what!" she exclaimed, walking in.

"What?" Ami asked, not being able to resist her friend's bounciness.

"I'm getting married!" she exclaimed.

Ami grinned. "Didn't we do this at 16?"

"Yeah, but I'm actually getting married? It's in a few weeks!" She walked in and fell onto the couch. "Can you believe it?" she squealed. "I'm soon to be Mrs. Chiba Mamoru!"

Ami laughed as she let go of Zoisite's hand. "Guess you're happy, Usagi-chan." She sat down next to her.

"Of course I am." She took a deep breath and turned. "I want you to be my maid of honor."

Ami was shocked. "What? What about Naru-chan? What about Rei-chan? You guys are closer."

Usagi shook her head. "No. I want you." She grabbed her hands and held them up. "Please Ami-chan. You've been with me through thick and thin, even when I've been a major witch." She began to tear up. "Please say yes."

Ami began to tear up as well. "Of course, Usagi-chan. I'll be your maid of honor."

They hugged and began to discuss the wedding with Zoisite laughing at them.

4 weeks later

"Why do I get the feeling I was in this exact position not so long ago?" Ami laughed, fixing Usagi's hair from it's usual buns to just down, flowing down her back.

Usagi laughed as well, applying her eye liner. "I know. But this time it's reversed."

Ami nodded, placing the veil on her head. "There. Now you look beautiful." Ami stepped back and took in all of Usagi's outfit.

It was scary similar to her wedding dress, but with a little more frills and more white. She had on white heels, her nails were a pink color & her hair set off her face. She wore black eye liner with silver glimmer shadow. She wore light pink lipstick & had on pink dew-drop earrings.

"Ready?" Usagi asked.

Ami nodded. "Ready. I'll go get your father." She turned and made her way out of the bridal room.

She found Mr. Tsukino and made her way to her place. She watched as Mika threw the flowers once again and Shingo make his way down once again. She pushed back the horrible flashbacks she was having and made her way down the aisle, smiling all the way, her blue dress swishing over her ankles.

She made it to the front and attempted a smile at the nervous Mamoru. Everyone turned to see Usagi walk down the aisle, her father holding her arm.

Ami smiled at one of her best friends achieving her dream, but she couldn't help but feel envious. She should have been the happy one. She was going to be the happy one, but that horrible event happened.

She shut her eyes to keep from crying. 'I will not ruin Usagi-chan's wedding day!' she scolded herself.

Usagi made her way to the front and the priest began his speech. As soon as he got to the 'speak now or forever hold your peace,' Ami couldn't help but let one tear escape her eye.

She quickly brushed it away before anyone could notice, but one person did.

'Ami-chan, my love, it'll be all right.' Zoisite thought, longing to hold her, but he wasn't going to ruin his lord's…friend's wedding day.

"I now pronounce you husband & wife. You may now kiss the bride." Ami watched as Mamoru swung Usagi in a swinging hug/kiss combination. She smiled as she caught her friend's eyes. They radiated happiness.

The crown burst into cheers and applause, as the couple headed down the aisle. The guests threw confetti into the air and a cage of doves were released. Ami noticed they kept eye contact all the time through, smiling like fools.

She smiled as Usagi stopped and held her bouquet up. Every woman and girl at the wedding huddled together. As soon as the bouquet was thrown, there was a mad struggle for the bouquet.

Ami was, of course, shocked when the bouquet landed in her hands. She blushed as Rei-chan laughed. "Looks like you're next up."

Mako-chan pretended to pout. "No fair. You already had your chance. What about us?"

Ami laughed. "Chillax guys. You'll get your time."

They opened their mouths, but then shut them, grinning. It didn't take long for Ami to realize what they were grinning at when two arms encircled her.

"Hey, Zoi-kun." She greeted, kissing him.

"Looks like Mamo-chan and Usagi-chan are happy together." He motioned to the couple climbing into the limo that would take them to the reception.

Ami nodded, waving as Usagi waved like mad at everyone. "I know." She let out a sigh.

"Don't worry, Ami. We'll get married someday." He hugged her tighter. "I promise."

She nodded, smiling. "I know. You always keep your promises." She turned and kissed him softly, everything disappearing as she put all her love into the kiss and felt him kiss back.

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