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Author's Note: Just in case your confused, this is not part of the story. It's just a bonus chapter.

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Bonus Chapter: Night Celebrating and Sasuke Claus!

Sakura sat on a bench, sipping some hot cocoa, and then sighing happily. It was a peaceful day...Well, night. The boys (Who, yes, were teenagers again) were playing snowball fight.

'I want no part in THAT game.' Sakura thought, feeling relief that she didn't have to feel cold. Of course, she had warms clothes, but it wouldn't be warm enough to touch snow.

"Umph!" Sakura huffed as she had a snowball thrown at her head, which caused her to spill her cocoa. All the boys pointed at Naruto. "Naruto...You are so DEAD!" Sakura yelled, using the strength equal to Tsunades to throw the ball. Man, I could have sworn I saw that thing on FIRE.

Naruto nervously grabbed his head and then ran side to side then,


"Oh..." The boys said in unison, "Direct hit..."

"MY FACE! IT'S ON FIRE! It was touched by Sakura-chan, which I really like, but THAT SNOWBALL WAS ON FIRE!" Naruto yelled.

"Sakura, how did you prevent the snowball from melting?" Gaara asked curiously.

"...Using Cha-kra of course." Sakura said, pronouncing 'chakra' in syllables. The men rolled their eyes and slapped their foreheads. Of course it was CHAKRA! They ALWAYS used chakra when they did things like that!

Sasuke sighed and shook his head at the Naruto doing the "Stop, drop, and roll..." thing... He heard a, "Sasuke, think fast!" Sakura yelled. Of course, she didn't throw that snowball.

"Who...The heck...Threw that SNOWBALL!" Sasuke snapped furiously. Sakura pointed at Neji, who glared his pupil-ess eyes at her. She mouthed, "Revenge is MINE!"


Sasuke tried hitting Neji with a snowball, but he ducked, which cause the Uchiha boy to hit the Kazekage.

"Why you little..." Gaara yelled, throwing a snowball at Sasuke, but missed and hit Naruto, who stopped the "Stop, drop, and Roll..." 'Syndrom.'

"Sakura-chan, how do you make a snowball?" Naruto asked, weeping anime shaped tears. Sakura sighed and slapped her forehead, dragging it down her face.

"Naruto...Remember your move 'Rasengan?'" Sakura asked as she cracked a fake smile but giggled quietly. Naruto nodded his head furiously. "It's in the shape of that!"

"Oh!" Naruto exclaimed, acting like he got it. He held up a square shaped snow...square? "Kuso..." Naruto muttered turning around and changing the shape. He held up a DNA shaped snow...DNA... "HUH?" Naruto said confused.

"Naruto-kun?" Sakura purred seductively. This made jealousy radiate from the three brooding bastards. This ALSO made Naruto's ears twitch curiously.

"Yes, Sakura-chan?" Naruto turned around to meet ten snowballs heading straight towards him. Unfortunately, he ATE all of them. Neji sweatdropped.

"It's amazing how all those snowballs fit down his throat." Neji muttered as he crossed his arms and shook his head. They watched Naruto run to the closest house, Shikamaru's, also known as Lazy Ass.

Naruto pointed at his throat, his cheeks puffed out and his skin turning blue from the lack of air.

"Oh, boy, a game of charades." Shikamaru muttered sarcastically. He closed the door at the Kyuubi boy and turned back around to go back to what he was doing but was cut off by a knock.

"What is it, Naruto?" Shikamaru asked, very annoyed.

"I was going to tell you I was choking on snowballs that Sakura threw at me, and I needed help getting it down, but now I'm all better..." Naruto's face met Shikamaru's door. Shikamaru turned to leave and then...


"WHAT!" Shikamaru yelled practically in his face.

"Can I use your bathroom?" Naruto asked, holding his...Private part...


"Can I use your bathroom?"


"Can I use your bathroom!"

"Fine. Make it quick." Shikamaru finally accepted. Their was a paused.

"Ah...Nevermind." Shikamaru gave a disgusted look and closed the door.

"Let's head home...Okay?" Sakura finally suggested after, what seemed to be, half an hour.

Back at Sakura's house...

"Ho. Ho. Ho." Sasuke said unenthusiastically, a sack over his shoulder.

"Hi Sasuke-te-" Naruto got bonked on the head by Neji. Sakura was smiling. Yes, she knew it was Sasuke, but she laughed. She was...happy.

"Um...Here..." Sasuke, I MEAN Santa muttered as he handed her a square shaped present. Sakura opened it and smiled.

"Arigato..." She told them. It was a picture. Of all the teams including the Sand team. The senseis were their too. And in the middle, in the back, was Tsunade.

Author's Note: Whoow! Please be thankful! It took me a one, two hours to complete this! Merry Christmas! Heh, I'm gonna go play my new PSP.