Winx Do New York!

Summary: After a fight with the Trix Sisters Stella, Musa, Riven, Brandon, Skye and Bloom wind up on Earth. In a strange state called New York (because it's the only place where I know the school system). But here's the twist- the Winx Club TV show doesn't exist and neither do their powers.

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Chapter Four: Ironing out the Small Details

Lizbet awoke to the sound of her brother arguing with a quasi familiar male over why he couldn't come in the house until he told Ian who said boy was and why he wanted to see his sister and the other girls he mentioned.

Every so often it seemed that Tom would make an attempt to say something, but he was drowned out by Ian and Riven's voices which were louder than his.

"Riven! You'll wake the dead with that racket!" Stella shouted making her way to the bathroom which was connected to Lizbet's room. Her sentence was quite ironic considering the decibels of her voice.

"I know that's what I said!" Tom called back just as loud.

Lizbet's curiosity began to peak as a yell was heard from the room Musa and Bloom were sharing and Ian began to yell at someone else. Then the alarm went off and the chords of One Day at a Time by Deana Carter floated through the room. The brunette decided that she should probably get up and get dressed. Preferably something that wouldn't cause a Stella induced migraine. So Lizbet decided to wear what the other girl had put on last night. Hey at least the blonde wouldn't complain about her lack of fashion.

After lacing up her boots, brushing her teeth and doing other various primping things in her brother's bathroom, Lizbet slid down the railing into the foyer like she did every morning.

Unfortunately this wasn't every morning and seventeen year old girls don't come with brakes. So Lizbet landed on an extremely pissed of specialist.

"Get off of me!" Riven demanded. "You're crushing my kidneys!"

"Riven, don't you have some children to frighten?" the brunette girl retorted.

"Lizard, who are these people?" her brother asked.

"Ha! Lizard!" Riven laughed showing a tongue ring.

"Shut up Jell-o head." Lizbet snapped detangling herself from the magenta haired boy's long legs. "Tom why aren't they at school already?"

"Why isn't who in school already?" All eyes focused on a tall girl with brown curly hair and blue eyes who was wearing a black tank top which ended an inch above her naval under a green mesh shirt. A pair of baggy black jeans and green sneakers completed her outfit.

"Good morning Meli." Ian said in a cheerful tone. "Welcome to the zoo."

"Why did you just tell Riven to go scare children?" Musa asked as she and Bloom reached the front hallway where Tom, the other specialists, Ian, Melissa and Lizbet were gathered. The pig tailed girl was wearing a deep pink colored baby tee that said: I love to Hate you! In maroon lettering, low rise maroon velvet flares which revealed an inch of pink gingham panties and dark brown boots with a two inch heel.

"Because he was being obnoxious." Lizbet replied calmly. "What was the yelling about in your room? And where's that belt I gave you?"

"She placed our alarm clock radio on a very loud rap station!" Bloom exclaimed angrily as she slid over to Skye. The red haired girl was wearing a pale pink three quarter length sleeve sweater an olive drab skirt that ended an inch above the knee-trust me, I've put this look together it's cute- pale pink tights and low heeled brown shoes with a bow. "Sorry to wake you like that. So, Skye? How was Tom's house?"

"We told Tom how Lizbet is a lot like Flora." The blonde boy replied.

"Except she's not a bitch like Lizard." Riven added leaning against the railing.

Liz was about to pound Riven for that comment, but her brother, Tom and Melissa held her back. "Don't ever call me that again or someone's going to call a coroner for your Jell-o haired ass!"

"So, who are these people?" Ian and Melissa asked again.

"Aki's in the car so we have to hurry." The blue eyed brunette added.

"No I'm not." Corrected another tall girl with long plum hair and violet eyes. She was wearing a green t-shirt with a fairy on it; flare jeans and a pair of white sneakers with multi colored glitter. "What's the hold up Lizbet?"

"Are these the people you and Tom found last night?"

"You found people? In the woods?" Ian and Aki asked both amazed and confused. Ian's lapis eyes were about to fall out of his head.

"Crazy people." The green eyed brunette corrected. "They think they're fairies and super heros."

"Can we do this later?" Tom asked impatiently a first for him.

"We are fairies." Stella countered as she entered the fray. Her long blonde hair was done up in a half bun and she had on a pair of ripped low rise flare jeans which showed a triangle of blue thong when she bent over to fasten the buckles on her deep red sandals with a three inch heel. She was also wearing a deep red silk halter top which tied behind her neck and exposed five inches of taut tan stomach.

"Yeah. Stella, we're going to school, not a dance club." Lizbet pointed out. "And you're breaking the dress code."

"We don't have time for that." Meli sounded anxious. "We're about to be late for homeroom."

