Planetside: The Beginning

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Chapter 1

I guess it all started when the Terren Republic discovered how to guess where wormholes went and when the started. When that happened they started sending probes out to the wormholes. The probes remained intact wherever they were.

Then they thought about sending humans. So the Terren republic sent 600 men and women (including myself) for the first wormhole jump. When we got to the point where the wormhole started, we had a minute to spare.
The Wormhole came. It works like a black hole, except it leads somewhere, and you have a chance of staying intact. We found ourselves somewhere in Space next to a planet, VERY similar to earth.
We built a space center because we were running low and needed proper food and water and oxygen creating machines. Then we sent a probe down to the earth-like planet. We waited. It's signal showed that it was oxygen based, and by the pictures we got back, it was habitable.

We hit the planet's surface around 300 hours. When we went to the surface we all were a little nervous. Then it happened.
The ground started to shake. Suddenly out of NOWHERE three arched columns sprang up from the ground. They then sprouted a shield-like aura connecting the three prongs together. It was huge

When we saw the thing, we got nervous. It scared most. But, in the end, it was there.
We sent a probe into the thing. And when it reached the center of it, it disappeared. When it reappeared, it was in an area on the other side of the planet!

Then I got an adrenaline rush and went in my Reaver (a reaver is an aircraft that is relatively fast and has rocket and MG placements) and flew into the warp gate, as I called it.
When I disappeared, I heard a yell from the men. When I reappeared, I was on a distant continent that would be known as Oshur. It was a desert place, unlike the lush paradise of what would be Amerish. Then I got out of my reaver and sat down next to a monolith, or a pillar of rock.

When they found me, they were NOT happy. They told me I was set for execution. "But... but... it was a warp gate!" I yelled. "It was a portal to another part of the continent! You can't blame me for that!" "You were given strict orders to stand down!" my sergeant said. " I don't have much of a choice, anyway. The general decided, not me. I would like to keep you, but... I'm sorry soldier. There's nothing I can do..." later that day I was executed by hanging. But, when that happened, the moment I died, I was reborn.

Somewhere, on what was to be Cyssor, I was alive! I couldn't believe it. They found me again and where seriously confused. They executed me again. And again, and again, until they were satisfied I could not be killed. I was severely shaken after this. Then, they concluded the warpgate had made me immortal.
They tested it on animals that had gone through the portal (they lived) and ones who hadn't (they died, sadly)...