The Silence

Sorry for the little dashes between the stanzas. What can I say, is a biznatch in spacing. I'm sending the site some major hate rays right now for masacaring my poem. Oh well, nothing I can do. Anyway, this is a poem, about Clarice, and Clarice's lamb, and that terrible experience which set the stage for the movie. I understand that it's rather long, but bear with me, will you? Thanks.



I roll over in my bed but

I can't block it out

Get up



To the lawn

And it sounds like children

Screaming and crying in pain




And I don't want to look


I have to

I have to know


The ground is soaked with crimson

It's blood


A pile of bodies lies in the corner

Looking like a child's discarded dolls


So fragile


Ruby liquid soaks their snow white fur

No. No.


I tried to free them


They didn't understand

Their innocence and trust in the men who raised them was



But one. Just one.


I took him and ran

He bleated softly in fear against my chest


My lamb

Oh, how I love you

Don't worry, I'll keep you safe

Keep you safe

Keep us safe


Step-pant. Step-pant.

How long, dear lamb?

How long have we been fleeing?

Fleeing fear

Fleeing pain

Fleeing death


I stumble

Oh, sweet lamb, you're so heavy.

I'm weak.

I can't… I can't…


I must


Just one

Just one lamb

Just one innocent


I've got you

Hold on

Just a little further

We can do it

We can make it


I'm cold, dear lamb

Why is it so cold?

The reeds brush against my legs

I've never been religious



I whisper a prayer


Please, God, save us

Don't let us die

Keep us safe

Help us go on


My arms ache, my darling

But I can't let go

Not even for a second


Because the moment I do, they'll come

They'll get you

I know it!


We'll have lost

I can't let that happen

I can't let go


My legs hurt

I slow but I won't stop

Can't stop


My breath comes in dry rasps

Cutting through the stiff morning air

Cruel as a knife

Cruel as an axe

Cruel as death

My chest burns

My brain screams to run, run away

But my body cannot


My heart flutters against my chest

Like the wings of the sparrows

We'll fly

Fly away

Far away



How far?

How far must we go?

I don't know if I can keep going

Where are we running to, dear lamb?

We have nowhere to go

We're all alone

It's me and you and you and me

We're all we have

Don't let go


Maybe we'll find a nice family

They'll take us in, keep us warm

Keep us safe


Who is that behind us, sweet lamb?

Why does he know my name?


He wants us to go back, love

No! We'll never return!

I tried to run, my lamb



I was so tired, so weary

My mind screamed


My body wouldn't listen

Couldn't hear

Didn't know


Get away from him, you horrid person

Leave my lamb alone!

No, don't, get away!





Don't take us back, please!

They'll kill us!


My legs fold

I cannot stand and


Covers my eyes like

A shroud


I awake in my bedroom

As if

From a dream

Or a nightmare

At first I am relieved


Just a dream

Not real




Then I hear it





I run to the barn

And now there is just one

One lamb

One innocent

Just one


And I scream


No one can hear me

The silence deafens

And the lamb, my lamb, dear lamb




I run to him

His frail, lifeless body

And stroke his soft head

As tears course down my face


Oh, lamb, sweet lamb

No, no…

I'm here, see?

I came back for you.

Please don't die.


But he's already gone.


Oh, my lamb

I could've done more,

Given more

I was weak

If only I had run faster

You'd still be here


My fault. My fault. My fault.


But oh, dear lamb

I fought so hard to save you


Please forgive me!