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Life From All Sides

Chapter 01

Cid's Girl

A beeping sound awoke a young, blonde girl from her slumber. She felt around her desktop. Finally, her hand found it's destination and flung it across the room.

Rikku's alarm clock hit the wall with an audible smack. Several smacks actually. One emerald eye opened and saw her clock lying in pieces on the floor. She slowly lifted her head off the pillow and flung her legs over the bedside. She trudged over to the scattered alarm clock pieces of the alarm clock and kicked one.

The sound of someone's fist hitting wood fell over the room. It came from the door. Rikku screamed "WHAT?"

"Rikku! Come for breakfast!"

"One minute!" Rikku sighed. She didn't care for breakfast. She threw together an outfit randomly chosen form her drawers. She didn't have time for her daily routine so she headed downstairs for breakfast, knowing that her father was already suspicious as to why she took so long in the morning.

When Rikku entered the kitchen, a look of shock came over Cid's face. "What are you doing down here on time?"

Rikku put a look of innocence on her face. "What are you talking about? I may be a little late sometimes but I'm not usually THAT behind."

"...Riiighhhttt. NOT." Rikku's brother...err...Brother sat eating a large bowl of Count Chocula, his favourite cereal.

"I didn't ask YOUR opinion, you Count Chocula-eating... FRUIT."

"Well, SORRY Miss Perfect."

"I'm sorry; I don't talk to retards."


Rikku paused for a minute knowing that Brother did not understand what he had just said. "Right... well get your retarded self ready for school.I don't want to be late again waiting for you." Now that Brother had his liscence, she was always chronically late for class.

"Rikku get my Celsius ready. I don't want to wait for the engine to warm." complained Brother.

"Oh you lazy bum. Do it yourself for once, and stop stuffing your face!" said Rikku in disgust. She stomped from the house to warm the Celsius like she did every morning. She jumped into the front seat and turned the keys in the ignition.

A bout of laughter shook her thoughts away from her imbecile brother. She knew who it was. A group of young men sat in a car across the street. She looked at the driver, a man a bit older than her with spiky blonde hair, a smirk planted firmly on his face. His brother sat next to him, a boy with simalar spiked hair, but of a different colour, a chestnut brown. He had the same bue eyes as his brother, Cloud, onlythere was something softer in his; less cold. Sora was turned his seat, speaking with his three friends in the back. Nooj, Baralai and...him.

Rikku's knees went weak at the sight of him: His blonde, spiked hair, glowing green eyes... Well, eye, really. She wasn't really sure how he had lost it.. But she assumed that it must have been painful. His smile was so vibrant it lit up the car and...HER WORLD.

It was odd to see him smiling. Really smiling. Most of the time, all you could see on his face- or any of his friends' for that matter- was a smirk... Or some other's girls' face. Apparently, Nooj must have said something violently hilarious for everyone in the car appeared to be smiling, including Cloud himself. For a brief second, Rikku was sure he looked at her. Her heart began to race. What should she do? She didn't really need to worry. He wasn't looking at her. He was paying attention to whatever it was Nooj was saying...

Rikku was dreaming of her and Gippal, the dream man, together, when Brother jumped into the seat beside her, blabbing away, as usual. A sigh came from Rikku. As Brother was pulling out, Sora and Cloud's younger sister, Yuna, came running from the house. She streaked past the blue corvette the boys were sitting in, much to Sora and Cloud's disgust, and leaped in the backseat of the Celsius. Yuna, Sora, Cloud, and Ryo, Sora's identical twin brother, were Rikku's cousins. However, unlike Rikku, Sora, Cloud and Ryo were high up on the "popularity totem pole" as some called it. It pained them that Yuna would hang out with someone of a lesser social status than them, which is why they pretended NOT to be Yuna's brothers...And Rikku's cousins.

"Hey, Rikku!" Yuna said, happy as ever, even if she was forced to get a ride aside from her own siblings again. They were nice to Yuna, extremely the sense that they didn't make fun of her at school. But that was about as far as it went outside their own home.

