Winx Real High School!

Summary: After a fight with the Trix Sisters Stella, Musa, Riven, Brandon, Skye and Bloom wind up on Earth. In a strange state called New York (because it's the only place where I know the school system). But here's the twist- the Winx Club TV show doesn't exist and neither do their powers.

Dedication: This first chapter is dedicated to Girl Scout cookies, the New York State School System and pie!

Disclaimer: Writing humorous fanfiction that tortures the characters? It's cheaper than therapy!

Chapter One: Poof, You're Gone!

It was a beautiful, sunny day in Magix. The birds were chirping the flowers were doing flowery things. And the fairies and specialists were involved in yet another epic battle with the Trix sisters. Let's go have a gander.

"Solar flare!" Stella cried out pointing her staff at Stormy.

"Lightning laser!" Stormy countered singing the fairy's wings.

"Sonic boogie blast!" Musa shouted causing dual speakers to form around Darcy.

Darcy tried for a counter attack. "Psychic shockwave!" Musa lost her balance and crashed to the ground.

"Musa!" cried a familiar cherry haired specialist as he threw one of his star thingies at the mind controlling witch.

"Oh dear- did she hurt your girlfriend?" Icy taunted turning away from Bloom who in turn launched a fire attack on the ice witch.

"Never turn your back on your opponent!" Bloom scolded.

Icy gave her sisters a conspiratorial glance and they nodded.

Stormy began the chant. "Blowing winds and ebbing tide."

"Take them on a wild ride." Darcy added. "Send them somewhere very far."

"It doesn't matter by boat or car. Open the void and send them in." Icy put in.

"Perhaps to never come back again." Stormy finished smiling.

Suddenly a black hole opened behind the fairies and their allies and began to suck them backwards.

"This is not good." Stella whined as she was pulled into the void with her friends.

The witches cackled evilly as only evil witches can as the Winx and their lame boyfriends were sucked up and began to swirl like goldfish in a toilet bowl.

"Well, that was fun." Icy smirked as the black hole closed up.

"I agree, let's go get some pie." Darcy added. For some reason Musa's attacks always made her hungry.

"That sounds great." Stormy agreed. She was feeling hungry too.

The witches headed to the hex café laughing about where the six annoyances would end up.

"Maybe they'll end up in Texas." Darcy giggled naming one of the few places she knew on earth. "I hear they have poisonous snakes and spiders."

"No, I vote for Italy (1)!" Stormy exclaimed. "I hear they have good shopping and Stella won't have her credit cards on her!"

"Oh the poor dear. I'll feel so sorry for her." Icy said sounding anything but.

Meanwhile somewhere in Western New York state two friends were walking through the woods. The black haired of them was complaining and the brunette was taking pictures for a class and trying hard to stop thinking of tossing the complainer in a gorge.

"My feet hurt Lizbet, why did you have to drag me out here?" Tom grumbled for the fifth time.

"Because I didn't want to leave you in your room again." Elizabeth, affectionately called Lizbet, countered. "Honestly I think that whole I don't talk to girls complex is getting to be bad for your complexion."

"But I do talk to girls. I talk to you." The boy replied indignantly.

Suddenly there was a loud crash and Tom jumped causing Lizbet to tease him. "You are such a paranoid schizophrenic." The brunette then broke into a run.

"Where are you going?" the black haired boy began to run too.

"Well, I need to see what happened of course." They reached a clearing and spotted six people who were obviously not dressed for hiking. One girl, a blonde with a stunned look on her face was wearing a green bandana top an orange mini skirt and platform sandals. The guys weren't that much better they were actually wearing capes (2)

"Oh my head." Moaned the girl with pigtails she looked to be the most sensibly dressed of the three girls, even if her pants were about to fall down.

"Are all, ya'll alright?" Lizbet asked concerned. She looked pointedly at the blonde's and the redhead's footwear. "Do you want me to call the park ranger?"

Bloom noticed the girl had said ya'll. "Are we in Texas?" It was one of the few states she knew.

"Oh I hope not!" the brunette girl shuddered causing her ponytail to wiggle. "I am never going back there again."

"That's because you got kicked out." Tom grinned finally catching up with his friend.

Lizbet shoved her friend "I did not get kicked out of Texas. So, do you need help?"

Riven tried to stand up and found he could, "Where are we?"

"New York." Lizbet replied happily. "Welcome to the Empire state."


I'm going to end this chapter here. I know, lame beginning, it'll get better. I promise. I hope… Damn I hope this works. Well, read and review.

(1) The Winx Club is from Italy

(2) The Red Fountain uniforms aren't magically created, so even though the Winx girls aren't in fairy form, the guys look like super heros.