Nemo walked the streets of L.A. He was about to leave the cursed city, ready to enter another one. He smiled at his luck. The burn on his chest would heal in due time. He also knew that the people he had left behind, they were really pissed. Mary would look for vengeance. Faith would be locked up. At least Angel would be out of commission for a few days. At least something good came out of this. He smiled again. Time to cause carnage elsewhere.

Angel laid in the couch comfortably as Mary paced the room. "He was faster now", she said. "His speed has defiantly improved"

"That is not what worries me", Angel said. "I have no idea what kind of damage he can cause in Sunnydale"

Cordelia suddenly entered the room. "I just called Giles and warned him about our friend", she said. "They will be on the look out".

"I am sure Buffy and I can't handle him alone", Mary said. "She is still discovering stuff, and this little wound will take time to heal".

Angel frowned at the situation. He had an incredible urge to go. Still, something motivated him otherwise. Seeing the love of his life again and again was not a good idea. He couldn't believe himself. "I will have to make a few calls", Angel said as he tried to stand up. "You guys will get even odds out of this".

"What?", Cordelia and Mary asked at the same time.

Angel thought for a moment. This was him asking for bad things to happen. Still, it was the only way. He looked at both girls a gray face. "You are not going to like it Mary", he said flatly.

"Angel", Mary said as she stood in front of him. "What ever you have planned, I am sure it has an ounce of right at the end of the barrel".

Angel's expression did not change. "I am sure you are going to change your mind", he said.

Kate could not believe what she was hearing. A vicious killer attacked the station the night before and Angel was asking this kind of favor. Seven police officers had died that night. The front wall was going to be restructured: But Kate could not avoid smiling. Angel wanted vengeance. She did too. "Where do I meet you", the officer said quietly.