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It was a dark and evil time. The demented king, Galbatorix, had finally triumphed over the resistance. First, the Varden fell then the dwarves, and elves, but not without a good fight. Eragon and his dragon Saphira were captured by the king himself. The last greatest stand was when Nasuada , Orimis and Glaedr joined the last of the force to crush the city of Uru'baen. Even though they fought valiantly they were crushed. They died in the epic battle.

To show Galbatorix's new authority over all races of Algaesia he had his home built in Du Weldenvarden where Ellesmera once stood. The last resistance came from inside the forest where he finds sanctuary. It wasn't actually a humanoid creature that repealed him and his followers, it was the Menoa Tree that kept all away that had ill intentions to the forest. Though it was strong it was getting weaker and it was only a matter of time till it was taken over too.

With all this on the evil king's mind that wasn't what was pestering him so (at the moment). He wanted to have an heir. (more like another powerful servant but , ya) That meant having a mistress. This was to petty a business to occupy to much of his time so he left it up to his officials to take care of this luxury.

An unfortunate official named Herm was left in charge of such matters. He sent letters to each of the nobles to send their young ladies to the castle for dinner, a week from now. He new this would cause mayhem but he wasn't left many options

"Why do I have to go ?" Helena asked her dad.

"Because the KING requested your presence," her dad answered back.

"But I don't want to go to Du Weldenvarden."

"It doesn't matter you don't refuse the king. Now stop your petty whining child and tell the servant what else you want packed."

Helena, the 16 year old daughter of a noble family in Teirm, had known there was no winning but she didn't like the king or the rumors that floated about his name.

Helena stated, "People who get too close to the king die of an early age. Just look at what happened to the twins that joined Galbatorix as spies in the war. Clubbed to death by a mad man, who lead his whole town to disaster."

"Helena you need not tell me the stories for I know them well, but the war is over all the remaining dragons are under Galbatorix's command. Peace is finally upon Algaesia."

Helena sarcastically stated, "If you say so… Honored Father."

Helena, when finally packed, went out side and entered the chariot. The servants tightly secured the baggage on top. There were two guards riding a top chestnut colored horses. They were armed with swords and a little armor. The coach driver was in no more than in normal attire for men and a traveling coat , though he was armed with a bow. Her mother came bolting out of the house and ran to the coach. Helena opened the door.

"Oh Helena," her mother said, "you have grown up so much. I wait for your safe arrival home." Helena hugged her mother. It could be a good time before she saw her again. They exchanged "good byes" and Helena closed the door of the coach . The driver flicked the reins and the coach pulled forward. It would be about this time tomorrow before they reached Galbatorix's castle. Helena laid her head back and soon drifted off to sleep.

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