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This scene takes place somewhere in the 10th book.

"Our planet's history is so amazing!" Trevor said, grabbing a soda. "There are lots of great myths and legends."

"Could you tell me one?" Isabel asked.

Trevor shrugged. "Sure. My favorite on is the Rhoundi Stone."

"Rhoundi Stone?"

"It's a blue-green stone that's supposed to be the most powerful stone our planet's ever seen. There are supposed to be only two in the universe," Trevor explained. "Long before the collective conscious the planet was divided into kingdoms and did not get along. Now there were two kingdoms that feuded the most. There was a prince and a princess, each from a different kingdom who fell in love. Both of their parents hated it and separately vowed to break their love apart. One fateful day, the prince got word that his family, on the two kingdoms border, had killed his princess. The prince rushed to the border and could not find her. All he saw was blood. The prince committed suicide. However, just as soon as he drove the knife into his chest, the princess had come over, hearing the same thing that drove the prince to the border. When she saw him she cried and legend says that just before she killed herself, one of her tears combined with one of his and formed the two Rhoundi Stones." Trevor paused for a breath.

"Wait! Couldn't she just heal him?" she asked.

"At that time, the peoples did not know that using their powers to heal could be a possibility. Anyway, when the four rulers, their parents, rushed over to the pair, it was two late for the royals. Both sets picked up the stones and tested its power. A flash of red brilliant light was emitted then the two stones disappeared. According to most versions of the legend, a misty white, beautiful woman appeared and said that the Rhoundi Stone would reappear again to a worthy couple, two very different people but none-the-less love each other greatly, who are destined to be together but have found it hard to be together. Their love for each other would bring back the two Rhoundi Stones."

"Wow," Isabel whispered.

"According to one version, the stone would be actually be found by a human and an 'alien' couple," Trevor said grinning.

"Right. Well I don't believe in legends," Isabel said.

"According to many legends, the red flash was when our people learned a lot about our powers, including how to heal," Trevor said.

"Well I still don't believe in them."

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