Chapter 2

As Kaiba walked through the musky mist he felt himself begin to turn cold from the stillness and quietness that surrounded him. He hadn't seen any signs of life so far since he entered the archway that brought him to this deserted place. Although he was use to being alone, like he had been throughout most of his life, he was now starting to feel depressed and had no hope of ever escaping the madness of the places that he had awoken to find himself in.

He continued to walk for what felt like an hour before he came across a shadowy figure in the mist. As he approached the figure there were many cries that could be heard as countless images appeared around him like windows looking out and in to other peoples unfortunate lives. A squeak came from underfoot as he trod on a rat that scurried away.

Finally Kaiba was close enough to make out the features of the person concealed within the mist. There stood a small large bodied woman with scruffy dark hair and skin that was pale and grey. Everything part of her body was exposed as she wore no clothes to hide the sagginess of her flesh. There were scars and wounds all over her body which she herself had inflicted.

"Welcome Seto." the woman spoke sadly and quietly. "I have watched you from my realm many times over the years, but not once did I think that you would actually end up here in my presence."

Revolted by the sight of the woman Kaiba had taken a couple of steps back so that the mist partly concealed her figure once more. He could still see her as she raised her hand and tore at her face with the hooked ring that she wore. "Who are you and what is this place?" he asked still feeling deprived of warmth.

"The answer to both of your questions is Despair." she replied in nothing more than a whisper, blood dripping down the side of her face. "No human has been able to reach me here in my realm since that of my beloved Edger."

Another taller figure appeared in the mist next to Despair. "Oh come now sister. I bring you this boy and all you can think about is Poe!" The newcomer laughed.

"Who are you?" Kaiba growled in anger from being spoken about like he was a present for the poor creature that he was starting to feel sorry for.

The taller figure stepped closer to Kaiba, causing him to feel strange. He wasn't sure if the person approaching him was male or female, but he felt an uncontrollable longing for them.

"I am Desire." s/he spoke as s/he ran her/his hand softly down the side of Kaiba's face. "Twin of Despair." s/he pointed to the smaller, repulsive woman.

Kaiba was having a hard time believing that the two could ever be related, let alone be twins. The coldness that he had felt only moments ago had vanished since Desire's presence by his side. "And you think that you brought me here?" he struggled to ask as Desire once again ran her/his hand down the other side of his face.

"Yes. I am the one who makes you want for everything that you have and have never had." Desire spoke slyly as s/he watched Kaiba hold back the urge's that he was struggling to control. "Everything from your Blue Eyes White Dragons, to your love of misery and the way that you're feeling right now."

"Whatever." Kaiba spoke with his eyes shut as he tired to block Desire from his mind. He was his own person. Nobody but himself could determine what he wanted or how he felt. There had to be some kind of trick being used against him right now, but what?

Desire laughed at Kaiba's response and poor attempt to resist her/him. "If you don't believe me I can make you long for that boy who you despise so much."

"Which one?" Kaiba tried at attempted to laugh but could only managed a smirk. "There are so many of them."

Desire snarled at the resistance that the human had towards her/him. Nobody was able to defy the powers that s/he possessed. Placing her/his hand on the human's face, s/he felt him tremble from the touch.

There was a tut-tut noise which made Desire release the emotional hold that s/he had over Kaiba, and back away in something close to fear. "I see that you're up to your tricks again sister/brother."

After regaining control of himself, once Desire released him, Kaiba opened his eyes to find another person had joined them. A Goth girl who wore a silver ankh around her neck. Behind her was a strange light that he thought he had seen once before but couldn't remember where.

"I'm sorry sister, but he doesn't belong here." the Goth spoke kindly to Despair, before she approached Kaiba. Leading him by the hand she took him too and through the light.