NOTE: This fic takes place in the summer after season 1 of Angel. I do not own Angel nor the character of Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

It is one of my very critically acclaimed stories emphasizing in the action.


The city of angles seemed to glow in the night. From the clear night sky, the poor spirits that roamed their streets fell captivated by its pleasantry. But the cursed town had a factor known to only few. The devils that hunted it emerged at night. To hunt. To kill.

One of those stood over a hill and watched the town. He seemed human to the simple observer. He was not. He was an immortal. A cursed demon with ruthless tactics. Evil in the whole. He was about six feet in height and well pumped up. As if he had been on an eternal work out. His outfit only described the darkness of his being. Black shirt with black pants and Black trench coat was what covered him. He smiled as he looked upon the dark city. "Time to cause some real damage", he said with an evil smile.

Minutes later, the humanoid was walking down the crowded streets. He walked them as if he owned them. He than looked across the street and saw a small nightclub. It seemed only elite were permitted in. He smiled as a thought entered his mind. He slowly trotted his way towards the building. "This is going to be fun" he laughed out loud.