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Author's Note: This is the sequel to Crossing the Line. As in the last fic, I have Elliot's kids about 3 years younger than the age they are supposed to be (i.e. Maureen is 18 and is starting college). Thanks to April for beta-aing!

Beautiful Life

Chapter 1: Prologue

SVU Squad Room – May 23rd – 1:00pm – 3 Months Later

Elliot sat at his desk and started on some paperwork. The detectives had caught a serial rapist and Casey had brought him to trial. He had been found guilty on all three counts of rape in the first degree and sentence to life. Elliot was relieved of the sentence and hoped that he would think of what he had done to his victims while he was at Rikers.

Cragen came out of his office and found Elliot sitting at his desk. He had been trying to find a new partner for him when he transferred to Queens SVU and wanted to let Elliot know of the good news that of finding him a partner.

"Elliot, I need to see you in my office."

Elliot nodded and followed Cragen to his office and sat down in his chair, wondering what his captain was about to tell him.

Cragen sat down at his desk and looked at Elliot, "Well, I think that I may have found you a new partner."

Elliot raised his eyebrows, "Who is it?"

"Do you remember a Mike Sandoval that is at the same Narcotics station where Fin transferred from?"

Elliot nodded, "Yeah, the one who helped Fin on that old case a while back."

"I talked to his captain there. Surprisingly, Sandoval has wanted to get out of Narc and into the Queens SVU," explained Cragen. "I also told him that I had a detective who wanted to put in a transfer there as well so I was going to see what you thought of having Sandoval as a partner and working with him."

Elliot leaned back in the chair and thought about it for a moment. Sure, Mike Sandoval was young, especially from what Fin had said, but he thought that partnering up with him at Queens would be good.

"That will be great," he answered.

"When is Olivia planning to come back?" asked Cragen.

"I'm not sure. She's been trying to find a nanny for Kaitlyn, but she hasn't found anyone yet," replied Elliot. "As soon as she does, she will be back. School will be out soon so she may let Maureen stay at home with the baby."

"This will be the deal," explained Cragen. "After she comes back from maternity leave, you will go on to Queens and work with Sandoval and I'm working on getting her a new partner to replace you. Until then, you will still be here working with Munch and Fin."

"OK. Thanks Cap." Elliot walked out of Cragen's office and started back to his paperwork. He knew everything was going to change once Olivia came back and after going to Queens, but it would all be fine. As long as he had Olivia and the kids to go home to at night and was able to keep his job, life was good.

Stabler Residence – 2:30pm

Olivia sat on the couch in the living room folding laundry. She never did think that she would have so many loads and was amazed at how much she, Elliot, and the kids could go through so much, especially the baby.

She folded the towels and clothes, going to each room to put it in its designated spot. As she went upstairs, Olivia stopped by the nursery to check on Kaitlyn to see if she was still napping. Surprisingly when she went in there and peeked into the crib, her daughter was awake.

"Hey sweetness," said Olivia, softly. "What is Mommy's little girl doing up already?"

Kaitlyn let out a loud sound and even though she was only three months old, she was already verbal and had found her voice. She also had won her mother's heart.

Olivia lifted her out of the crib and the baby buried her face in her mother's shoulder and started to cry.

"Hey, hey, what is it, little miss," murmured Olivia, pressing a kiss on her forehead and rubbing her back gently. "Huh? What is it?"

Knowing that it was feeding time, Olivia sat down in the rocking chair and grabbed the Boppie pillow with her free hand. She laid the baby on that and pulled up her shirt. Kaitlyn began kicking her feet in the air, but she started to settle down as she latched on and began to eat.

Olivia looked down at her daughter and studied every perfect feature from her chubby little cheeks, her cute little button nose, and her soft dark hair. She actually couldn't believe this was her baby—she was so gorgeous and was amazed at how beautiful her eyes were when Kaitlyn looked up at her.

About half an hour later, Kaitlyn was finished eating and started slapping at Olivia's arm playfully, trying to get her mother's attention.

"Are we holding off on our marathon today, girlfriend?" Olivia asked, referring to Kaitlyn's usual feeding marathons that normally lasted at least 45 minutes to an hour.

Olivia draped a burp rag over her shoulder and hoisted Kaitlyn over, patting her back gently. Suddenly, the baby let out a big burp and Olivia wiped her spit-up outside her mouth with the burp rag.


"Hey I'm home!" called Elliot from the back door.

"Hi Dad!" exclaimed Lizzie, running up to give her father a hug and kiss.

Maureen came in the kitchen holding her baby sister, "Someone wants to see her daddy."

"Hey pumpkin," Elliot said to the baby. He lightly pinched Kaitlyn on the chin and she smiled at him, holding out her arms.

Elliot took her out of his eldest daughter's arms, pressing a kiss to Kaitlyn's forehead, and turning to Elizabeth, "Where's Liv?"

"In the nursery with Kathleen cleaning up from changing Kaitlyn's diaper," she answered.

"It was a stinky, poopy diaper," whispered Dickie.

"Dickie, that's rude and very gross," scolded Maureen. Dickie just shrugged his shoulders.

Meanwhile, Olivia and Kathleen came downstairs to greet Elliot. Olivia, the other hand, pulled Elliot against her, giving him a hug and a deep kiss.

"Ewww," exclaimed Dickie, covering his eyes.

"Shut up Dickie," replied the girls.

After dinner, everyone watched TV while the twins played with the baby. Lizzie asked to get the camera so she could take a picture of Kaitlyn playing under the baby gym. She was cooing as she batted at the soft toy ladybug and butterfly when Lizzie snapped the picture.

"Kaitlyn," said Maureen softly. "I see you."

The baby smiled at her sisters as they played with her. Eventually, she started giggling when Lizzie and Dickie were making funny faces. Olivia and Elliot sat there on the couch watching the older kids playing the baby and seeing how happy Kaitlyn was with them.

Later that night, Elliot and Olivia were in their bedroom getting dressed for bed when Olivia came over to the bed and collapsed on it. Elliot knew she was worn out so he scooted up behind her to massage her shoulders.

"You're feeling a little tense here," said Elliot, rubbing Olivia's shoulders. "Are you storing little volleyballs in there?"

Olivia chuckled, "I've been up since 5:00 this morning with Kaitlyn. That's tense."

Elliot continued massaging when they began to discuss about when Olivia would be coming back to work after he mentioned that Mike Sandoval would be partnered with him when he transferred to Queens.

"You can tell Cap that I'll be back the first week of June," answered Olivia. "Maureen will have already graduated and she's already told me that she and Kathleen would love to keep Kaitlyn during the day until we find someone to keep her."

"That will be good."

They both got under the sheets with Olivia lying on her back as Elliot reached over to turn off the lamp on the nightstand. He wrapped his arm around Olivia, who took his hand and put it on her lower belly. She linked her fingers into his and sighed. In two more weeks, she would be back at work in action.