Standing on the edge of the world

Chapter 1: Returning...

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Cloud's steps echoed through the rain-wet street. Midgar was as it always had been. Filled with blood. The slums were no difference from the battlefield. The last 6 years... he had been the loner. Taking each mission he could get. How things had changed. The new order was... different. Harder. Sephieroth just didn't get it...

He moved strongly through the rain-wet street. He was supposed to meet at the main building. But as far as he could see... he was completely lost. He hadn't been in Midgar for 2 years.

So this was the main building. Shinra's pride. Amazing. He entered the building feeling a lot better by leaving the rain. Of course all the soldiers fast appeared around of him. "Cloud Strife"

His name ran along the soldiers, "this way sir. Sephieroth is waiting together with the president"

He nodded and followed the soldier. This building... was really tall. He didn't give it much thought. He just entered the president's room. "Sephieroth?" he asked.

"Your late" The president said.

"No, no Cloud is never late isn't that right Cloud?" Sephieroth asked jokingly. "We have just started the meeting too early"

"You have a strange humor Sephieroth" Cloud said. He shook his head, "Shall we start this meeting or what?" he asked.

The president nodded, "I want to send you two to our most troubled area. The people in that district are making a lot of trouble for us" he said.

"Send your Turks" Cloud said. He didn't like the thought of killing innocent people... again.

"The main problem is that we can't get near the district without cursing problems," the president said.

"You think a public hero as Sephieroth can go through a district where they hate Shinra Inc?" Cloud asked. "What district are we talking about?" he asked.

"District 7. Here in Midgar we have a gang who's making problems with the mako energy" the president explained, "but you might be right Cloud"

Sephieroth nodded, "Then we'll just send Cloud"

"Man. Discus it with me next time Sephieroth" Cloud said, "Alright I'll do it," he sighed heavily. This new gang thing it would be an easy job. He wanted to get this job over and then maybe a little holiday where he could decide his own life. Right now he was stuck in this. As Sephieroth's fighting partner when that had happened? Oh well. When he was 16 he returned together with Sephieroth and took the test again. Apparently this time he passed without problems. After that he only worked together with Sephieroth. Was Sephieroth a friend? Maybe. "District 7 very well. But I'm taking my bike" he said without doubt.

"Fine" President Shinra said, "don't fail us Cloud"

"He won't" Sephieroth said. "Cloud will handle the job with the exact care as it needs"

He didn't want to listen to Sephieroth. Sephieroth was caught in it for good. So many secrets about Sephieroth but no time to deal with them. Cloud left the room. He could end this job in maybe 2 weeks and return. He fast found his motor cycle and drove down to the slums. It was a strange thought how people could live in garbage. Simply nothing. The slums nothing interesting... else than that little girl who was hunted by 2 men.

Her little body was shaking in fear. "...Daddy" she mumbled.

He prepared his sword he had to help her. Who knew maybe her father could help him finding this gang. He raised his sword ready for battle. It wouldn't be the first time he was fighting from his motorcycle and probably not the last time. The two men fell easy. Their death meant nothing, "little girl are you alright?" he asked softly.

Her eyes showed courage. "...Yeah... who are you?" she asked.

"I'm Cloud. You?" he asked with a weak smile. He didn't want to scare the kid.

"I'm Marlene!" she said proudly. "...I want to go home to my daddy" she said.

"I'll give you a ride. In what district?" he asked as he helped her up in front of him.

"District 7. In the bar... daddy is there" Marlene answered. She leaned comforting against his arms.

He nodded. He drove carefully. A little girl probably wasn't used to high speed. But she didn't say anything... first when they arrived in the 7 district. It was really some slums. Whoever lived here... couldn't live here because of the view. He fast parked his motorcycle and saw the little girl ran into a house. He took a deep breath and entered the bar. Something was odd here... not the glares they all gave him. But the fact he was a newcomer. He didn't wear any Shinra uniform hadn't done it in years. Yet the rare shone in his eyes was something people used to connect with mako energy and Shinra.

"Who are ya?" a man asked. If it wasn't because the man already seemed so big and carried a machine gun arm Cloud would have been surprised. But he had seen many of these types.

"Cloud" Marlene answered, "He saved me daddy," she said with true joy burning in her eyes.

"Is that right?" the man stared deeply at Cloud.

"Yes" he simply answered.

Everyone in the bar stopped.

To Be continued!

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