"She has bagels and orange juice in the care." Aki added

"Yuck! I hate orange juice!" Riven complained.

"When we care we'll let you know Jell-o head." Lizbet said as she brushed by Riven and headed out the door.

As the group sans Ian- who was a college student and didn't have morning classes - walked outside another problem arose.

"Tom? You had to buy that new Mustang didn't you?" Aki smiled eyeing the shiny red sports car.

"How did you fit them in there?" Meli asked being her logical self.

"And how did you get them out? Shoe horn?" Lizbet giggled along with her friends.

"I'm not really sure." Brandon admitted. "But we were cramped."

"Okay, then Stella and Bloom can ride with you, I'll take Jell-o head and the one with the blonde hair." The taller brunette girl said. "You don't mind, do you Tom?"

"No, just as long as you can find them another ride home." The black haired boy replied.

"Oh cool! I get to ride in the cute car!" Stella exclaimed climbing the back of the Mustang

"My car's cute too." Melissa defended. Her car was a silver Suzuki XL7 with an extra row of seats.

"Shot gun no blitz!" Aki and Lizbet called at the same time. Aki had dictated that you could only call shot gun no blitz when you were outside and both girls had decided that they wanted to sit up front.

"But you sat up front on the way over here!" Lizbet protested.

"I'm taller than you I need the extra leg room." Aki reasoned.

"I'll settle this." Riven announced climbing into the front seat and changing the radio station.

"You shouldn't have done that." The green eyed brunette warned Riven as she climbed into the SUV.

"Yeah, Melissa doesn't like it when the radio gets messed with." The plum haired girl added cryptically.

"Right" Riven told the girls in disbelief.

"Change that station back to where I had it now!" Demanded Melissa, her blue eyes flashing.

The ride to school was uneventful, except that Lizbet was talking to Tom on her cell phone and catching the third degree for dragging him along on her impromptu field trip. They were still arguing when both vehicles pulled in to the student parking lot.

"Why does everyone say I'm mean?" Lizbet half asked half whined as she climbed out of Melissa's vehicle.

"Because you are." Riven answered.

"How am I mean?"

"You're mean to me." Tom pointed out. "You make me go places with you."

"Well sorry. But I thought you needed some human interaction!"

"Yes, but the way you've acted since we got here has been inhuman." Observed the magenta haired boy.

"Call the newspapers Riven just used a big word." Skye told everyone.

"Wow, this place must be full of magic." Stella said in awe.

"Yes, all hail public education." Aki smirked. "So, what are you going to do now Lizbet?"

"Get them class schedules of course." Liz said

"Thanks for the ride Thomas." Bloom told him as Tom walked back to his car before more violence could erupt. But it was too late for that.

"How am I inhuman? I'm not the one who told Tom I wouldn't help him clean up after he was nice enough to make dinner."

"Can you two beat eachother up later?" Melissa asked as the group reached the main entrance of the school. "We have to get them enrolled."

"I did part of it online."

"What'd you do? Hack the system?" Aki was stunned.

"Uh, how about no Scott?" Liz was flattered that her friend thought she was smart enough to hack into the school's computers though.

"Then what are we doing?" Stella asked

"Going to the main office to get your schedules. And don't worry, it'll be okay." Lizbet smiled.

Melissa led everyone down to the junior house principal (1). This was after the main office had no idea what they were talking about. While Stella began to deal with angry looks from various female students.

After another few minutes had passed the junior house secretary finally handed Lizbet and Melissa schedules for the new transfer students. They were all going to be juniors and they were all going to start classes now.

"Algebra? What the hell is algebra?" Musa was puzzled by the word.

"It's what you guys were interrupting me from last night." The shorter brunette explained. "Oh great homeroom is in two minutes!"

"You have band for homeroom like me." Aki told Musa smiling.

"I'm in band? How cool is that." The musical fairy's face was about to crack from her smile.

"Uh oh, " Brandon sounded worried as they were about to part ways. Everyone turned to see that the brunette boy was staring at his girlfriend's schedule.

"What is it bro?" Skye asked curiously.

"Stella has chemistry with you, me and Bloom."

"So?" Melissa didn't understand the problem. "Most juniors have chemistry as their science credit. You'll be in my class too."

"But Stella made a potions lab explode her freshman year at Alfea." Musa explained.

"So? My daddy paid for a new one." Stella acted as though ruining an entire school lab was nothing since she had the money to fix it.

"Just make sure you don't do a dumb thing like that here." Lizbet threatened as she ran off. She was completely oblivious to the fact Riven was running after her.

To be continued…

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1.) In my high school each grade had a house principal along with the head principal. And please understand I haven't been in high school since 1999.