New Faces

Ok, it's a little weird, but still cool. A few more folks arrive at crossroads. Picks up during the game of kill the celebrity.

Chapter one


"Try Eminem over there, I always hated that little prick."

"Naw, to easy."

" What about Madonna, that should provide a bit more difuculty."

"Sounds good to me."

It was about one in the afternoon at Crossroads Mall. Steve, Kenneth, and Tucker were on the roof, and Andy was across the street, testing his sharp shooting skills on the "Celebrities" the others had designated. Ana was watching, wondering what the hell those guys were thinking of when they decided to come up and watch andy shoot zombies.


"Whoa, look at those brains scatter!" Tucker exclaimed.

Suddenly, Kenneth thought he had heard what sounded like a car engine. He dismissed it, thinking that it was just the fact that he had been away from civilization for so long. Steve and Tucker were arguing over who they should get Andy to shoot when all of a sudden……


"God Damnit Nick, Quit tossing those grenades, we only have a few!"

"Ok, Jeff, Damn. But you gotta admit, It did scatter those little batsards, didn't it?"

Jeff turned around. Looking through the go-carts exhaust fumes, he saw that the group of zombies that not a minute ago had 30 of them, was reduced to about 12.

Damn, were only thirteen, we shouldn't have to worry about how many more frag grenades we have left in our bag, Jeff thought to himself.

He grabbed his walkie talkie and looked over to the beaten up El Camino that was right next to them. He spoke, "You guy ok over there, Sara?"

He looked over and saw a cute, thirteen year old English girl with long, blonde hair look over at him and heard her say over the walkie talkie" A little shaken up, but we'll hold out. Clobber Nick over the head for me when we get there."

Jeff couldn't help but smile. "I'll do that. How are we doing on time, Marshall?"

A young man, about nineteen answered back," We're close, I can see the top of the mall now."

"I hope to God your right about this Andy character Marsh."

"Believe me, if anyone can survive through this, Its Andy. Why I'll bet tha- holy shit!"

A huge number of zombies lay before them. Jeff thought to himself We're totally screwed. Then he looked over and saw that little English girls face. He remembered they became friends, good friends. How it felt the first time they kissed. Well, if my last action is to help save her, then so be it!

"Marshall, if we don't make it, take care of Sara for me. We'll try to give you guys some time, get to the gun shop. This is Jeff, signing off." And then, silence.

Marshall understood. He veered toward the gun shop. Good luck Jeff, you'll need it.

Andy was nervous. He wrote on his white board, "Go around back."

The car ran about five of the cursed things over, swerved to miss another obstacle in their path, and stopped just a few inches short of hitting the brick wall that made up the back section of the gun store.

"MOVE!" Marshall yelled. Sara grabbed their bag, and ran up to the back door of the gun shop. The things were getting closer. Andy yanked the door open, pulled them in, and slammed it shut.

"What the hell are you doing here Marshall?" He asked.

"No time to explain. We gotta get to the roof. "

"Back of building."

Ana held the sign up. The kid in the drivers seat of the go-cart looked up, read it, and got the thing moving faster than she thought possible.

Kenneth, Michael, and tucker were already at the door. They pulled it open and opened fire. Two kids jumped out of the vehicle and ran for safety. The larger of the two turned around and blew one of the things heads off with a magnum. They all got inside safely.

Jeff reached into his pack, pulled out his wide brimmed hat, placed it on his head, reached a hand out to Kenneth and said, "Hi, my name's Jeff. Lovely weather we've been having, huh?"