Title: My Princess

Summary: She doesn't know how much she tortures me with her smile, her hugs and her kisses which are all meant for me but given to another.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.

A/N: Slightly AU. Can't tell too much, you'll have to see for yourself. Future story.

She doesn't know. How much it hurts. How much it makes me want to hurt him. Her boyfriend. The one she's smiling at. The one she hugs and kisses. She doesn't know how much she tortures me with that smile, her hugs, those kisses, which are all meant for me but given to another. She belongs with me. Everyone knows that! Everyone sees it.

Except for her.

She's too damn stubborn to admit she's feeling the same. She must. She doesn't love him. She can't! Her kisses aren't genuine. Her hugs are supposed to be for me. Me! I am the one who has been waiting in the corner forever. Patiently. I have been by her side whenever her heart got broken again. There are many that did. Michael Corner. It was just a short time thing, but her first love. Dean Thomas. That...filthy little...He's a mudblood. Not good enough for my princess. Like Harry. Like everybody. Nobody is good enough for her, except for me.

I've waited forever. From the moment I met her I knew she was destined to be my consort. My Dark Lady. Yet I almost killed her. I had no choice. She would understand. She was supposed to understand!

But she didn't. And it took me a lot of time to regain her trust. She was scared. She kept telling me that I was no good for her. That I would only bring her pain. It's not true. I could be good for her. But she is with another, being no good for me.

It leaves me no choice. It pains me greatly, for I have to kill a witch with great potential. Yet, she brought this upon herself. Confiding in me, trusting me with her body that trembled in my imaginary arms. I know she could feel them comforting her. I know there is a reason why she still writes in that diary. My diary. She needs me. Even if she won't admit it. She wants me. I know she does.

Which is why it hurts so much to see her with another. It leads to the inevitable killing of Ginevra Molly Weasley. For, if I can't be with her, no one else should be able to.

For I am Lord Voldemort, and all abide my wishes. One way or another.

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