"Hey, Yunie!" Rikku and Yuna began to converse of many things, their conversation only ending when they pulled into the school's parkinglot... The Gateway to Hell, as they called it.

As Rikku approached the school, two silver-haired boys walked by, their noses stuck up high in the air. The most conceited boys in school. Rikku gave them the evil eye. She hated them with a passion- their whole family, except their sister, Paine. Paine also had silver hair, short and slightly spiky. Paine never really talked much, but the expression on her face said plenty. Rikku spent lots of time pining over the fact that she shared the same name as one of Paine's two arrogant older brothers. Except that, his name was spelled differently, with only one 'k'. Riku was the middle child in the family, a year younger than Sephiroth, a good friend of Cloud's. It was odd that they were such good friends in the sense that Riku and Sora were also best friends.

Rikku walked slowly down the hall, looking at the students. She could hear the snickering of many people in the hallway. Typical. To the people in this school, including her own family, Rikku was a big loser, as were Yuna and the rest of their friends. Rikku looked at her feet as she walked, avoiding the eyes of her peers. Unfortunately, looking down was not her best option- A cruel voice made Rikku snap her head up.

"Are your feet really that captivating, Rikku?" Tifa, Lulu, and Aeris stood in front of Rikku and Yuna, sneering at them. "I'm afraid your going to have your attention off your feet long enough to acknowledge the fact that you've violated our school's dress code. Garbage isn't to be worn."

Yuna, apparently feeling she all of a sudden had a backbone, said "Neither are your work uniforms... As a matter of fact your job isn't allowed in this school... or this state. It would be wise of you to wear something else. You're not here to make a sale, you're here to be educated. Although, you're obviously not learning anything... Prostitution is strongly advised against here."

Everyone in the hallway that had stopped to watch immediately fell silent. It was rare that anyone ever mustered up the courage to stand up to Tifa and her friends. However, not being one to back down, Lulu retorted "Then, I guess you should pay more attention in class." Shooting many glares at Yuna and Rikku, they walked off, noses in the air. Yuna and Rikku trudged off to class, prepared for yet another day of misery.

Rikku walked slowly in the hallways, the whispering around her getting to be less whispering than plain out talking after the...prostitute incident. When they reached Yuna's classroom, they parted and Rikku headed off to her own clasroom. After she had been walking for about two minutes, Tidus zoomed past, with a look of utmost fear on his face. He's in a real hurry to get to class... Rikku looked at the clock. He wasn't late at all! Just being weird. As usual. She continued to walk, extra slowly, to her class. Not too soon after Tidus had run past, Baralai also shot past her and down the hallway. What weirdos! She looked at the clock again. This time, however, it appeared she WAS going to be late for class. Following suit, Rikku broke out into a run until she made it to her destination.

Rikku entered the classroom. She felt slightly dumbfounded at what Yuna said in the hall. How Yuna even brought herself to say what she did confused Rikku. Yuna never spoke to anyone like that. She guessed Yuna was just telling things the way they were.

Rikku sat down. She sat in the last empty seat; The one beside Seymour. Seymour was an oddball, yet he managed to obtain a higher social status than Rikku. He had long blue hair, two large strands stuck out as if someone tied pigtails in his hair and added hair gel. Rikku always wondered what gel he used to keep his hair so still... cement maybe?

She looked in front of her, blonde hair spiked upward. Her dream boy sat directly infront of her. She had the urge to reach out and touch his hair, and was about to do so, when the teacher, Sir Auron, as everyone called him, walked in the room and began to speak. As he talked, Rikku kept notes of everything said. When Sir Auron announced there would be a test on what he had just taught, a series of groans and whispers buzzed through the class. Rikku was clearly the only one who had taken notes. She began to laugh at her classmates in her head for their stupididty, when the one sitting in front of her turned.

"Hey, Cid's girl, mind if I borrow your notes? I'm in no position to fail another of Sir Auron's tests."